Monday, 6 August 2018

Key Rangers man may miss Celtic

Rangers face an anxious wait to find out whether Alfredo Morelos will be eligible to face Celtic next month.

The 22-year old striker was sent off for an off-ball altercation, and the penalty for offences deemed ‘violent conduct’ is a three match ban.

Rangers are likely to lodge an appeal which would free the Colombian for the visit of Allan Stubbs’ St Mirren next weekend, but as yet no decision we’re aware of has been taken on this.

Win the appeal and the striker can face Celtic at Parkhead, but lose and Rangers miss out his services for that crunch Old Firm along with the Motherwell and Dundee fixtures which sandwich it.

This all said, Morelos’ record against Celtic has been pretty poor, and while his form of late has been improved over the leaner run of displays from the Spring onwards, some might argue a starting berth for the absolute behemoth that is Umar Sadiq (we still can’t figure out which one is the forename) wouldn’t be such a bad idea anyway.

Regards, the full compliment of options would be more suitable, and Rangers will presumably decide over the next two days whether or not to appeal the card.


  1. I'm hoping we have lafferty in before the old firm game tbh. I like Morelos but i'd play Lafferty against the manky mob whether Morelos was banned or not. Lafferty loves a goal against that mob and he'll always give 110% against them too.

  2. Personally whether the red card was right or wrong, I would not appeal it. The wee man needs to be taught a lesson and learn to suck in that fat petted lip. His attitude and deminour are disgusting. My 8yo nephew shows more maturity than this kid. Hopefully have someone else in to replace him by that time and we can sell him on Anything at £2m or over and i would snap their hand aff!

  3. He's been told before about his strops, when he gets pulled up, by the ref and he never learns. I don't understand the blind-faith some of our fans have for him. Yes, he has prospects, but he's also a stroppy pain in the arse and walks about like a prima-donna with a skelped arse, when what he really is, is a petulant kid. Sell him for goodness sake. I don't see, what SG and co, is seeing in him.

  4. I would be one happy man if Morelos misses the match against the mhanky mob and hopefully get big Laff in as well, its all coming together very nicely and think we could get the result we have all been dreaming for

  5. Don't waste any time on an appeal. Morelos' kick out may have been feeble and provoked but he deserved to get sent off. Absolutely the Aberdeen defender should have gone with him but we can't appeal on the basis that he didn't. That should be a job for the Compliance Officer to hand out retrospective punishment. Do you think he will?

  6. Hope we have Lafferty or someone else in by then ...

    But heres a question ...

    Given Morelos isnt exactly in Scoring Form and is more Sulk than Hulk, Can he really be considered a miss?

    Also to my knowledge he hasnt scored against them yet... so probably wouldnt make a big difference anyway


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