Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Steven Gerrard dropped a HUGE hint about Alfredo Morelos a week ago...

Alfredo Morelos really is the centre of attention right now. A week after Steven Gerrard stated he believed the striker should be tied up on a better deal, the Colombian striker is now reputed to be going to a new contract of around £30,000 a week to make him the SPL’s highest-paid player, while earning himself his first senior call up to the Coffee Men.

It marks a remarkable turnaround for the hitman who, while nevertheless a hit last season thanks to his goalscoring exploits still divided a lot of fans, Ibrox Noise included, due to the frustrating parts of his game.

Now his manager’s words of 11 days ago ring even truer:

“I spoke about that (a new deal) last night. In my opinion we can’t fight to keep our best players and then not reward them with what they’re worth. So that’s one for the board to discuss between themselves. But in my opinion I believe he should be looked after.”

Now with a new reported £30k pw deal in the offing plus his first senior call up, Alfredo Morelos’ value has just soared to staggering levels.

He will have weaker matches, yes, and we’d argue Sunday was one of those, but when this boy hits the heights of his best form, he is simply unstoppable.

Steven Gerrard evidently wants to keep him long term, and it appears the board have sanctioned the action to do that. And with this call up and likely cap for the 14th ranked side in the world, Morelos’ market value will just keep rising.

Maybe a bid for £20M will come in one day – and Rangers would have a decision to make, but clearly the 22-year old was a gem of a scout by ex-coach Jonatan Johansson and the one major success of the Pedro era.

And now he’s being paid like one.


  1. Think he still got a way to go to justify £30k a week. Personally I don't think anyone playing in the SPL is worth that kind of wage.

  2. Im Delighted with How Hes Playing
    His Attitude and Everything.

    And We Definitely have the right to get as much for him as we can
    Like RobRob says their is no one currently playing their trade in scotlands top division that is worth 30k a week

  3. Morelos has the potential to be Rangers most valuable player ever, on and off the park.
    When we do let him go we will almost certainly get more money than we have received for any other player.
    More importantly his goals could also potentially give us our best chance to make it 55 and that's priceless.
    If 30K/week is what it takes then that's a small price to pay.

  4. In attempting to understand the absurd wages offered to bog standard players in the current age, particularly in the English Premiership, I remain fearful as to how much this will impact on the game in general over the course of time.
    Television broadcast deals are, in my opinion, going to kill the game stone dead before too long, through exorbitant financial benefits.
    Teams like Bournemouth and Swansea City are now able to spend upward of twenty million pounds on eighteen year old footballers who have barely scored more than half a dozen goals..the only premise seeming to be that they have an exotic sounding name, and perhaps a healthy spattering of tattoos and a ridiculous haircut, increasing the possibility of merchandise income.
    In speaking of Alfredo, it is clear he has designs to move on to a better level, and be included in the Columbian national squad, and I would certainly wish that both of these objectives come to light.
    £30.OOO a week is a lot of sugar, but he is worth it, in my opinion, as he excites and inspires.
    We should enjoy his time here. We have been starved of heroes in recent times.
    We are staring in the face of one. RIGHT NOW.

  5. We'll see if he's the best, if he sticks two past Celtic. Lets us down, he's no more than a wage-thief, in my opinion. He NEEDS to be getting goals, when the CLUB needs them most. Not against mediocre clubs, every time. He needs to prove his worth, this Sunday and not switch off. I have such a sinking feeling, about Sunday.

  6. Sound investment 💪

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


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