Sunday, 26 August 2018

Steven Gerrard has revealed a surprising aspect of his management

There is no denying Rangers’ system today was perhaps not the most optimal choice for the match. While the side nearly creeped away from Fir Park with all three points, the defence was vulnerable through the entire encounter and there are significant doubts the 3-5-2 was the right system for this match and the personnel we actually have.

Steven Gerrard is only three months into his Rangers career and praise for his management and team displays has been far and wide. He remains unbeaten, and we can’t take too much fault with his start at Ibrox, but today he revealed an aspect of his management as yet hidden and one we admire:


Gerrard has done little but spoken well, made good choices, set good teams out and got the results.

Today he failed to fully do that, and when asked about the curious decision to bring Lee Wallace on at the final set piece, his logic was sound but his ability to take responsibility welcome and present:

“They had four or five big units on there then I have a defender sitting behind me who is 6ft 3in, and with all due respect to Ovie Ejaria – and he was good today – Lee Wallace is a lot better at defending set-pieces. That was the thinking behind it. If I’ve got it wrong I’ll take the blame, no problem.”

We completely accept his explanation, even if he said only a few days ago that Wallace was weeks away from being ready to actually play, but it’s the fact he’s willing to hold his hands up and say he got something wrong which we admire.

It took Pedro months to ever be willing to finally accept blame for his mistakes, and Warburton never did. Gerrard is new on the job and learning. He will make errors. And making a substitute at a late set piece with a rusty player to hold onto a lead was an error.

His willingness to accept that is admirable, and speaks volumes for the respect he has for our club – that he doesn’t blame others, doesn’t deflect things – and that for us is a big thumbs up.

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