Friday, 17 August 2018

Gerrard names his price for Alfredo Morelos

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard appears to have put a minimum £10M price tag on star striker Alfredo Morelos’ head after Bordeaux’s £3.75M was rejected as ‘disappointing’.

The 22-year old Colombian had another productive night in Slovenia, but the timing of the bid from France may have unsettled him a tad as he was wasn’t quite as his recent sparkling best, but Gerrard has asserted that it would take an astronomical bid for him and the club to be willing to sell “arguably our best player”.

He said:

“Something more than far more (than £3.75M).”

Naturally what that sum amounts to is slightly conjecture, but in this day and age of ridiculous fees, and after the club got burnt again on Josh Windass and Declan John, Gerrard has evidently put his foot down and stated exactly what he expects for his best players if suitors are to have any chance of signing them.

Speaking at his pre-Killie presser, he affirmed the importance of Rangers now demanding big bucks for their star assets, and given more ordinary players than Morelos have gone for far more, it is clear that after £3.75M was dismissed as ‘derisory’, the French giants are going to have double it and then some if they are to have any chance of clinching Morelos’ signature.


  1. Correct approach but we should've held out for more for Windass and John. And possibly got something for Alves and Cardoso.

  2. At a time we have put Andy Halliday at left back and its pretty clear Wallace is, correctly, being shown the door, etc did we let Declan John go for, AT ALL?

    I've total confidence in Steve Gerrard having better footballing knowledge and capabilities to have perfectly good reasons on most decisions made.

    But I would be intrigued on the DJ & AH conclusions.

    In my humble opinion Declan came and blew everyone away, destroying defenders, great crossing, a few important goals and good attitude.

    Halliday in my mind is not a footballer near the standard of our huge club.

    BUT DC is gone for pennies.

    We are stuck for cover to the extent most if not all fans were gutted when his name came up on the big screens.

    That said, I saw one definite goal scoring cross fly into our box, passed all permanent defenders toward what looked a certain tap in for Maribor.

    Halliday intervened perfectly.

    So what's going to happen next.

    I bet Stevie The Wonder will sort it.out within 2 weeks

    1. We do have two guys that can play at left bk. one suspended and the other cup tied

    2. Declan John might have wanted to go home...? I still he not from that neck of the woods...? I believe it was personal reasons why he wanted to move... other wise why wouldn't we get rid of a capable young enthusiastic LB... and swanseas are an ex prem team so it will be a challenge ... but he will be able to see his family and friends more... barisic will be avail if we get to the groups and Flanagan can cover both RB and LB... all is not lost...

      I am however surprised he didn't revel in the chance to Be part of the SG revolution tho...

    3. Pushing Wallace out the Club

      Selling John

  3. I still think we done well just getting the portugeezers of the wage bill. As for Windass and John, agree it should have been more but i have a sneaky feeling there has been sell on clauses added and thats why they got a discount on the upfront money, ala Waghorn.

  4. Windass went for about right if projected figures were 2.5 plus add-ons never worth more. John well he didn't want to be here.

  5. Stuart J "he didn't want to be here?"

    WHO told you that mate? Last interview I heard was in Wales to Alan Brazil on Talksport when he said AND I QUOTE "I was recovered from a standard injury having had a thankfully great start in a team struggling. I was chomping my pillow but for some reason the manager didn't agree with every one else I was playing my heart out.

    That is the biggest club. I preferred Glasgow Rangers to Manchester because the support is dragging that great icon back to the top, where they should be."

  6. Stuart Bowman. "We have 2 LB's.
    One Suspended
    One Cuptied"

    mmmhmmm. That helps

  7. Glad Alfredo aint Going on the Cheap!

    Not like Bordeaux couldnt afford him.especially after Selling Malcolm and Lomborde?


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