Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Famous journalist's anti-Rangers tweet comes back to haunt him

Rangers fans surfing the crest of the pleasant wave the side and regime are on under the increasingly impressive management of Steven Gerrard may be thoroughly amused by this tweet sent by ‘Rangers fan’ Graham Spiers some months ago prior to Gerrard’s appointment.

Of course, we’d be presumptuous to assume Gerrard is 100% the answer, but the evidence, more and more, suggests he could be, but even before he arrived Ibrox Noise’s opinion was caution but hope.

Meanwhile, Spiers, legendary ‘dyed in the wool Ranjur’ that he is, was only too keen to castrate Gerrard, fawn over Brendan Rodgers, and attack Rangers’ board for what is more and more looking a pretty visionary appointment:

Celtic went out of the Champions League last night amidst nonsense about £2M disco lights and chaos surrounding Belgium’s Dedrick Boyata (remember how he got absolutely owned at Hampden by Championship Rangers under Warburton and had to be hauled early?), while Rangers go from strength to strength, growing slowly, maturing, exploring and learning.

All under the tutelage of ‘an untested U18s coach’.

Idiocy indeed?


  1. Let's not count the chickens too early eh

  2. famous for being a prick maybe

  3. Well, in that guy's defense he probably meant it at the time. Brenda was 'all conquering' in Scotland and SG WAS an untested under 18s coach...I think the 'sheer idiocy' part was a bit much.

    1. Easy to be all conquering when you have no opposition.

  4. I am surprised that you are even mentioning that piece of shit on here,he thrives on stuff like this,the best way to treat that pollution is just ignore him.
    He is no fan of us no true blue would ever come out with the stuff he does.

  5. We've went through the pain. Celtic have had it good, too long. Traitors like him, deserve to be named & shamed.

  6. Another thing calling that trash famous is an insult to the rest of the human race.

  7. But we have won nothing yet,its good they went out and they will not get big money,but we have won nothing yet hibs hearts and aberdeen are much stronger so i would think they are going buy in maybe two three or four to go for eight we better be ready from now on no slip ups,i say lets do this bring it on.

  8. Why give the tink any exposure.

    He's famous for being tolerant towards paedos FFS

  9. Let's do our shouting, when we've won something. Feel good factor, is wonderful to feel again, but it'll be a long slog.

  10. We only need to worry about our own team no one else matters. Keep the head down and concentrate on each game week in and week out. What happens around us is secondary to Rangers continued development and improvement. If we win things this season all well and good but what is more important is ensuring we continue to build the team suitable to conquer the SPL and Europe

  11. The guy’s a wahoo and not remotely relevant. Don’t make him relevant.

  12. He is not one of us despite his claims!
    He is one of them!
    Fckin Knobhead anyways!

    More shite comes out his mouth than his arse! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Also an Ex-U18s Boss that could push his old boss out of a Job πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Anyways, moving on, what we have to do is the following :

    1. Ignore the BS Media
    2. Ignore what Other Teams are Doing
    3. Focus on ourselves/Training Hard
    4. Keep Winning

  13. The sheer Idiocy of Speirs and the rest of the biased media was to laugh at Daves speech about 'The house of cards.' Well, its happening. WATP.

  14. Talk about the demise of Celtic is a bit premature- also media seem to have forgot the addition of Morgan and the loanees who have returned. Hope we don't sell Morelos!!!!

  15. To be fair there were many on this site who were not in favour of Gerrards appointment for much the same reason. Let's own up guys! It's almost unbelievable now that many were touting guys like Wright from St Johnstone while some were crying out for Pardew or Allardyce. And we dodged a bullet with McInnes. Gerrard is already proving them all wrong. Even if we don't win anything we have made great strides and Gerrard has handled himself magnificently.

  16. Just think if Gerrard does any of

    1. Wins any Trophy
    2. Gets a Win against Celtic
    3. Gets Brendan Sacked with Rangers Revival

    He will NEVER have to pay for drinks in Glasgow again πŸ˜ŽπŸΊπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Pity we can't ban him from Ibrox and Pipe-cleaner Sutton, while we're at it.


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