Borna Barišić Rangers’ wages revealed…

Borna Barišić Rangers’ wages revealed…

Imminent new signing Borna Barišić is in line for a £15,000 weekly wage according to Croatian twitter account CroSports_ who claimed to source the information from ‘sn’.

In short, a yearly wage of around £700,000 for a second Croatian international, a salary that we’d have to say is pretty good value in light of his age, reputation, evident ability and quality of bandage.

Reports are that there will be a sell on clause, which naturally we are not privy to, meaning should the Croatian impress and his value rise, Osijek will get a chunk of any transfer fee if Rangers should sell.

The fee to Osijek is said to be around £2M, but once the deal goes through it will be announced as ‘undisclosed’ as always.

This whole situation reminds us very much of 1993 and the Basile Boli signing – the Frenchman impressed against Rangers and Walter Smith made a big money capture bringing him to Ibrox from the Velodrome – sadly it was a truly flop signing.

Naturally we hope for much better this time around.

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  1. Boli played well in a load of games, he wasn't playing with GREAT players when with us mind AND Walter had a habit of playing Basil in a good few positions unsuited to him….. Walter even played Basil as a Right-Sided -midfielder.

  2. £2 million ? Where is this coming from ? The Season Ticket money will only stretch so far .This 'new' expense has to be added to the other monies spent /wasted on court cases , paying off misfits etc..

    • Three matches in Europe easily earns £2m. And payoffs? I don’t think so. Letting them go for no fee sees players pick up signing on fee and we get them off books.

    • Don't worry Timothy….try concentrating on your own filthy team…you know the club that harbours paedophilia activities

    • Money coming in from a mistery. Person in boxing funds it's lost me but they have the dosh plenty of apparently I cannot work it out nse

  3. …I am not doubting that Barisic is a Decent Enough Player,

    But Us Signing Him is an Unnecessary Expense …
    Perfectly Good LB in John
    Solid Back up in Wallace

    And Tav And Flanagan Challenging for RB

    We should be Concentrating on getting Another CB and a Consistent Centre-Forward

  4. I said after 29 minutes in the 1st leg that their left back was excellent to a mate.

    Then when I was watching him in the main stand last week I looked to my mate and we both said we had to sign the boy. For a joke and chuckle I messaged Gerrards Instagram on Friday morning to sign him haha! No reply.

    But seriously having watched this boy up close his overall technical ability was outstanding and I could not believe how explosive his speed was. He is a big boy as well so he will handle himself in this league. One thing that's glaringly obvious is our lack of threat on the left and I for one think this boy will be the next best signing for us after Mcgregor. His crossing might be just as good as Taverniers and if we can get a system with these 2 wing backs, 3 at the back and 2 strikers (Lafferty/Morelos/Sadiq) I genuinely think we are about to be unlocked.

    Aberdeen was a robbery yesterday so I can only wait to see how we do on Saturday but I think we could offer St Mirren a tanking.

    Genuinely buzzing for the season now!

    • We scouted him too Coco, as we've mentioned a few times – and we had a strange feeling this particular recommendation might be one that would bear fruit.

    • We've had accusations before of being 12 year olds, but this is ridiculous…

      Ah, to be that age again..

  5. I just thonk its a Waste given we have two solid left backs

    That 2mill could have got us a Centre Forward and a Centre Half 🤔

  6. Declan John on the way out, probably on loan to English Championship. Initially this disappointed me but if the Croat is half as good as people say (and if he stays fit) we wont miss John…

    It will also allow Flanagan to push Tav on the right hand side, and give us a more solid defensive option on the right for games where this is needed.

    Do we think he'll still sign a left sided CB?? Serious money getting spent if you think there could be a CB and ST still to arrive…

  7. New left back of quality is great. Wallace has been a great player for us but is the wrong side of 30…. means we can now include him for a deal for Lafferty which hearts seemed to be open too. Now we just need to invest in some light weight body armour and were good to go

  8. All fair points but bottom line is this is Gerrard's team. I don't care who comes or goes it's all about Gerrard managing this team and bringing class back. He is getting there slowly but surely. I am so buzzed

  9. I thought John did a decent job last year. But remember, even John said he didn't see himself as a LB and considered himself a LM. Maybe Gerrard just didnt rate him. And so far his judgement is looking sound.

    • Not exactly what he said Gav:

      "I’m quite good going forward. I’m sort of an attacking full back"

  10. Perhaps someone in the know could enlighten us to how much net spend for us this summer? The wage budget is another aspect obviously.

    I’m guesstimating £10M and the wages increased a bit.

    There’s no doubt in my mind we’re up a level or 2 on & off the park. It’s necessary spend and I’m sure it’s all sound and within our means from increased revenues.

    Changed days for Glasgow Rangers and that’s the most pleasing.

  11. As much as i am looking forward to seeing how Barisic does …
    …A Croatian Papac?? 🤔

    …I will be gutted to see DJ and Wallace Go.

    Especially Wallace!
    He Gave us Everything!
    He Stayed when no one else did!
    And over the years has been solid when called upon

    Would like to see Tav Challenging Flnagan for RB Slot and DJ doing same for Barisic 👍

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