Tuesday, 21 August 2018

"I'm a proud Celtic fan" - new Rangers target controversy...

As Rangers fans know, the Kyle Lafferty saga is starting to drag out. Some reports did claim a medical was lined up, but the source was Scott McDonald so we’re not exactly sure how much water that holds.

As such, Rangers have opened the options up a tad, and one name to surface according to the Sun and some other outlets is Ross McCormack, with a number of readers of Ibrox Noise expressing their opinion over this possible move.

The Scotland international is frozen out at current club Aston Villa and seeks a move away, with League One Sunderland joining the race to snap him up. But one of the major issues surrounding McCormack isn’t his ability, but his allegiances. A self-confessed Celtic fan, the 32-year old forward only has good words to say about Rangers, and his time here, but that his heart is and always will be in Parkhead.

He said some years ago:

"I'm a proud Celtic fan and always will be. But Rangers were the team to come in for me and I enjoyed my time there. That's just how football works. I wanted to do well at Ibrox and did my best for Rangers. But I always supported Celtic as a kid and went to watch as many matches as I could."

It’s by no means the first time a supporter of one side of the Old Firm has become a player for the other – Neil McCann, Scott Allan, Rod Stewart…

In terms of the merits of the move? He would be pretty much a free – we’d imagine Villa would be happy to get rid, so ‘mutual consent’ would appear on it, but given the standard Rangers now aspire to, is McCormack even good enough?

We’d loosely argue not – he was 5+ years ago, but those days are long gone. His recent stats might tell us 14 in 17 for the A-League down under last season, but four in 24 for Villa and Forest the season before is either a player struggling at that level now, past it, or just demotivated.

The SPL is no shrinking violet – and it is a tonne tougher than the A-League.

As a free on a modest wage we’d have no complaints. If Stevie can make a player out of some of the rabble in the squad already, he can get the best from a Scotland international too.

It depends if he wants him.



  1. By all accounts he is seen as poison at Villa - so much so Bruce wants him out of club at any cost.

    Avoid, avoid and avoid again.

  2. Not for me. I think Lafferty is less off a gamble and his wages are a lot less than the 40k a week McCormack gets.

    I think the media have literally just went with Murphy injured > Spin the wheel for a former Rangers player > Ross McCormack. There's no way Gerrard would sign him as a replacement for Murphy because he's a striker and I don't see him doing the off the ball defending required for that position.

    I'd actually test Kilmarnocks resolve for Jordan Jones if we get to the Europa Group stages.

    Him, Lafferty and a centre half we are good to go. Or can anyone else name another winger on the cheap?

    1. Id Take Mackay-Steven over Jones! 😂

      Jones is Pish!


  3. I have no qualms on his ability and I would pesume he would be professional if he returned to Rangers, now for the however; I remember a number of years ago on lazy Sunday afternoon reading an article about him, not quite sure who he had been playing with, but had recently moved away and the manager of his previous club said that McCormack had an attitude in the dressing room and created disharmony. What I do remember was Gary McAllister commenting that Ross could be difficult at times. The late Ray Wilkins, who rarely had a bad word to say about anyone, said Ross wasn’t always a team player and the went on in his inimitable way cancelling out any negative points with praise.
    These are all here say and paper talk, but I seem to recall Ross not staying at clubs for too long at times, makes these comments seem more tangible.

  4. Coco10 , totally agree, lafferty, Jones & a CH would be ideal till the winter window, just go and get them, end of story.

  5. Legs have gone, one to be avoided.

  6. He is done, surely we have moved on from buying guys that are washed up.

  7. Do not touch this bitter tarrier. Learn from the O'Halloran debacle. Stevie Gerrard gets it already,he won't be signing for us.

  8. This guy is a wretch !!! There are various stories as to why he left Ibrox and there are various stories about his 'Big Time Attitude" at both Villa and other clubs Once one always one !!! Keep him away from Ibrox

  9. He is not the lean mean fighting machine that Stevie Gerrard has instilled in the present players. Not for me.

  10. Get him to fuck, don't want him anywhere near our club, definite no from me

  11. Not even on a free and villa paying his wages. International my arse what was his games--goals ratio. Imagine him playing for us while his own team are falling apart yeah giving it 100% please SG wash our hands off this story once and for all... WATP

  12. As Gerrard is doing a serious rebuild we really shouldn't be bringing in two forward players who are 30 plus ,one maybe defo not 2 the experience of laverty would probably be a decent upgrade.

  13. Cant understand,why we would have ANYTHING to do with ANY Celtic Scum...
    Sign ONLY players....who are or want to be Rangers..!! No Celtic Shit..!!

  14. Not wanted and he should 'know' as much.

  15. No No and Defintely Fucking Not!

    1. He's A Filthy Tim
    2. His Legs Have Gone
    3. Hes Pish
    4. Hes not as Good as He thinks He Is

    5. Id Play Rudden instead of this Knobhead!

  16. September 2nd @Piggery score still 0-0 McCormack one on one to fuck his boyhood heroes. What does he do? Score it or Sky it? Nah not for me!! I couldn’t score against us. End of. Don’t want Celtic men ffs

  17. Seems like a story created by the media. I really don't believe for one minute that SG is remotely interested in McCormick.

  18. Yes don't sign him not worth the wages he is not a mo jonhston he new how to make it work a wee Tim shoving it right up the rest off them but not this one not the same quality off a player shouldn't even be remembered as a ranger for his comments


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