Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Famous journalist's anti-Rangers tweet comes back to haunt him

Rangers fans surfing the crest of the pleasant wave the side and regime are on under the increasingly impressive management of Steven Gerrard may be thoroughly amused by this tweet sent by ‘Rangers fan’ Graham Spiers some months ago prior to Gerrard’s appointment.

Of course, we’d be presumptuous to assume Gerrard is 100% the answer, but the evidence, more and more, suggests he could be, but even before he arrived Ibrox Noise’s opinion was caution but hope.

Meanwhile, Spiers, legendary ‘dyed in the wool Ranjur’ that he is, was only too keen to castrate Gerrard, fawn over Brendan Rodgers, and attack Rangers’ board for what is more and more looking a pretty visionary appointment:

Celtic went out of the Champions League last night amidst nonsense about £2M disco lights and chaos surrounding Belgium’s Dedrick Boyata (remember how he got absolutely owned at Hampden by Championship Rangers under Warburton and had to be hauled early?), while Rangers go from strength to strength, growing slowly, maturing, exploring and learning.

All under the tutelage of ‘an untested U18s coach’.

Idiocy indeed?

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