Steven Gerrard drops big hint of significant change at Ibrox


Steven Gerrard has confirmed a change of policy at Ibrox and a significant shift given recent seasons’ comparative disasters.

Following the loss of Barrie McKay for a reported figure of anywhere between £800,000 and £1.5M, the paltry sale of Declan John for a similar mere six figures and Josh Windass’ departure for a modest £1.5M, Gerrard has put his foot down and confirmed any offers now for the club’s best players must be truly exceptional to tempt the club and himself into selling.

We covered his assertion about Alfredo Morelos’ value yesterday, but equally, he is now indirectly applying it to all the club’s assets when he said:

“You can’t come for someone’s best player and offer the amount that they (Bordeaux) did.”

This is a change in philosophy, where previously Rangers would sell prize players for such miniscule sums compared to what was possible for said player, and now fans can rest assured that the likes of Barisic, Goldson, Katic, Jack, Morelos et al will, if ever sold, not be done so for a modest amount.

Rangers’ financial position appears to be strengthening, and in Gerrard have a manager who appears unwilling to settle for anything less than the best/most.

And as such, no feebly below market value fire sales of assets are likely to happen again any time soon.


  1. I think it’s fair to say our club is strengthening all round. We are building a decent team on the park but for me we are still short of real quality in most areas, CB, Middle, wide right & CF.

    In the past clubs didn’t have to pay top money for our players, we bit their hand off long before numbers got real regardless of how we rated them. We have been looking to ‘get rid’ of late to allow spaces to be filled by better quality. That hasn’t ended, with the likes of Halliday & Hodson still hanging on by their fingertips.

    I’m sure the manager would give them away for free and drive them to where they need to go into the bargain.

    If your wanted the price is high. If your not good enough we’re not in a position to be fussy. Same the world over but we can only resist to a point, and that point has moved a bit higher.

  2. “You can’t come for someone’s best player and offer the amount that they (Bordeaux) did.”
    is this not what we are doing regarding Lafferty? pay the money and get us Lafferty the septic killer and keep Alf.

  3. Hard to understand how quickly SG has changed. Wants big bucks for Morelos, which I agree with, but let Wales LB go for under a million. Morelos might be worth 4 or 5 times John. So £3 million and £12 million, but if John goes for under £1 M, don't moan at low bids.
    And if Windass, 3rd top scorer in league last year, was sold for under £2 million, someone should be shot!!

  4. I think it's fair to say that Gerrard wanted Barisic, I think the price of that was Windass being sold off. One deal paid the other, in that circumstance I really don't care what Windass was sold for. John wanted back to England, we made decent enough money on a player we signed for a small amount 6 months ago. Again probably part of the Barisic purchase, again happy with it. The guy is on larger wages and has huge sell on decent business in my book.

    • Barisic looks good. Doesn't mean you should sell someone cheap to get him. Somone would have paid £5 million plus for Windass, with a sell on, if we had made it clear he was not going for less.

      John, yes we made a small profit in 6 months. But by that logic, tripling our money for Morelos is a good idea. I think we should be selling for the going rate. Make up for the disasters under Pedro. Wales LB should be worth £5 million easy. £4 million would be a bargain. We get less than £1 million

  5. I have said for years Rangers sell cheap, buy expensive. We never seem to cash in on player transfers, other than good fees paid in the past got the likes of Hutton, Adam, Boli and a few others, with other clubs upping the ante when we try to buy players.
    If I was anything to Dom with the business side of Rangers I would insist in a minimum 10% sell on clause. We benefited from the Charlie Adam sell on clauses, not sure if we benefitted from any others, although rumour has it we did gain some from Barry MacKays move and Rino Gatusso.
    It isn’t enough though, we have had players move on we have sold for peanuts and have had moderate fees paid that our club would have benefitted from.

  6. 1. We should have either kept or got more money for Waghorn
    (Id Rather Kept Him)
    Boy knew where the Goal was!

    2. McKay went too Cheap! (500k)
    …should have at least Trebled that!

    3. Windass went for £2m
    …Think we should have got a Little More (3.5-4m)

    4. We should have either kept DJ or gor more money for him
    (Again, id have kept him)

    5. Just Sign Laff Already!
    …Give Hearts 600k! Done!

    But I like where the club is going now under SG and no longer accepting Peanuts for Players! 😀👌

    • Stevo,

      Agree with 1 to 4, no surprise I don't agree w 5 🙂

      I think we did accept peanuts for John and Windass though

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