Saturday, 18 August 2018

Stevie Gerrard makes an admission Celtic fans will hate

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed he has no interest in Celtic or what they are doing, and his sole focus is on Rangers.

In a shift from ex-managers who seemed to enjoy talking about Celtic and getting into spats with their various managers, Gerrard has revealed he isn’t looking at what is going on at Parkhead, isn’t interested in what’s going on at Parkhead, and is only focused on what’s happening at Ibrox.

Speaking at his pre-Killie presser, Gerrard was asked if he was interested in events in the east. His response:

“The situation for us is to worry about us, and what’s going on at Rangers, our focus can’t be looking over the garden fence; we need to make sure that we’re right, that we keep moving forward and building towards what we want. We’re trying to build something here that can compete domestically and do ourselves justice in Europe so whatever happens at other clubs is their business. It’s not tempting for me (to look over the fence). For me my priority is my team.”

So that’s that. For all the times Celtic’s manager has talked about Rangers, he isn’t going to be afforded the same courtesy of attention.

In short, they’re just not that important.


  1. Important enough for I.N. I’m sure the papes don’t care either.

    Non entities for SG & me alike.

    NEXT... 💪🏼

  2. The only time Celtic are important when they are infront of us and in our way for three points or for progression in a cup, simple as that. Coming to get a real mancrush on SG, the man just seems to keep getting it right.

  3. Absolutely Delighted with this!
    Thats how it should be!

    Keep our Heads Down
    Keep our Focus/Focus on What We are Doing
    ...and Keep Winning! 😃💪⚽

  4. it was a joy to watch Steven Gerrard’s press conference yesterday it got me out of my seat and onto my feet clenched fists and all and i thought to myself thats how you talk to the press this man ousses class ����������������

  5. Who the f**k is celtic basically

    Still winning 🕺

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


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