Sunday, 12 August 2018

Rangers top Celtic as momentum swings?

A number of Rangers fans are free to stick their fingers in their ears and criticise us for prematurity if they like, but today’s convincing win over St Mirren was the expected projection we made recently about being above Celtic for the first time in six years, and the significance of it cannot be understated.

Only an imperious Hearts stand between Rangers and the top of the table right now, if we factor in the stuttering start made from joint second Hibs. Celtic languish in sixth place. When was the last time Celtic even weren’t top of the table, never mind barely scraping into the top half of it?

Rangers’ win today was yet another professional, clinical, well-managed display of SPL football, and every match that passes makes this squad, this manager and this era look like the real deal. Or at least, finally on the right path towards it.

It’s true – Ross McCrorie’s red was naiveté of the worst order, and we really should be expecting better from our main holding midfielder – he made a rookie error and thankfully it didn’t cost us anything thanks to the other 10 rolling the sleeves up and getting stuck in.

But it’s that response, that studious approach to keeping shape, working for each other, and stepping up in case of emergency that makes this Rangers squad something a serious cut up from the rubbish we’ve had for six years.

Make no mistake about it – this is starting to look a lot like Rangers, more and more each match.

There will be bumps. There will be jitters. There will be moments where our blood will boil or all hope will extinguish. That’s what it is to be a football fan.

But as another final whistle blew on another excellent 90 minutes for the Steven Gerrard Rangers era, we have to look at ourselves and really believe this team is going in the right direction at long last.

Defence can be trusted, midfield is working hard, and attack is scoring. We said it after Maribor and we’re saying it again. And when things go wrong, we respond to it.

And the biggest stand out? We’re delivering in the first half. Even Walter’s 2007- teams were rather notorious for not getting going till 46 minutes. Gerrard’s get going immediately.

Another stand out? The players stepping in are delivering just like the ones who are rested. Rotation is working. The standard of the squad is way, way higher than it’s been since Ally’s Rangers of 2011.

Know what else is higher?

Rangers than Celtic in the league.

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