Kyle Lafferty makes huge claim about Rangers move…


Returning striker Kyle Lafferty has made a bold yet understandable claim that he can help Rangers win the league.

The three-time SPL winner with Rangers has returned home and put pen to paper on a two year deal, but the 30-year old forward, in a message to the fans, has admitted leaving Rangers broke his heart, but the returning player knows how to win and ‘will bring 55 home’.

Speaking to Rangers TV, the ex-Hearts talisman again admitted he’d been badly advised in the past, didn’t want to leave, but that Rangers fans would have a different player.

He said:

“I’m here now. You’ll find a different person, a person who knows how to win and will bring 55 home.”

Clearly speaking from the heart and overjoyed to be back with his boyhood club, Lafferty may have got a little ahead himself, but given the stunning start Steven Gerrard has made to life at Ibrox, it’s hard not to get a little swept away with the positive feeling in Govan.

In truth though, Lafferty does know how to win the league and frankly is a better player now than the already excellent one who left.

Whether Rangers will win the league this season (or next) remains to be seen but as Kyle himself said about the performance v Maribor, that was the ‘real Rangers’ and there is just a sense of our team, management and club now feeling like its old self.

Whether that leads to 55 soon is another matter, but we hope.


  1. Welcome home big man we forgive and forget,because your are one of us !! WATP !!!! 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. He said he was badly advised back then by what he was told (verbally) his statement today is a verbal one also, only way you’ll win us all over is by actions, actions speak louder than words ma man. It’s time to show us just how much of a Ger you really are on that pitch. We welcome you back but we expect nothing but 110% commitment. WATP

  3. Yass! Delighted Hes back!
    Go on Kyle!
    …Prove them all wrong and shove their 'Rat' Comments back down their throats!

    Bang us a Winner on September 2nd and your Sorted Big Man! -😄👌⚽⭕⚪🔴

    Also 10-20 Goals this Season would do Nicely


    • He’s still a rat Stevo. I can’t believe how people on this site forget how big a fan he was when he walked out. BTW he wasn’t good enough for us 6-7 years ago and STILL isn’t good enough now.


    • Grow up mate. Everyone has to look after their future. We all love football but it's worth nothing
      in the grand scheme of things.NOTHING.
      I believe he's a huge plus for our side and bet you'll be cheering his first goal too.
      Chill,understand and let go.
      Laff is back and we are stronger for it!

    • Big Jim, He is not a Rat!
      He did not leave in the Same Manner as Naismith
      …He has Admitted Leaving was a mistake and was given bad advice!

      Id have Laff back all day long but will NEVER forgive Naisy 👊

      BigJim …Build a Bridge and get yourself over it

      You can say hes a Rat all you want but what he also is, is a Goalscorer and he regularly scores against them!
      …something Alfredo hasnt managed yet

      Also if he can get 19 for a poor hearts team, he could easily get
      25 + with players like Arfield and Coulibaly around Him.

      …and like Zippy says We are Better with Him than without 💪

    • Stevo
      He left. He could have stayed and he left. I don't blame Whittaker, it was just a job, he wasn't a Rangers man. Neither was Goian or Bocanegra. They just had integrity. But Shagger, Naismith and Lafferty were fans in jerseys. Do you honestly think Halliday would have walked?

      Yes, Lafferty is a goalscorer. Not denying that. How good, how consistent time will tell. He has scored against Celtic and Morelos hasn't. Agreed. He may score even more with better players round him, agreed.

      He didn't give a press conference claiming we were dead. Agreed.

      But he left when he could have publicly proclaimed loyalty at a time when we desperately needed something, anything to cling to. He could have told McCoist he wasn't going to the 4th division, wouldn't have blamed him. But at our lowest, in the darkest of days when it seemed like Super Ally, Big Jig and Wallace stood alone, supported by the captains of Romania and the USA while Rangers fans ran, another supporter standing by us would have been helpful. I will never forget Waldo, Ally or Jig. They stood.

      He is now a Rangers player, and so entitled to my support. Which he will get. Until the day he leaves, when he will return to the status you claim he doesn't deserve, which I will no longer use as he is now one of us.

    • Yes I Agree He Could have Stayed but Sadly for Us, He Didnt
      …Such as Life

      Halliday would not have walked wither but thats not for the love of The club but because
      (to some fans) the lower divisions of Scottish Football is Hallidays "Level"

      Exactly! Hes back in the blue Jersey and if hescores against them/We Beat Them then we arent gonna be talking about him being a rat are we?

      …No cause we are gonna be rubbing it in their faces like no tomorrow! 😂💪⚽

  4. Every one of you are a disgrace. Only rat back at rangers after stating that rangers were dead. But let's welsome them back so we might stop celtic. One one moral fibre in anyone anymore. Lafferty is a clown who only plays well in one in every 3/4 games. But because he scored again celtic all is forgiven.
    Him, shagger and Naismith are all the same, just after money

    • Zippy,

      I agree. But he is here now, so we stand by him. See my earlier comments. Once he leaves, my previous view will return. Forever. No matter how many goals he scores against Celtic or anyone else. I may moderate my view if he scores the winner in a European Final, and I will change it if he dies in the effort 🙂

  5. I agree with Ibrox Noise. I am delighted to have Kyle back, he will be a valuable player to us this season, however, I wish he would keep the "55" comments to himself and do the talking on the pitch as that is the only way to bring it home!
    We are doing well just now, but it is a long season and already we have injuries, so time will tell, but welcome big Kyle, good piece of business.

  6. If he wants to make it up to us, banging a few in against Celtic in the forthcoming game, will go a long way.

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