Friday, 10 August 2018

Rangers' star's career on the ropes following troubling update...

Graham Dorrans’ Rangers future appears under an increasing cloud after Steven Gerrard confirms he effectively doesn’t have a clue what’s happening with the former Scottish international.

The ex-Norwich man’s time at Ibrox has been plagued by injury and poor form, and following yet more injury blight, had to return home from Spain pre-season for a (scheduled) scan on his troubled knee.

Rangers’ manager admitted he wasn’t really clear on Dorrans’ status, boding pretty ominously for the midfielder’s prognosis.

He said at his pre-St Mirren presser:

“Not too sure on Graham just yet, he’s off to see a specialist for an update so we await that in the coming days.”

Dorrans seems to be in an eternal injury hell, which started last October v Killie, and the ex-Livie midfielder has barely played any significant role since then, albeit had a few matches in the spring, poorly-selected alongside Greg Docherty.

The signing hasn’t worked out at all, and we would struggle to see how he would fit in at Ibrox under Gerrard. With the midfield now packed to the rafters with quality, even if he attains fitness we imagine he would struggle to make match day squads.


  1. IF he was fit, he would struggle to get a jersey. I think the only one he could compete for would be the second striker, in the hole, but we have other options there such as Murphy.
    Am I right in thinking that he has 12 months left on his contract? I think he will struggle to get another one with us unless he really turns it on.

  2. Just another Rossiter

  3. We seem to be quick to criticise a player who gets a serious injury. Dorrans never seemed to be fully fit any time he played and suffering the injury he had at that time didn’t seem to be as serious as first thought. He probably won’t see a first team place again, I am sure he is gutted, so why not empathise with him rather that ridicule him. I ask the question, Dodds Rossiter want to be injured or playing?
    Rangers medical team have been culpable in the past, is Dorrans another to have slipped through the net?

  4. I think you're being a bit harsh on Dorrans. He has probably played at a higher level than anyone else in the squad. He was also played consistently out of position when he played. I still think he could do a job in the creative number 10 role if we can get him fit. Let's wish him well and hope he can get fit.

  5. Id say...
    Get him Fit first, Then piece him in the nidfield to see how he does.

    If he is a flop or cant get back from Injury...Then Sell!

  6. Alan, Rob

    Apologies to you, and Dorrans, I was not meaning to sound critical. Just realistic. Can he come back, will he come back? He is past 30, our squad is much improved, he may struggle to get game time. As Rob says, I also see No 10 role as his natural position and with Windass gone there is not as much competition there, but generally jerseys are going to be hard to get this season.
    I will be very happy if he fights his way back to a jersey, I just think it is going to be very hard for him

  7. Dorrans has been a let down for sure, but he’s never a central holding midfielder in a million years and that’s where he was played last year. He has quality for sure and let’s hope we get him fit and pushing for a jersey asap. He’d almost be like a new signing under SG and we need as many quality players as we can get. He’s one of our own.

  8. He's barely been fit since he's been here with his injuries, he's been played out of position and still scored an average of a goal every 3 games. A fit Dorrans, played in his right position and playing beside Arfield, Coulibaly etc would be one of the very top players in the league by a long way! Will he regain full fitness though, that's the question?, especially after not completing a pre-season!


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