Monday, 13 August 2018

Main Results in Tennis World

This year, the second tournament in the context of the Grand Slam – Roland-Garros – has came to an end in the Spring. Soil competitions gave fans and experts some food for thoughts and caused the appearance of new stars in the tennis world.

Now, it can be said that the tournament brought just a few sensations. Just look at the names of winners: Rafael Nadal won the male single and Simona Halep left all women behind. They are at the top of the global tennis rating and the victory at such a prestigious competition is quite useful. For Nadal, this was the 11th triumph on Paris courts and he’s not going to stop.

Now, it seems that it’s almost impossible to catch up with the Spaniard in terms of titles. At least, we certainly won’t see this in the near future. The Romanian tennis player’s triumph should also be mentioned. It created a real furore in her home country when many thousand people met Halep.

Live tennisscores are an excellent chance to be aware of all events and know how your favorite player has played. The time data from all over the world are presented on the website Here, you’ll always find the information about major tournaments, as well as minor regional competitions.

Thanks to livescores, you can follow the outcome of several matches at the same time. This is especially convenient at the time of major competitions, as it’s just impossible to follow of them, so we can take advantage of the technological progress.

Future Competitions in the Current Season

Now the tennis season is entering the home stretch. Three of four “Grand Slam” tournaments have already ended. The following important competitions that will be held this year can be noted:

·         US Open;
·         Final Tournament.

The latter will involve only 8 professionals among men and women respectively. This is very prestigious as it demonstrates that the sportsman has passed an excellent season.

So, even this year, we can expect a lot of intriguing competitions that can bring bright emotions and be memorized by tennis fans. This is especially expected from Wimbledon that will begin soon. Even recognized masters have difficulties on grass English courts, so there are always a lot of sensational results.

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