Monday, 20 August 2018

POLL: would Rangers fans prefer UFA walkover, or not...?

With the stunning news about FC UFA still resonating throughout Govan, Steven Gerrard has publicly suggested he wants the Russians to get over their visa hurdle and be available to compete in the play-off stage at Ibrox.

The sixth placed Premier League outfit have been unable to secure temporary visas to travel to Ibrox in time, and their legal right to play the fourth UEL round is under significant threat, possibly leading to Rangers receiving a bye.

But would we want this?

If we recall, Celtic benefitted from legal issues in recent European campaigns (managing to be restored to Europe after being KO’d) and while we don’t strictly want anything handed to us on our return to the top, there are definitely benefits to getting a walkover and not risking injury, while equally the honourable part of us wants to win our way legitimately to the group stage.

But it would be a guaranteed £2.92M purse to get to the group stage and we would have had no risk to arrive there.

Tricky one. Bye or no bye?

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