Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Lafferty signing reveals big truth about Steven Gerrard

With Kyle Lafferty’s confirmed return to Ibrox today, Steven Gerrard is doing something no other Rangers manager has done, certainly within the past seven years:

Understood Rangers and listened to supporters.

The fans of our club might be at loggerheads with each other now and then, but we know a player, and we know our club, and by and large we know what’s best for it even if we have differing ideas on what to do to achieve them.

First thing Stevie did? Spoke to Walter, the Grand Master, to listen to someone who truly understands Rangers and get some sage counsel.

Even firster thing Stevie did? Signed Allan McGregor, a popular and wanted signing who has delighted fans with his displays and his experience of all things Rangers.

Ibrox Noise covered Borna Barisic – we proposed the outstanding Osijek left back as a signing – lo and behold a week or two later Stevie got him.

We discussed a day or two ago how Jamie Murphy’s injury may see a return in interest for Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones – lo and behold Stevie is reported to now be monitoring the NI international.

Fans on a poll on the site completely favoured the signing of Kyle Lafferty – and lo and behold, on the verge of being paraded.

Stevie is taking advice – he is ‘not knowing best’ – few know as much about football as he and he knows more than you or I or everyone we know put together, but he is not infallible and he is humble, eager, and willing to learn the ropes of our club and management and listen to people who know more about Rangers than he does.

And it’s working a treat. Stevie is quickly understanding what Rangers need. He understands what the fans want. And he’s delivering it precisely.

None of this Pedro or Warburton silliness of ‘I know best and that’s all there is to it’ – Stevie is taking it all in, soaking it all up, and developing every day, while his players run through brick walls for him.

Kyle Lafferty is another brilliant signing, and one we’re delighted with. He will add goals, big goals, and bags of experience for Alfredo Morelos to bounce off. And it’s an excellent option for Gerrard to call upon.

Things down Ibrox Way just get better and better.


  1. Welcome home Kyle


  2. Perhaps you should be asking for a scouting fee 😂

    More seriously, not my first choice but if he is on board I hope he does well.

  3. Good luck to big Laff hope it all viesti well

  4. Spot on IN! The important thing for me is Lafferty can draw down the trophies he won. Let these players know what it takes, how it feels to win them and where they need to graft. As good as Katic, Goldson and Morelos are, these guys aren't title winners.

    I just feel like getting him and Mcgregor in to the dressing room will be important because these guys will tell them exactly what's required to win leagues. This could be the difference in pushing us to the brink of a title, his big match goals and experience back that up.

  5. I do think he will work well alongside morales. Be interesting to see what happens now. But I’ve also liked having 3 in the middle wth two wingers

  6. Well lets hope he represents our club better than he did the last time. For me he's still a RAT as he fled the ship...but if Mr Gerrard wants him than he's the boss.

    Just behave Laughing boy and do not dishonour the club this time.

    1. BB,
      I am with you. Would NOT have had him back. But he is back, so I will now support him.

      But I will never forget and never forgive. Not fit to luck the mud off the boots of McCoist, Wallace and McCulloch.

    2. Must say Scots, doesn't sound anything like support to us.

    3. I think what SWH means is that he’d never be anti against him at Ibrox.. He’s entitled to his opinion but he’s not calling him like some ( Windass )

    4. Dear IN,
      Billy McKie has it spot on, although I don't get the "he’s not calling him like some ( Windass )" part.
      I don't believe in booing or barracking anybody in Light Blue. They, including Lafferty, are entitled to our full support. I don't believe people play better when attacked by their fans. I will now support Lafferty until the day he leaves. When I will return to my oft expressed view. And, as a compromise, I will forgive him once he is lying in a cold, dark, damp grave.
      For now, he is one of us and entitled to my full support. As is Shagger. I have explained that I have no idea why I don't hate him the same way, I just don't. Maybe because he fully earned our devotion first time round, while we had to defend Lafferty and support Naismith through two serious injuries, only for them to rat us out when we needed them most.

    5. What I meant SWH regards “Windass” is the abuse he got at Ibrox and online it was constant. As you stated our players won’t play better if constantly attacked by our own supporters...

      Look at the difference in the Buffalo he’s loving his time at Rangers now and playing with a smile on his dial and scoring for fun.. The abuse he was getting at the end of last season was embarrassing

    6. Thanks for explaining Billy. I agree. Would like to hear from someone who thinks abuse will motivate a player to perform better. Perhaps a Windass or Halliday hater, or I am sure I read here about someone who would have sold Morelos for a fiver?

  7. Some times coming back never works out like it did the last time but he is a good player and if he can cope with the change then he will be ok good luck.

  8. hes grown up and will love working with stevie g and gary mac.
    at last.

  9. Yass! Delighted Hes back!
    Go On Laff Son!
    Prove the Haters Wrong!
    And Drive us to 55!

    Bang us a Winner on September 2nd and your Halfway There! -😄👌⚽⭕⚪🔴

    Also 10-20 Goals this Season would do Nicely

    But To Be Honest, If he can score 19 for a Poor Hearts Side, He should get 25 for us easy with Players like Arfield and Coulibaly around him! 😃💪


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