Friday, 3 August 2018

500,000 reasons Rangers can do more business...

With Rangers’ confirmed passage to the third round of the Europa League to face Slovenians Maribor, the most quickly-forgotten bonus of making yet another stage of this competition is the increased funds it generates.

Lest we forget, the first round secured us 240,000 Euros – so now the second round being negotiated has instantly doubled that and Rangers have clinched half a million so far.

Beat Maribor (starting to look feasible) and that becomes over 750,000 Euros – suddenly Rangers are earning serious cash with plenty more to go if this current steely run of form can continue.

Naturally, we wish to wait to Sunday and the premiere of the Premier League at Pittodrie before we can put any further judgement on this Rangers team’s chances this season, but in Europe it is currently delivering, no question.

Steven Gerrard seems to be getting the knack of continental competition from the technical area despite never having played in it as a player, and each round of qualifying his Rangers team can negotiate is another injection into the coffers with still time left in the transfer window to do business.

It’s half a million guaranteed – enough to clinch Kyle Lafferty at least.

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