Monday, 20 August 2018

POLL RESULTS: Rangers fans make dramatic decision on Alfredo Morelos...

Rangers fans have confirmed they are not interested in selling Alfredo Morelos at any price, according to a recent Ibrox Noise poll.

The on-fire forward has become the toast of Govan all over again with some scintillating displays, and manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed the £3.75M bid from France was well below what he expected, implying a minimum £10M price tag on the Colombian’s head.

However, Rangers fans have gone further, and an impressive 56% wish Rangers to keep the 22-year old at all costs, while 36% expect £20M for him. Only 8% would be happy with £10M for the free-scoring striker.

It marks a dramatic change in the attacker’s fortunes, following some poor form at the tail end of last season which saw fans regretting the club’s rejection of a reported £11M bid from China in January.

Now the majority wish to keep him essentially regardless of what is bid.

We do wonder what would happen if that massive bid did arrive…


  1. There is an ongoing thing with Alfredo..
    Debates surrounding his temperament continues to be diluted with the level of recent performances.
    Clearly, he is gradually integrating into the team, on a professional scale.
    We should not forget this is a young man a long way from home, and his family, with only a spattering of English.
    We should be grateful that he is here, for now, and enjoy his goals..not his value.

  2. Even though you would expect Mark Allen to have a couple of targets lined up just in case, it's too late to expect to get a reliable replacement for Morelos. No matter what the bid we need to keep him.
    If we can get into the Europa League group stages it would be worth a few million, and although it's crazy to think about it at this stage, actually winning the league would be priceless and neither can be acheived without Alfredo's goals.
    Hopefully he's going to make us a lot of money at some point, but not just yet I hope.

  3. As much as I Love How Morelos is now Playing,
    We Have to Be Realistic

    Say a Club like
    Newcastle or Leicester City etc

    Came in and offered between £10-15m
    We couldnt really afford to Refuse lets face it 🤔

    But Neing Honest I Hope He Stays Long Enough to take The SPFL Trophy back to Govan! 🔴⚪⭕🏆

  4. I hope he at least, sees the season out. But then if a huge offer comes in, could we really afford to say no?

    1. Exactly the point i was making 😃
      Glad someone agrees! 👍


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