Sunday, 19 August 2018

"A title winning Rangers again" - how Stevie Ger gave us our club back

It’s hard not to get carried away now. Nine competitive matches into Steven Gerrard’s Rangers regime and there is increasingly less doubt that this is Our Rangers again.

Six successful legs in Europe, and three domestic matches gone, and more and more Gerrard and his men look the real deal.

Kilmarnock is one of the toughest away locations to travel to in Scotland – Steve Clarke’s excellent motivational and organisational skills have turned that club around, and the plastic pitch makes visiting teams shift out of their comfort zone.

Rangers struggled at Rugby Park last season – even against Lee McCulloch’s Killie. Steven Gerrard’s men looked a class above their hosts and honoured the shirt in the way we expect our men in blue to do.

It  was certainly the most physical match so far, with plenty of tough tackling and ‘challenges’ thrown in (from both sides) but the difference between Gerrard and his predecessors is this is a Rangers who cannot be bullied any more, a physical and strong team capable of dealing with the rigour of the SPL in the manner of a proper Rangers side, rather than the absolute pansies we’ve suffered the past seven years.

In one appointment and sweeping personnel changes, Rangers seem to have fixed overnight the pathetic regimes which blighted this club, and given us a Walter-esque side right back.

From the robust defence (which did suffer a few vulnerabilities today on a surface Connor Goldson and Borna Barisic clearly disliked) to the physical and hard working defence to an attack which is scoring freely and seeing Alfredo Morelos back to his best, this is 100% the kind of Rangers us older Bears are familiar with.

Yours truly and everyone on Ibrox Noise and beyond are seeing the Rangers we remember from the good old days – a commanding and strong Rangers team who are striking fear into opponents again. And the level of rise in standard has been staggering – in one appointment Steven Gerrard has converted a soft, feeble and weak Rangers into a big, strong, quick and energetic one.

We will run out of superlatives at this rate, but we have to applaud the gamble of this appointment. It was a huge risk but my God it’s working out better than we could ever have dreamed of.

The season is young, but this is a title-winning level Rangers again.

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