Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Is Andy Halliday still "One of Our Own"?

When Rangers signed Andy Halliday, most fans were delighted. ‘One of Our Own’ was coming home, and someone who knew all about the club, being a die-hard fan himself.

He was signed as an attacking midfielder and yet thanks to injuries ended up in defensive midfield instead, and remained there for good under then-manager Mark Warburton.

He wasn’t great in the role, but he did the best he could, and happily admitted he’d play anywhere for the club. Think of Josh Windass’ primadonna demand to play as striker, and now look at Halliday who will do what the club asks, without question.

He’s played as winger, AM, central midfield, defensive midfield, and left back, and never complained one iota.

He was forced out by Pedro last year and ended up in Azerbaijan, but never gave up on his club and was back the instant he could get home.

Now we have the Gerrard regime. Is Andy Halliday good enough for this new blossoming era? No, probably not – he isn’t up to the standard we seek to attain in order to restore the level of Rangers we expect. He himself knows this better than anyone.

What we are getting tired of though is a player, who has never shamed his club, who has always been there when we needed him, filled in where asked, and has never complained, being pillared by the same fans who once idolised him.

It’s unacceptable. Every time his name is mentioned now it’s genuine knashing of fangs and petted lips of disgust that this guy would be near the squad. And frankly it’s completely unfair.

Sure, we’re not thrilled that he ended up on the pitch over Greg Docherty, but that’s SG’s call not the players’. Halliday didn’t walk into anyone’s office with a gun and demand selection.

He’s in because he’s versatile, and can play about six different positions. None remarkably, true, but it’s about time fans stop being spoiled little weans about every player they dislike and give the guy a break.

He knows now he’s become very unpopular with fans through no fault of his own – and yes we have better players to select. And that’s great. It’s a marvel to watch the club bloom.

But get off Halliday’s back and let him and the manager get on with it, for goodness’ sake.

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