Saturday, 18 August 2018

Steven Gerrard drops big hint of significant change at Ibrox

Steven Gerrard has confirmed a change of policy at Ibrox and a significant shift given recent seasons’ comparative disasters.

Following the loss of Barrie McKay for a reported figure of anywhere between £800,000 and £1.5M, the paltry sale of Declan John for a similar mere six figures and Josh Windass’ departure for a modest £1.5M, Gerrard has put his foot down and confirmed any offers now for the club’s best players must be truly exceptional to tempt the club and himself into selling.

We covered his assertion about Alfredo Morelos’ value yesterday, but equally, he is now indirectly applying it to all the club’s assets when he said:

“You can’t come for someone’s best player and offer the amount that they (Bordeaux) did.”

This is a change in philosophy, where previously Rangers would sell prize players for such miniscule sums compared to what was possible for said player, and now fans can rest assured that the likes of Barisic, Goldson, Katic, Jack, Morelos et al will, if ever sold, not be done so for a modest amount.

Rangers’ financial position appears to be strengthening, and in Gerrard have a manager who appears unwilling to settle for anything less than the best/most.

And as such, no feebly below market value fire sales of assets are likely to happen again any time soon.

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