“Not his best afternoon” – who did and didn’t shine for Rangers today?


Steven Gerrard’s Rangers’ SPL season still hasn’t truly got going following a second draw in three matches. Ibrox Noise takes you through some player ratings of a tough afternoon at Fir Park.

Allan McGregor:

Not his best afternoon. Slipped slightly at the first goal, positioned weakly for the second and his kicking was a little off as well. Looked shaky. He can do better. 6

James Tavernier:

Good assist for The Bold Kyle and attacked with vigour but horrific defending again blotted his afternoon. His ball watching led to Motherwell’s opener and overall this was the weak Tav that costs goals. 6

Connor Goldson:

An afternoon to truly forget for Goldson. After an early slip cost the opener, his confidence was clearly shot. He struggled on Rugby Park’s surface, and today the slick Motherwell turf appeared a problem for him too. Was not comfortable in a three either. Poor. 4

Nikola Katic:

Stepped up where others struggled, Katic was strong and powerful, and made few errors, but he alone couldn’t stop Motherwell. 7

Jon Flanagan:

Rather quiet, Flanagan didn’t appear happy as a centre back and got confused with position on the right of the three. Wasn’t great at all. 5

Borna Barisic:

Defensively quiet but those crosses are venomous. Lethal from the left and he’s easily the best crosser in the SPL from what we’ve seen so far. Worked hard in the middle and front. 7

Ryan Jack:

Worked as hard as he could but missed Scott Arfield’s reliable support in front of him. Did good work defensively as usual but couldn’t quite stamp himself on the match. 7

Andy Halliday:

His performance while not terrible was an indication of why Arfield is a much better option. Will always give everything but he just wasn’t good enough in the middle. 6

Ovie Ejaria:

Quiet early on but grew into the match, and became very dangerous as it rolled on. His goal was fortuitous but well earned and he might not have been quite as good as Killie but still delivered more than he used to. 7

Kyle Lafferty:

Outstanding effort, two fine goals and delivered exactly what we expected when we signed him. A better player now than he was when he left, he’s clearly revelling being played in his best position centrally. 8

Alfredo Morelos:

Wasn’t great – spent a lot of time complaining and looking sour, plus lack of conviction in the box again reared its ugly head for him. 6


Scott Arfield:

Gave better balance in the middle when he arrived, but we really missed him. We’re not too clear on why he was benched. 7

Glenn Middleton:

Barely touched the ball. N/A

Steven Gerrard:

Stevie’s first sign of vulnerability, he made the mistake of going three at the back when we hadn’t tried it properly yet, especially without having that third proper CB, plus curiously dropped Arfield. This affected the balance and momentum quite significantly in this match, and neither defence nor midfield really clicked as a result. His first blip, but he was also let down by horrific defending. 6

Rangers weren’t at their best today, and as we admitted post-UFA, didn’t really deliver in that one either. There are signs of a team that is in process, and is still working on the balance. The start has been so good, but alas the proof is in the SPL pudding and two draws from three won’t hurt the top of the table.

Work to be done!


  1. Only Morelos and Lafferty deserved above a 5 the day, rest of the team were utter fucking garbage, we play like that Thursday we are out of Europe and l dread to think next sunday against the bheggars, report card says, simply not good enough

  2. Agree with most comments Halliday doesn't do it for me he dissent have the technical skill or awareness needed when the game needs to change from battling to ball retention and possession. Thought Greggsy should have done better on their 3rd too. Morelos needs to hold the ball up when it's needed as in the 2nd half especially when we need to give the defence a break. Good opportunity to look at set pieces and game closures. It's early days yet but we cannot afford to lose against them .

  3. So frustrating! 3 games we conceded a goal in the last minutes. Twice in the league costing us 4 points. Every goal has come at the same side of the park (Tav, goldson) concentration has to be there until the whistle not the 90th minute! When i seen the team i thought back 4 with Flanagan at RB and Tav RM/RW…it should have been! Under pressure we need to keep possession not invite cross after cross, corner after corner! Ah well I'm sure these teams will try just as hard and take as must joy against other teams. Ha onto Thursday, still invincible! Let's go

    • I totally agree with you, we have dropped four points that we shouldn’t have although I can find some excuse for the 10 men at Aberdeen, but the two goals lost in the European game and today have proven we are still vulnerable down the right side of the park.
      I thought also Gerrard made a mistake in bringing on young Middleton, where the likes of Candeias is more defensive minded. Gerrard tried out three at the back today, which might have not been the best place to try it out as Motherwell is always a physical fixture and always use two forwards. Ibrox might be the best place to try it out.
      Let us hope that we don’t continue to throw points away like last season again, if we lose next Sunday we are playing catch up again. Had we won today a draw next week would have benn a great result.

  4. SGs first big mistake why make that substitution,the time that it took the players relaxed and switched off,,and lets face it tav is a liability at the back cost us two goals today day dreaming,whats he doing at the back post when he's a right back, that corner went right thro the penalty box,nobody at the front post.

  5. Think u watched a different game to me. Haliday was at least and 8 and so was jack. There was a reason Motherwell had to go long and that was cause they couldn’t go through them two. Tav was a 2. And Goldson I feel sorry for. New formation and a learning curve for the new team.

  6. He knows we have 2 tough games coming so he tried to rest a couple. I suspect 3 at the back was also trying to give the 2 CBs a break but it didn’t work. He will play strongest 11 for the next 2

  7. Team were embarassing. Looked like Rangers under Pedro, hanging on for our lives, nobody willing to step up to the plate with the keeper and defenders treating the ball like a hot potato! Gerrard got it badly wrong. Making a sub at the other teams corner is just amateur! Tav simply can't play in defence any more and should not be the club captain. Since he came to the club he has cost us time and time again with his defending! It really has to be sorted out. Nobody has pulled the Rangers centre halves out of position more or cost them as many problems as Tav has over the last few seasons! Total liability..

    • Embarrassing is too strong. This is a game that would have been lost last 2 seasons, we were 15secs away from a win whilst not playing well in 2nd half. Agree that Tav must either be used in an attacking midfield role or be replaced.

  8. SG needs time. We are only three games in. Very disappointed in the result but really pleased for Lafferty.

  9. Motherwell are garbage which doesn't say much for us. Interesting when we were under pressure especially at the back to see how we coped and from my view point we didn't. Poor stuff. Next 2 games are vital and to honest 2 draws would suffice.

  10. Extremely frustrating. We get the 4th goal we kill the game and then you can start thinking about sitting deep. Pretty much offered nothing in the 2nd half which annoys the most. I agreed with the line up due to the 2 important games against Ufa and Celtic but I didn't think today was the day to try out a brand new formation not against those strikers. Defence got caught out big time today. Tavernier badly needs coached on defending at set pieces because we cannot afford that defensive liability albeit he gives us so much in attack. It's not even someone playing a ball in behind him his 2 mistakes are so simple that anyone of those 11 players should know not to daydream at a set piece. Stay with your man – such a simple concept lost on Tavernier. Dissapointed for the support who were outstanding today.

  11. Geta grip ffs,2 late goals has cost us in games were we by far superior.They (mwell) will no play like that the rest of the season guarenteed, even robinson said there's no point only turning up against rangers. 13 unbeaten under gerrard, and complaining after the shite we've endured for 2 seasons. celtic! r they unbeaten, ad b mere worried if a wis in their shoes after the shite they're producing against suduva and by all accounts hamilton, so much so they recall bomscare in desperation. chin up BB.when u worry about them it's game over, can't see gerrard losing sleep.

    • Whata re you on about? we were not superior at all! They totally dominated the whole second half, whilst we didn't get a shot on goal I dont think! It also doesn't matter if Motherwell don't play like that for the rest of the season, the fact is they played like it against us and we couldn't handle it! big players like Goldson, tav(expected from him), Mcgregor and more were booting the ball anywhere to get rid of it! That kind of performance today is firsty not acceptable and secondly isn't good enough to win anything..Gotta be better!

  12. A wee reality check for everyone. We have made great strides this season but we still have a bit to go. I've always felt it would take a few years so let's not panic. It may be 2 draws from 3 games but let's not forget they've been at Pittodrie and Fir Park. Hardly bad results. Thought we showed great character to come from behind twice to go in the lead. Never really got going second half unfortunately.

  13. Totally agree how long do we have to suffer Tav. He is simply not good enough costs us time after timeach he maybe reasonable going forward but many times his final ball it not good enough others in squad can do better than him time to get rid

  14. Already some negative vibes creeping in, despite an unbeaten start to the season.
    Surely some patience, and focus, is required here.
    The machine-gun level of fixtures forced upon the new players so early in their introduction was always going to prove demanding.
    The late equaliser today was, of course, disappointing…but there are higher mountains to climb at the end of this week.
    The team deserve our support..not our criticism.
    Am I right ?

    • Absolutely agree David. We were a second away from an excellent win especially with the game schedule of the last few weeks. SG trying to give players a break wwithout dropping points. Difficult yes but we have been so close to wins until the last kick of the games.

  15. I dont care about this resullt or the celtic game, as long as we go through to the next round in Europe thats an absolute must happen!

  16. Today, I am going to place the blame on Gerrard!! Starting Halliday? Really!!!
    The second half wreaked of defending a one goal lead!! We did not trouble their keeper once in the second half, we were absolutely garbage in the second half.
    What did Gerrard tell them,,because if we played like the last 20 minutes of the first half, in the second half,, we would have pumped them!!
    Just like the Aberdeen game, (even with the sending off)! European Games!,,, we defend a one goal lead,, utter nonsense strategy, and Gerrard made that call,, fecking back to square one,,the beggars get 3 points and overtake us,,,, tremendous comeback in the first half,, came out like fecking fairys in the second half,, not good enough, just not fecking good enough,, fed up with this pish!!!! Starting Halliday??!! feck off!!

  17. Gerard got it spectacularly wrong today with formation at the back from start to Finnish, it was so fucking obvious for all us bears to see and what did he do about it…Fuck all….But the most worrying thing for me is that he will want to play 3 at the back in future matches which may work with better players in the future but not now,putting Flanagan on the left as a centre back is/was a shocking decision (he's a right back ffs)Goldson/tav all over the place,McGregor exposed as well,but should have commanded his area better at the 3rd goal……

    Also people trying to have a pop at Halliday today are pathetic,the person to blame is the manager even tho he admitted it himself its still not acceptable, 3 games in and we're already playing catch up, a bit like the last 2 seasons?
    watp helicopter 2005

  18. Dropping 2pts isnt ideal
    …But we are still Unbeaten 🤔
    And we have not faced any of the teams above us yet.

  19. Calm down ffs,its early doors,it will all be sorted
    Stevie got it wrong today big deal
    Forget it and move on

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  20. I'm not going to panic. No reason to. With that said however, I'm unsure why on earth Gerrard went with a back three today… I'm of the opinion that if it's not broke, don't fix it. It's nice to tinker at times, but not when you're rolling. It's abundantly obvious that Flanagan is wholly uncomfortable playing in a back three. Time to get another CB in. Who knows, maybe the gaffer is playing 4-D chess here by forcing the board to get off their asses and get that last CB in. Time is a luxury that we no longer have in this window.

  21. I haven't seen this many knees being jerked since I accidentally attended a Scottish Country Dancing evening. The only surprise is that someone hasn't written to call for the sacking of the manager. Anybody slating Halliday today ( and no, I don't think he should ever be a "first pick") really doesn't have a clue – there were several others with more ability who performed worse. It'll be corrected…..

    • I agree with ya bud. My comment isn't as much panic as it is confusion. I'm of the mind that with as well as the back four has been humming along, I can't say if I was in the gaffer's hot seat, I'd have gone back three against the Steelmen. It's obvious after the draw, however, that we really do need that third CB. I'm backing Gerrard to get us past this small hiccup and make us better as a squad for it. It's gutting to lose those two points right at the death, but come Thursday if we get a positive result, it'll let us all put Sunday out of mind. The draw wasn't ideal, but we have bigger fish to fry over our next two matches.


  22. One of the positives today was that it became fairly obvious to everyone surely that we need another CB. Hopefully the board will see that too and back the manager. Going through on Thursday would help greatly as far as financing any deal is concerned.

  23. Remember this was the easiest of the three games in the coming week. So he rested players and tried a new system. It came within seconds of working.
    As for Halliday, get off his back. He did as he was asked, gave Arfield a break.
    3 at the back didn't work, but might have with Wallace instead of Flanagan. It is early days. Manager is still learning the ropes and his players.
    If we win or draw our next two games we will be happier

    • Frankly SWH we resent the Halliday remark. This site has backed him recently against the abuse he’s been getting. We’re the ones defending him. We called his display for what it was – decent.

    • IN, chill, that comment wasn't aimed at you.

      It was in response to some of the comments above such as GersJimbo and BillB and comments read on other sites.
      I agree with you. It wasn't world beating, he's not a world beater. He was and is decent. He was brought in to do a job.
      Sorry if you thought it was aimed at you.

  24. I've been harsh on wee Halidays quality never his attitude or work rate but today he's the only player to get pass marks, 6/10, everyone else gets 5/10.

    Terrible day at the office, shake it off and go again.

    • seems to be the scapegoat for the shambles left behind. reminds me a bit like the stuart munro situation. im not his biggest fan but refuse to turn on one of our own. i know how i would feel if i was in his place as a lifelong bluenose. gie the guy the support he deserves for his commitment.U.W.S.D.W.F.

  25. For the life of me I can't understand yesterday's formation. We've lost 4 goals in 10 games and then we go and change to a 3 at the back and lose 3, and tbh we should have lost more. It's no coincidence that yesterday was Goldson's worst game, Flanagan looked lost, Tav forgot about defending, and McGregor uneasy behind the 3. We defended far too deep and invited pressure. Hopefully yesterday was just an experiment to see how it worked. Well, it's obvious it didn't and if we play a 3 next week at the piggery I don't hold out much hope tbh. And for the Halliday haters, I actually thought Motherwell got a better grip of the game when he went off.

  26. haliday and morelos scored at 6 did u watch the same game as me?! two poor set pieces by tav and we still came away with a draw! jesus h christ almighty the run we r on is wat counts onto the next 1 avoid defeat and its group stage. avoid defeat against celtic that would be 1 hell o a start for steven staff players and fans negativity get the fuk out.


  27. lafferty proved he should be number one striker attitude so much better and i would play him up front on his own thursday and sunday

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