Steven Gerrard makes deeply worrying announcement about transfers


Steven Gerrard has worryingly admitted, related to our article of yesterday, that his hunt for a centre back is no further forward and he is struggling to find a third CB to add to the group.

Rangers’ manager has unfortunately been unable to find someone till this date, with Jack Hendry, Jack Simpson, Jake Cooper, Steven Caulker, Gareth McAuley and many others linked, but other than Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic, has been unable to add to that depth.

Speaking at his pre-UFA presser, he had no good news for fans:

“No, I’m still looking (for a defender), but I’ve been very lucky in the centre back areas so far (with Goldson and Katic) but I would like to get another body in in that position. That’ll give me the luxury to change formation maybe, or pulling one or two of them out in terms of giving them a breather.”

It is a little concerning that Gerrard hasn’t yet been able to attract the defender that he wants, and with the matches now hitting us thick and fast Rangers’ options are simply too thin, even if both centre backs have been outstanding signings so far.

Hopefully this situation can be fixed sooner rather than later because Rangers’ ambitions are increasing dramatically over the past two months and they will be more difficult to attain with just two recognised CBs.


  1. Would be happy with Gareth Macauley. Whoever comes in will likely play at least 20 games. With a 60 game diary and 2 CBs, easy to give someone 20-30 or even more matches. Without injury. Could also go 3 at the back
    Would also look at Liam Lindsay, exThistle. There must be a fair few about, just a matter of finding best choice. Hard not to have faith in management, they haven't let us down yet

  2. Gerrards been amazing so far in the window so i believe we will sign someone before it closes. Flanagan can maybe be used if needed but both Goldson and Katic picked up injuries against Kilmarnock (although not serious) heres hoping its soon.

  3. They wont just buy someone for the sake of it.if they can find someone they want we will get the boss

  4. I Have mentioned Liam Lindsay in Previous Posts and would stand by that as one option

    Also what about
    Kaboul?, Bassong?, Huth?
    Wollscheid?, Collins?
    …or the Hundreds of other Available CBs from all over the world

    But like has been mentioned its about finding the right one

    …Id Sign Two if it was me
    And My Top 2 Choices would be :
    Liam Lindsay
    and Either Kaboul/Collins or McAuley

    RTID ⭕⚪🔴

  5. think flannigan could do a job c,d if were stuck very aggresive and reads game well ,would love to see us with back 3 ,katic ,goldson, flannigan, wing backs tav , barisic

  6. clint hill ? why not, he would be ideal as cover for a season and his experience could benefit goldson and katic. woould have kept him before bringing bruno, big clint got it and was a leader of men. soutar would be an option , can't see them selling him though.

  7. This May Sound like an Outrageous/Controversial Opetion for all you fellow rangers fans but what about this …

    This 'Other Centre Back' we are looking for …Why not Lee Wallace? 🤔

    What have we got to lose?
    Hes Tall, Strong, Has Pace,
    Good Ball Control etc

    And also if he gets a few matches under SG we might also see him bloom like what SG has done with Ryan Jack.

    And my Opinion is that He deserves another Chance and Doesnt Deserve to be removed in the same way Miller was.

    (As a KM fan …hurts how he was pushed out)

    • really good point, i beleive waldo , halliday and jack could step in if needed. players need to be versatile or coached accordingly, big lee mc Culloch was the prime example. The downside is that there appears to be a lack of cb's ready to step up from our younger squad.

    • I would Give Waldo the Run In that Postion but not Jack as we have found his perfect position and Certainly not Halliday.

      Also what about Young Aidan Wilson? …😁💪⚽

    • Stevo

      I agree. Tall, athletic, pace, etc. Left sided CB. Only issue I can see is dispute with club. I do not know what happened, some people claim to but only a few will.
      Scooby, Jack is CDM and cover RB, he and Halliday are under 6ft and I think SG wants tall, imposing CBs
      Think Aidan Wilson is out on loan to get experience. I think Kyle Bradley is another option, played preseason

    • Its BS this situation with Wallace
      …And Miller Previously

      They did nothing wrong.

      All they did was tell Murty that it was fucking unacceptable for Rangers to be getting beat 4-0 & 5-0 by Celtc …and He Spat The Dummy!

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