Rangers star hospitalised


Rangers’ outstanding Ryan Jack, victim of yet another brutal assault by an SPL player today has been taken to hospital via ambulance, it has emerged.

The holding midfielder had another staggering display in the middle of the park for Steven Gerrard’s men, and frankly Aberdeen had had enough of it as Stevie May slammed him in a crude lunge which left the former Pittodrie captain concussed and unable to continue.

Rangers’ physios treated him on the spot as the toxic home fans celebrated his ill health, and he had to be removed from the field of play and taken away in an ambulance. His condition is not thought to be serious but it is unclear if the level of impact he sustained will prevent from participating in this week’s third round clash with Maribor.

We wish Jack a speedy recovery, and wonder how far SPL players are allowed to go against him before something genuinely serious happens.


  1. Ryan was targeted and taken out of the game. McInnes grinned from ear to ear as his instruction was carried out.

  2. May and Ball no cards. Arfield booked for getting attacked by Devlin and saying "What?" Top reffing.

  3. Yes speedy recovery to Jack👍

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Absolutely shocking decisions by the referee and his linesmen may should have been at least booked and ball should have been shown a red card at the penalty incident as for the Morelos sending off a total joke mc kay stevens had at least four bookable tackles including throwing the ball at a Rangers player and Shinnie was in the same situation Clancy not for the first time was totally biased against us

  5. What a joke this league is turning out to be, how many times do our players beed to be targeted before something happens to the opposition players. Morelos sent off after 2 off the ball incidents, Windas pulled down in the box and only a penalty awarded, footballs flung at players, abuse targeted towards our players and I have NOT seen anything said about that but the minute its a Rangers fan or player then its guilty from the start. The governing body needs to look at this, I also hope the compliance officer will be looking at ALL the incidents from today and I expect to read a couple of punishments being handed out later in the week!!

  6. Appeal the Refs., Decision on red card & the not given ones. Not only at Rangers Games .We need Pros., not Part Timers

  7. Clancy was shocking. I agree with all the comments. And how Mackay Stevens can fling a ball at a player and Not get booked was astonishing!

  8. Bit of revenge from May for Jack's challenge last season methinks. Went for the player and guess what no red card.

  9. Alfredo Morelos was justifiable sent off because he bit like a salmon , every centre forward in Scotland gets the same treatment from centre halves .

  10. Any updates on him ? Would've loved for Ryan to stay on and get the winner and shut those sheep up

  11. Targeted or not, now he'll be out, for god knows how long, AGAIN. It's all getting too much, with him and Rossiter. Despite all the excuses I hear. I'm guessing they'll both be labelled "injury-prone" very soon. Maybe they are just a bit more frail, than most others in the squad. Worrying. That's just not good for rangers, at this point. Doesn't matter how good, a player plays. If he's constantly getting injured and out of action, for long periods of time, he's a burden to the club. Harsh maybe, but that is just my own opinion.

  12. The hierarchy at our club need to take the incompetency of referee's further. Ryan was outstanding for us last season until he was assaulted by the motherwell player resulting in season ending injury – nothing done. McInnes then probably gave May the instruction to the take out Ryan and then stood and grinned like an idiot when he went off, again nothing done. Hopefully nothing serious and he'll be available again soon. On a plus, at least we now have a manager who tells it like it is.

  13. Yesterday was an Effin Disgrace!
    Clancy shud be Demoted to Local League!

    Hope Jack makes it back to 100% Quick cause he was Outstanding Yesterday

    …and I Hope in The Next Game vs the Sheep He does a Neil Simpson to Shinnie or M-Steven or anyone of them Sheep P****s

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