Friday, 17 August 2018

Steven Gerrard & Walter Smith

Slightly older Rangers fans will remember January 2007 well. Paul Le Guen’s miserable Rangers era had finished, and Uncle Walter was back – quitting Scotland to return to his club, the Grand Master of Rangers made only three significant signings in that first January window; David Weir, Ugo Ehiogu, and Kevin Thomson. He spent £2M. We’ll pretend Andy Webster didn’t happen.

From Walter’s second debut on the 13th of January v Dundee United, Rangers didn’t lose in the SPL again that season, and drew only three further times.

One man and three modest signings had turned Rangers from a pathetic rabble under PLG into Scotland’s best team, literally overnight.

So, while it’s ‘early days’ under Steven Gerrard, we’re equally reminded of a quote from Barry Ferguson (paraphrased post PLG):

“Until we go 10 games unbeaten, I won’t believe we’ve turned a corner.”

Steven Gerrard has won six of 10 matches so far in all competitions, with the draws being in Aberdeen, Shkupi, Maribor, and an unlucky deflection at home to Osijek.

There is no question what we are witnessing really does look like what happened 11 years ago – but with a completely rebuilt team.

Gerrard and Walter did have a chat, and clearly Gerrard listened. No one better to guide our new manager than one of our greatest ever – and nailing the defence first has made a mammoth difference – just like in 2007 with three defensive signings.

It changed the SPL overnight, and while we’re not ready to make that assumption yet, we see echoes of that here.

Add the hard working midfield and the in-progress but effective attack and we’re looking at something potentially a bit special.

We at Ibrox Noise weren’t sure about Gerrard – we applauded the board for the bold appointment as it became clear we couldn’t get the ‘manager’ we wanted, so we opted for an untested legendary player instead. And we just hoped it would work out.

So far, it is, with aplomb. We’ve even been asked to ‘owe Dave King an apology’ – we’re puzzled why because we never criticised this appointment. We backed it. Not all fans did.

So far though it’s looking like an astonishing gamble which has paid off better than anyone could ever have dreamed of.

Including Uncle Walter.


  1. Hiring Gerrard was a gamble and still is, But wow what a start. The guys are playing for Rangers and our manager. They are fitter , better drilled and we are using multiple tactics which is impressive in a rookie manager. The next two weeks will show us everything we need to know. Win ,lose or draw against Celtic in my opinion doesn't really affect the season going forward. I want to see a performance. I dont want to see celtic had 30 shots with 10 on target and 70 possession against our 3 shots and 30 possession but we only lost 2-0 so nothing to worry about. I want to see if we can compete toe to toe with a gameplan and some heart and soul. I think we will turn up and the old firm will show us how far we have closed the gap. Big worry is the 4600 miles round trip 4 days before facing Celtic , though the gaffer will handle that with squad rotation as he trusts his team. We are in for a tough , exciting 2 weeks and i cant wait to find out what we are really made of. WATP

    1. I don't agree that Gerrard was a gamble, certainly no more than anyone else, and is definitely no longer a gamble. By your own words we are fitter, better drilled and better tactically and undoubtably got better players. I do agree that the Ceptic game will not define our season. We are on our way back with the right man in charge.

  2. I have always believed that Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister are here for two reasons , first and most importantly to Win the league and take Rangers back to where they belong . Secondly to then take the Liverpool Job after Klopp leaves . It's been really refreshing to read our shit press having to big us up for our excellent and superior performances...Onwards Upwards We Are Rangers ....

  3. Agree w Martin. Have two wrinkles which need addressing though.
    We can rotate most of our team except Centre Backs and Centre forward - Goalie doesn't count.
    But in today's game it is a hell of a risk to go through 60 matches without a backup CB. I am sure SG has a plan, I have confidence in him, just wish he would get someone over the line. Not a 20 year old, someone we can rely on to cover 30 matches of the 120 the Centre Backs play. If I knew what the exact situation with Wallace was, I would be tempted to bury the hatchet and use him. Not sure we will find much better and he is already in place. Just don't know if hatchet can be buried.
    Other problem is striker. El Buffalo has a phenomenal work rate and ethic, he harries two CBs to exhaustion. But, even if he doesn't pick up cards, which looks unlikely, he is going to need someone to take some of the weight. I don't have any confidence that Lafferty can do that, leaving aside my disgust for him. I would love us to unearth an Eastern European with a Croatian work ethic and an eye for goal.
    Last problem is second striker. Our team is working hard, but we have lost Windass' goals and I see nobody picking up that slack. The 3 playing in behind the striker need to weigh in, or we are going to have to go and buy someone to bring Windass' goals. And that may cost more than we got for him. Surprised to see SG unhappy about selling Morelos on the cheap when we let Windass and John go for pennies.
    Still, if we rotate what we have and go the next 5 games undefeated, which I honestly believe we can, we will be in a place we could only dream about a few short months ago.
    And the window is not closed yet. Get your bids in Mark Allen

  4. To be Honest ...
    If Stevie G

    Wins a Trophy, Beats Celtic
    Or Pushes BR out of the Celtic Job

    In his First Season, He will never have to pay for a Drink in Glasgow again


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