Sunday, 5 August 2018

Rangers v Aberdeen player ratings...

As full time blows on another blood and thunder outing at Pittodrie, Rangers fans will undeniably think the point feels more like a loss.

Ibrox Noise takes you through some player ratings to sum up events in the north east of Scotland.


Quiet afternoon for him, rarely tested – beaten all ends up for their goal, but didn’t do much wrong. 8


Probably the best we’ve seen Tav play in our shirt. Knew when to attack, when to defend, and did both more or less to perfection. Best defensive display he’s ever put in, and shows this lad, when his head is in the zone, is a great player. Positional sense was generally excellent and took a pressure penalty superbly. A little weak at their goal but that’s nitpicking. 9


Slept through the match again but could possibly have done better at the goal as well as Tav. Composed, neat and assured and rarely put a foot wrong. 9


Puts his body where it hurts time and time again, and his heart is admirable. Still has a little to learn about ball use and positioning, but mostly an impressive show. 8


Another imperious LB display from the RB, Flanagan keeps on delivering despite a lot of Rangers fans seeming to not want him to. Barely a foot wrong and a huge hand in the goal. 10


Again, slightly mixed bag. Gets around, and works hard, but niggly fouls and careless positioning sometimes take away from his hard running, attack support and good break up play. An interesting player if Gerrard can iron out his flaws. 7


The second leg v Osijek was his best display as a Rangers player This one has now superseded that. Impeccable throughout this match, he showed the Ryan Jack we signed. Perfection. 10


His experience was evident time and time again – worked with his team mates, communicated frequently, worked hard and helped to keep things stable after Morelos’ dismissal. Brilliant working display from the Canada international. 9


Pretty poor at the beginning – but then, he was on the right to start with. We can’t understand why Gerrard wastes him like this. Worked harder as the game wore on and was more useful centrally as striker. Put in a shift 7


His form showed a marginal improvement but still rather mediocre. Ever since he signed that damn deal he’s barely shown up. He’s a passenger at present, and a wasteful one. 6


Was dangerous and being a nuisance by getting behind the defence, working hard – but then that red card. First reaction was an absolute no, but the more we looked at the offence, the more he gave the officials no option. It was a kick out, and a reaction. Thankfully the team stepped up in his absence, but he let the club down. 3


Some raised eyebrows at the dropping of Candeias, the return of Murphy, and the selection of Windass but his system and selection worked and his men played for him. He is increasingly getting the best out of his players, and while it’s ultimately a draw, he couldn’t really have asked for more from them. 9


  1. The players were Fantastic!
    ...We were Cheated out of the Win

  2. Pleased but frustrated. It was never a red card, if that warranted a red then there should have been 5 or 6 in the game! If I'm nitpicking I'd say wrong substitutions, we should have brought on mcrorie and candieas not ejaria and Kent. Murphy needs to shoot, looks like he wants to dribble past everyone before he has a dig! Credit to windass, workrate can't be questioned today! Future is bright!

  3. I expected Halliday to replace Murphy. We can win this league and go unbeaten for the season. Gerrard has done a terrific job. We need Lafferty and more firepower up front. Sell Morelos and buy a natural goalscorer. Gerrard is getting there but we need a lot more dig than we are getting from Murphy, Windass, Ojaria and Kent. That quartet are our weakest link. Game turned after Ryan Jack left the field. No one can replace him.

  4. from those player ratings you would have thought we had won by about 5.
    That Aberdeen team were shocking today but they had 1 shot on target & scored.
    We are still not creating enough clear cut chances. We need to to a lot better in the final third. If not we will be reliant on 1-0 wins this season

    1. To be honest I agree about more goals but to say the players don't deserve a good rating is strange to be polite as I have just seen a side a man down play the sheep of the pitch
      I am gut we did not get the win but I am sure we will next time

    2. No your wrong. The point of that is hat without the ridiculous red card we would 100% have won at a canter. Won't even bother starting about the ref

  5. Tav and Goldson both "at fault" for soft defending which resulted in 3 points turning into 1 and they both still get a 9/10?

    Totally agree about Jack, back to back man of the match displays.

    We need to sell Morelos, Windass & Fod this window (and release Hodson & Halliday) and use these funds along with europa league monies to let Stevie G bring in some quality. Id take JT on a free or pay whatever millwall need to let Cooper go & get Solanke or Abraham in on loan for the year. Just my 2 cents.

  6. 3 questions
    1 why did windass start
    2 why did windass complete game
    3 why is windass still at club

    1. 3 answers
      1 He scored 18 goals last season and can do again
      2 He scored 18 goals last season and can do again
      3 He scored 18 goals last season and can do again
      The WHOLE team deserve credit for today. Get off his back!

  7. We look a lot more solid and the fact we are disappointed with a point shows us that SG is getting it right..A concern for me were the subs ..the boy ojaria should never
    have been put on with young Ross being a better option.
    Candyman before Kent all day.
    Jack was immense.
    Tav was a 7 at best
    Murphy and windass are no different from last year.
    No question Morelos cost us the win today..we need a striker or we could be having a lot more disappointing draws.
    Do you think we are forced to play the Liverpool Lowndes?

  8. Murphy a absolute passenger again, offers nothing

  9. Never a red card in a million years,stuff like that goes on every week on a football pitch,mckenna never even broke stride after it,as for windass getting 7 okay he did a lot of running but he had a couple of chances to set other players up but no he's far too selfish another goal kills the game,and nothing done about the assault on jack the best player on the pitch,not even spoken to,i think playing windass was the thing S G got wrong,candeias was the man for today.

  10. Morelos no contact was made another SPELTIC ref fuckin joke
    What a picture seeing mcinnes face he looked liked he was ready to burst into tears his team are that shite

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    1. The cry was no surrender- and Aberdeen kept on until they got their equaliser.


      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. McGregor - 8 - assured handling, but didn't actually break sweat for most of the match
    Tavernier - 8 - great performance with loads of confidence
    Goldson - 9 - colossal, won all of his duels
    Katic - 9 - tremendous, heart of a lion
    Flanagan - 9 - imperious, never gave Aberdeen a sniff
    Jack - 9 - performances like that make me think of gaffer in his prime
    Coulibaly - 7 - put in a shift, a bit raw and rusty still
    Arfield - 8 - absolute quality and hard-work, best central midfielder in the league
    Windass - 7 - gave his all, earned a pen, needs to build on on this performance
    Murphy - 6 - put in a shift, but should do better with his chances, could and should have won the game for Gers today
    Morelos - 2 - it was a shocker of a decision to send him off by the ref, however he needs to learn on that, do not give them a chance to send you off
    Gerrard - 9 - brilliant tactically, outwitted all ends up the best manager in the SPFL over several past seasons

    Rangers delivered an absolutely fantastic performance today: character, heart and guts in abundance. It was a shocker to be down to 10, it was an even bigger one that Aberdeen didn't have their player sent off for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity in the penalty episode. Should have won the game, despite being down to ten men, and I believe gaffer will be disappointed not to be coming back to Glasgow with the three points. In any case Gerrard has lifted the club and the fans, so I'm sure title challenge is on the cards.

  12. Now is the time to cash in for El Buffalo, 2 great games before this only for him to ruin it once again, a petulant little fuck that will never learn
    and im eating humble pie now..... Ryan Jack, what a player, thought he was bang average but glad he made me eat my words

  13. Absolute nonsense with 9s for Gerard and goldson?

    Gerard got it spectacularly wrong with substitutions and goldson should have faced the shot instead of turning his back which makes today's result feel more like a defeat,as for morelos he has let us down today even tho it was more petulant than aggressive he gave the officials a decision to make and from here on in every official will be watching him for the rest of the season and Gerard now has to make a decision on whether he thinks he can change his mindset and not react to opposition players winding him up or will Gerard think Morelos could be a liability,I believe he could be a liability and for that reason we need to sign 2 more strikers......watp Helicopter 2005

  14. Tactically and Technically superb given a very weak Red Card. Really need another striking option ...Jack Flanagan Katic Goldson Fabulous ...Onwards ...Maribour won't fancy playing us.... Steven Gerrard Great

  15. Steven Gerrard 10/10. That post match interview was the best I've heard from a Rangers manager since Souness at his arrogant best. If you didn't see it Google it. Brilliant.
    As regards the red card Morelos gave the ref the opportunity to send him off and let's face it most referees in this country would happily take it. As Stevie says "If that's the way it's going to be" What puzzles me is if the linesman sees the Morelos kick then he must have seen the blatant and needless body check when the ball was at the other end of the pitch. That should've been an automatic red card and who knows maybe the Compliance Officer may take retrospective action. Or maybe not!!!

  16. Or maybe that IS the way it's going to be.

  17. What about all the empty seats at Pittodrie today. It seems that clubs like Aberdeen hate us so much they would rather have 3000 seats lying empty than sell them to Rangers fans. That must have cost them around £75,000. Only in this sad country of ours!

    1. Ano pathetic vile people ...Class from ST and Rangers

  18. Agree with most of the ratings.

    To give Arfield a 9 is baffling. Yes he worked hard, they all worked hard, that’s a minimum but not enough in a Rangers shirt. I thought his passing was poor and he was poor on the ball. Windass & Murphy were equally poor.

    Overall we dropped 2 points in a game we should have won and we continually gave the ball away cheaply. Yes we look a proper outfit but dropping points like we did today isn’t good enough.

    1. Maybe you missed the part where we went down to 10 men after 12 minutes.

  19. The worrying thing about today is everyone on here are saying how brilliant we were and how shite the sheep were and we still didn’t beat them. We are still miles away from challenging for the league. That’s 1 win in 4 for SG!!Im getting a bit worried now.

  20. We will not win the league with some of the players who were rated 9 or 10, yes it seemed better but Aberdeen were very ordinary today, not because we were miles better. J

  21. I thought this was a site for Rangers fans. For God's sake give the team some credit. Going into the game I feared we weren't quite ready. I still think we are another 4-6 games away from getting into our stride. But today the team stepped up. Did you stop to consider that Aberdeen never played well because we never allowed them to, even with 10 men. We are getting better and we will get better. Have faith and get behind the team.

  22. Windass caught, yet again...not passing to team-mates in a better position and greedily taking the shot himself, and again...failing to score. He's just not, a team player. Get him sold. Morelos, I actually feel sorry for. It was Goldson, that cost us the game. How can you defend perfectly, for 86 mins and NOT, for 89? He got caught, not marking anyone and couldn't decide which way to go and the Aberdeen youngster, made him look like a mug and sailed past him and banged one in. With literally two or three minutes max, to go. It happened too much, last season, letting goals in at the death, and has started again, this season. We did, have the luck against us, but to defend so well, for all that time, just to throw it away at the END Connor, with 2-3 mins to go, is just a piss-take. Snatched a draw, from the jaws of victory. Cost us two points, in a season where every point, is valuable. Typical Rangers.


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