Friday, 31 August 2018

Rangers' multimillion pound jackpot

With Rangers securing their well-deserved place in the Europa League group stage alongside a frankly borderline negotiable group in Spartak, Rapid and Villarreal, fans can be forgiven for only celebrating the football side of things and the ‘relaunch’ of Rangers as a credible team again.

However, the quieter good news is the overnight jackpot of around £4M Rangers snared for that colossal display last night, a difference of £3M more compared to what UFA got.

Each round Rangers passed, bar the play off, was worth around 250,000 Euros. This increased by round, but of course, the final round didn’t have an individual prize, rather a £2.92M share of the grand Europa League prize pot.

By the time Rangers overcame Maribor, almost £1M had been won via the prize money from Uefa, and with the final hurdle surpassed, another near-£3M just got added, meaning for four play off rounds and a guaranteed place in the group stage Rangers are around £4M better off than they were this time a few weeks ago.

We haven’t even addressed the prize money for drawing and winning matches in the Europa League: 190,000 per draw and a massive 550,000 for each win.

So manage even two wins and that’s 1,100,000M off the bat. Add a few draws and a win and Rangers are looking at a further bonus in the region of anything between 1.5M and 3M.

Secure passage to the next round? Another 500,000. And we’ve not even mentioned the revenue increased sponsorship, TV rights, and a tonne of other revenue streams which now open up.

In short, Rangers have, with last night’s titanic display, secured so much positivity. A brilliant, proud, incredible 9 men v 12 display in which Rangers overcame everything.

And now the rewards start.

Don’t it feel good? Let’s go!
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