Saturday, 18 August 2018

Has EPL boss just opened door for Rangers to bag England international?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has refused to rule out a loan departure for 20-year old long-linked Rangers target Dominic Solanke.

Steven Gerrard dismissed the story last week as ‘purely speculation’ but Rangers are well-known for needing further strikers up front with the departures of Ryan Hardie, Kenny Miller, Eduardo Herrera and Jason Cummings, and with only Alfredo Morelos and the as yet ‘unacclimatised’ Umar Sadiq as current options, and with the Kyle Lafferty deal still ongoing, Rangers could really use some more bodies up front.

Liverpool’s German boss said at his pre-Palace presser:

“I have nothing to say. I don’t want to discuss things like this (about Solanke) in a press conference. I hear this for the first time now, so it doesn’t look like it’s close to happening! Nothing to say. We have the 31st August, Italy closes today, and the rest have two weeks. That’s how it is. Nothing to say.”

Vague at best but the lack of an absolute no does suggest someone could be in line for a promising striker if Solanke wants first team football.

Gerrard, as mentioned, has poured cold water over the story, but if the Lafferty deal fails to materialise, he could well change his mind over the youngster. And, for that matter, even if he secures the NI international.

Watch this space!


  1. I hope that all of this story is not just a bit of a fudge to make us all forget that we STILL HAVE NOT SIGNED LAFFERTY--AND WE BADLY NEED HIM. Now that Rangers are making extra moneey by advancing further than many thought in Europe--I am very annoyed that we have not yet signed Lafferty. Are the monet men at Rangers stopping this move?? If we have another season where we do not have enough goals, the Gerrard effect will soon wear off--and the attendances will start to drop. After SEVEN YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS--WE WANT SUCCESS THIS YEAR. Gerrard, to his great credit, has said that "I will never ask Rangers fans to keep waiting for success." Good for him. But I hope that those behind the scenes do not starve him of enough money--we are fed up seeing that.

    1. UNKNOWN. YOU are an idiot.

      "If we have another season without enough goals,"

      Go read your Dan Dare or Beano ya rampant tague

  2. I hope we sign the Pair of them
    (Laff and Solanke)

    Solanke is Lethal!
    He would Tear the SPL a New One!
    20 goals Easy!

    And would Love to see Laff Back in a Rangers Jersey

    Another Two Forwards id Look at if these two dont work out or get completed is
    Tammy Abraham (On Loan) and Will Grigg

  3. Also Heard That
    Those in Power/The 'Money Men'
    at Ibrox are Hesitant on the Lafferty Transfer.

  4. TBH I think the first bid was just to test the water and see if he's available. My gut instinct is Solanke or someone else is in Gerrard' s thoughts and is waiting for things to develop. If Morelos gets injured, Laff will be signed, if other targets become unavailable, Laff will be signed. We know he wants to com and 750 k will probably do it. Personally I'm sitting back relaxing and letting SG do his thing, so far his thing has been excellent.

  5. If we get a really good result on Thursday at home to UFA I expect both Lafferty and Solanke to be at Ibrox shortly after it.The amount of games qualifying for the EUFA group games and midweek cup runs would demand reinforcements both in defence and to the front line. Kelly, Middleton, McCrorie, Sadiq, Hodson and Kent were our subs in Maribor. I think that is one very thin line indeed when we consider the amount of games and travelling over the next few months. Suspensions and injuries are a given with the type of players we have. I think we need another three players at the very least. The two forwards mentioned and a left fullback/centre back.

  6. If the russians fall to get visas they will have to forfeit that would be a revenue loss to us, with Murph injured we need bodies.

    1. It would be a revenue loss but at same time guarantee extra revenue, probably around £5m, from the group stages. We could potentially have both but given the choice would you want to take the risk.


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