Pundit’s laughable Lafferty jibe…

Pundit’s laughable Lafferty jibe…

It does appear, going by press reports now, that Kyle Lafferty is going to get his Rangers move and re-join his club for the second time.

There are some negotiations over price, but unlike other examples, it looks like Rangers will get their man and have some real quality up front.

However we were amused to see the Chris Sutton nonsense, and even more amused to see his piffle making headlines.

Sutton proclaimed Lafferty is a ‘nutter’ and explained that he’s a ticking timebomb. Now we do know Lafferty hasn’t always been the most wholesome of players, with a few little incidents in the past, so we have dispensation for that.

But what makes us laugh is Sutton didn’t raise this point last summer when Hearts signed him. In fact, he didn’t say a thing – strange how Lafferty is suddenly toxic and a ticking timebomb only when Rangers sign him, no one else…

What disappoints us is the evident trolling Sutton is guilty of here. We know he does this for attention, and because he’s paid for his opinion, and in fairness he’s attacked Celtic in the past as vigorously as he has Rangers.

But to completely sacrifice all integrity, consistency and bring in rampant hypocrisy does force the idea that giving Sutton a platform to spout his nonsense on is a joke that’s gone on far too long.

He can’t ‘rein it in’ – it’s what he does, yet the media laps it up and keeps giving him more headlines.

Guess we’re guilty of that too, by merely discussing him here, but he’s affecting our club and saying incredibly stupid things which don’t stack up.

Wind your neck in mate.

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  1. I would say that this time Sutton has went too far – in this day and age it is wrong to call someone a nutter – pressure situations can bring out the best in us and sometimes the worst – but Sutton has brought out the worst in himself without duress or provocation, only deep hatred. His media outlet should be taken to task for this outburst, immediately.

    • Why is it wrong to call someone a nutter? Sutton is entitled to his opinion, even if it is bone-headed. I can't keep up with the word games people play these days. I would also warn people of going too far in the policing of words. That said, you are right, but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. can we just ignore sutton? it's quite well known that he plays up to being this character and says things for effect.

    Idk if he is actually as dumb as he comes off but either way he's not worthy of a second of our thoughts

  3. Sutton should know whos a nutter cause thats what he is…
    less we hear from that clown…..the better..though it seems there is way too many green and white shite…nowadays..

  4. First and probably last time i'll ever agree with Chris Sutton. Setting aside that i dont rate Laff as a player, Sutton is spot on regards his attitude, with Stevie G banging on about giving 110% and "walking the walk" or Mark Allen saying we do our homework on player backgrounds and personality the pair of them need to do a 2 second google search and ask themselves does Laff fit that criteria.

  5. I think Lafferty should sue him. Make him stand up in court and show the evidence he has to call him a nutter. Perhaps bring a psych assessment that proves he isn't, ask Suton what his medical credentials are. Make a fool of him.

  6. At 1st i wasn't too bothered about lafferty signing, but thought it'd be a good deal if we could get him for under £500k. But now that Sutton is clearly shitting it about his return makes me want him more. Let's face ot we know he'll probably score against them. 1st Sutton tries to talk Gerrard out of signing, now he tries to take Gerrard out of signing Lafferty. I don't remember any chat from him when we were linked with any of Pedro's duds. And i certainly don't remember any chat from him regarding the biggest "nutters" in Scottish football. Griffiths & Lennon

    So we can pretty much take it as, anything sutton is agianst is good for us.

    • I see it the other way round that Sutton wants us to sign him i do not think he is a great player it could back fire on us with unrest with other forwards,but look hearts will keep him for the rest of season if we do not give them there asking price and we can do nothing about that,but bottom line is we will not have a say if he signs or not.

  7. Any way if Kyle wants to play for us then will he take same wage as he is on at hearts now that would be a deal and show every one its not about money,even if we have to pay more for him it would be alright.

  8. When Chris Sutton starts talking about players, he always seems to forget his game against Armenia Bratislava!

  9. I'm not his biggest fan (laff) tell ye what though, if he does what he did at rugby park & tannadice on the last day it will be money well spent.

  10. I'll be raging if they pay more than 200k, for that. I think it's a big mistake. So fucking predictable. Sutton needs dealt with. We were a laughing stock last year, because of his big trap. Sick of Rangers getting trashed. We need to come out fighting, this season.

  11. On the brink of a promising new season and we are on here talking about Chris Sutton. Come on lads,don’t give him the satisfaction.Who cares what he says?

  12. Don’t give this guy the oxygen publicity. He clearly hasn’t gotten over 2005. He considers himself to be a pundit and therefore should be impartial. If he keeps up this anti Rangers rhetoric then his career will be a short one. It’s time that us Rangers fans ignored him…….silence sends the loudest message.

  13. Just a waste of space that told Stevie not to come to Rangers because he knows now its brendas last season😂

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  14. Everyone Here knows He isnt a Real Pundit becauae of his Lack of Bias/Hatred.
    But to be Honest he isnt Exactly Einstein of Football Knowledge either

    So like everyone has Said
    Ignore Him,
    Dont Give Him The Time of Day


  15. We should ban him from our ground. Along with those of the Glasgow Celtic-loving media, who constantly trash-talk our club and everything it stands for.

  16. Sutton is 100% right though… He's not going to improve our team, he's not going to bring us closer to Celtic let alone Aberdeen.

    If there's no one available that will then why spend good money on him? Keep it for January.

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