Friday, 17 August 2018

How 800,000 reasons could become millions...

Among all the good-feeling at Ibrox after yet another brilliant night for Rangers a small facet may have been forgotten by some fans and it is worth reminding us all just how valuable financially the victory over Maribor was.

Each round in the Europa League qualifiers is worth around a quarter of a million. Rangers had secured 500,000 Euros for the first two rounds, and by overcoming Maribor another 280,000 has been added.

The preliminary round is also worth 220,000 but as Rangers didn’t need to play it, we don’t believe that cash is added.

However, the third round’s sure is – making the total so far a very respectable 780,000 – roughly 800,000 Euros for three passages, before possible victory over Russians UFA can confirm a further massive £2.92M guaranteed for the group stage.

No payment is made individually for success in the play off – the losers of the final round do net 300,000 but that is effectively compensation.

In short, beat UFA and Rangers have secured almost £4M.

The press has been filled with how Celtic are castrated by the loss of revenue from UCL failure and having to ‘make do’ with the Europa League, but their outgoings have been vastly higher than Rangers, and it hurts them on the way down, while the UEL funding slowly increases Rangers’ coffers on the way up and helps build progress.

In short, Steven Gerrard’s Rangers have brilliantly secured almost a million via six matches, and are 180 minutes away from what would be a windfall by our recent standards.

In fact, a decent UEL group campaign could see a couple of wins and perhaps a draw or two, and that adds further millions. Just like that.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is one round to go and FC UFA are not to be taken lightly. But we’ll say this – we could have got a much harder opponent.

And we definitely have cash now.

While we’re at it, get Kyle would you?


  1. Yes--Why did they not sign Kyle this morning. As soon as the final whistle blew last night, we all knew that Rangers could now definitely afford Lafferty--so why this further delay?? From bitter past experience, O have seen MANY POSSIBLE TRANSFERS DRAG ON INDEFINITELY ONLY TO FALL THROUGH. Let us hope that Gerrard can persuade those above him NOT TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. Brendan Rodgers is looking like a verry worried , desperate, man these days, and so is Scoot Brown. Rodgers might just persuade the Celtic Board to jump in and sign Lafferty for $ 1 million, in the same way that we did that to them when they thought they were about to sign Mo Johnston. I am sure that all of you over the age of 40 can remember that!!!!!

    1. Kyle Lafferty would no more sign for them than I would eat my own tadger

    2. you must be really stupid to even think fir a millisecond that Lafferty would sign for them he is a true blue and hates them just as much as us

    3. Danny,nhe didn't love us enough to stay and fight. Or bring in a transfer fee. We all know now it would have been stolen by thieves, but not then. He ran. Jig, Wallace and McCoist stood.
      Never forget

  2. Can't overstate how much this money would mean. Our Board have been fantastic and have covered a shortfall of 20 million quid with absolutely nothing back a lot of fans forget that. Once the share issue comes in and this possible revenue stream then we could have their money paid back, or as I reckon, further investment to topple Celtic until the boards objective is complete. Whether that's this season or next. I'm confident we can do it in the next 2 year's when only a few months ago 10IAR looked like a certainty. We now look like a team who has the best goalkeeper in Scotland, best centre of defence and ethos on work rate and defendig with our tactics. Just need a little bit extra still in the final third. These days are blue-ming awesome let's finish the job!

  3. Does the cash mentioned only cover Uefa winnings ? or does it include the extra money from 3 full houses and TV revenue ?

    1. Hi Martin, that's purely prize money. Gates and TV rev are separate.

    2. That really does begin to make some difference. 50,000 x £18 average = 900,000 x 3 = 2.7mil rough guessimate + one more home game to go at least. Here's hoping this journey can last into the group stages. Starting to get excited now WATP

    3. Good point, I was about to say that it didn’t include any of the revenue generated from the 3 full houses we have already had and we have yet another full house guaranteed against Ufa.
      The average for this game will be higher too, as the price is increased, so maybe averages £20 x 50,000 = £1 million gives the club £3.7m plus the added on TV revenue plus sales of food etc. and any corporate money on each of the four nights.
      This all adds up to superb cash flow into the club. Irrespective how we do if we get into the group stages of the competition, it would again guarantee a minimum £1 million per home game to the club.
      I as most Rangers fans wish this to happen, to even get to this stage, with such little time for the team to gel, as Gerrard says it is a team in progress, can we say we as a club are further forward than our expectations would let us believe?

  4. Still winning

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Come on Lads!
    ...Lets Annihilate these Russians and Fill our Coffers! 😃💪


    RTID 💙

  6. 50k home seats at £20 = £1M per Home game

    3 so far + UEFA payments = £4M

    Ufa Tie = £1M +if we progress.

    Group: 3 x home + enhanced UEFA payments = Circa £4M

    Circa £9M isn’t CL money but it’s like a lottery win to us where we are.

    Love it.


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