Friday, 3 August 2018

Anti-Rangers headlines? What SPL chief REALLY said...

Craig Levein made headlines last night for calling Rangers ‘penny pinchers’ but what the headlines ignored was that it was a compliment.

The Hearts boss is in negotiations with Rangers over the sale of Kyle Lafferty, and admits Rangers are trying to get Lafferty on the cheap, which created all sorts of anti-Rangers headlines as usual, but the Tynecastle chief said it was perfectly normal and the sort of thing he does himself.

He said to the Daily Record:

“I have no problem with clubs trying to penny pinch players. I do it myself. I think that’s part of business of course and I don’t want to talk about how anyone else does their business.”

A fair, reasonable and sensible comment – why pay more when you can get for less. Whether Hearts are willing to sell for ‘buttons’ is another matter though, and Rangers may have to stump up a little more to get their man.

There has been talk of left back and former club captain Lee Wallace being used as a makeweight, with speculation linking Lee Hodson to that role as well, but as yet there is no further movement.

Except the arrival of a new pint-sized Lafferty. Congratulations to mother and father, incidentally.


  1. Levein is a class A prick, he will end up selling Lafferty for £150k to another club down south, as soon as its us the price goes up tenfold, he sings from the same hymn sheet as that rat Stubbs

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if the solution to our search for a left sided defender isn't big Lee.

  3. Id Rather We Used
    Hodson, Halliday, Dodoo etc as a Makeweight for The Deal Rather than Wallace.

    Would definitely not pay £1m for Laff
    Would maybe go 600k tops
    Or 500k with a Player Included

    Levein & Clarke are AssHats
    Stubbs is a Knobhead

    The only other decent and Respectable manager in SPL is probably
    S.Robinson at Motherwell 👍

  4. Good thing is the babe will sing the sash pretty well.

  5. no he wont lafferty wont go anywhere else but rangers

  6. Levein back peddled. He’s an emotional arsehole and Big huffy wean. Ay has been and ay will be.

  7. Hearts want top buck for KL they want near to a million just like JW what hearts big problem is you should never sell a player that could come back and hurt you that is the reason CL has and if not then he is not doing his job right pay the money they want and get him.

  8. If they pay a mill for him, that would be 800k, too much. Levein should be told straight, two can play those games. Mark Allen, should be telling him to get real. We let too many teams, take the piss, last season.


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