10 things we learned about Our Rangers at Pittodrie


As the dust settles on another incredible 90 minutes in the life of Rangers Football Club, there are no ends of talking points to take away from Pittodrie.

Ibrox Noise will go through the main ones:

1: This was the litmus test for Rangers – after a disastrous opener v Hamilton (2016) and Motherwell last year, the pressure was on to see if Steven Gerrard could begin life in the SPL to any better reward; and while the end result was only a point, it was a daylight robbery of one. Rangers fans can be proud of their team and while there were questions about selection choices at the announcement of the XI, almost every shirt did himself justice and this Rangers team played like a Rangers team for the first time in domestic football since 2011.

2: We’ve been brutal on James Tavernier recently – harassing him on defending constantly. He’s responded to us with a middle finger and his best display as a Rangers player. Positionally spot on, leading by example, this was a tight, disciplined display which shows that when he actually pays attention to his role rather than gallivanting off to attack all the time, he is a genuine asset.

3: The refereeing in this match was… frankly diabolical. Kevin Clancy had a mare reminiscent of the great Iain Brines, and simply ignored the rule book in not sending off Dominic Ball. Rangers had to fight 13 men today – Aberdeen, the crowd and the referee. And came within a couple of minutes of one of the most incredible wins we can remember in the face of it.

4: We still cannot fathom why Josh Windass is being wasted on the right. He put in a decent enough shift, and worked hard for his team, but he’s just not suited to either flank in a 4-3-3. Surely Steven Gerrard can see this?

5: Fans are divided over Alfredo Morelos. Some think he gave the referee a decision, others say it was harsh. We’re kind of on both sides – while there was minimal contact if any, he did kick out and if that is spotted, it’s a red. Yes, worse stuff happened in this match that didn’t get punished, but that’s down to incompetent officiating rather than anything defending Morelos. His attitude and petulance remain an issue, and while he was clearly provoked, he took the bait hook line and sinker. Rangers will likely appeal though and we should still have him for St Mirren. Lose, and we may not have him for Celtic.

6: Defence had its first SPL test and mostly did very, very well. It made a pig’s ear of the goal – James Tavernier was outmuscled and Connor Goldson’s lunge to block was weak – it’s just a shame the one real defensive error in this match led to the only shot Aberdeen had, and it stole a point. We have to take the positives otherwise.

7: Ryan Jack has grown in the past three matches to from his divisive old self to a universally loved player – it’s taken him a long, LONG time to hit rhythm in this shirt, but now he has, and he is finally delivering. SG could clearly see in him what some of us on Ibrox Noise (and in the support) couldn’t and the lad is stepping up. And we’re delighted to witness it.

8: The level of assaults against Rangers players has gone from disgraceful to criminal. From the rubbish on Nathan Oduwa all those years ago, to Cardoso’s broken nose, to Kipre’s season-ending assault on Jack, to yesterday’s latest malevolency, this stuff would see charges if it happened on the street. We accept the SPL is a tough physical league, but Rangers matched this yet still get assaulted? It’s not on.

9: While our fans provided ample support for the players, and did the club well in terms of gusto, their behaviour in throwing coins and litter on the pitch wasn’t acceptable. The banned songs too need cut out. We don’t like criticising the fans at the ground, but this stuff needs canned.

10: The general nastiness in this fixture was probably even more toxic, despite the pre-match calming by Gerrard and the niceties from McInnes earlier in the year. There is a real vicious poison in this fixture we don’t even see in the Old Firm. When fans cheer players in clear distress, there’s a problem.

We missed out a tonne. What ones did you see?


  1. D Mc's sky interview he did not even believe they deserved a point and was rambling on but
    I bet he as a sickening feel today?

  2. Good summary I.N,cant fault it👍
    Mcinnes face was a picture he didnt know what to do with this class Rangers side😂
    Stevies post match interview was awesome😎
    We still had a sub to make i would have used it to kill time at the end bring on Candeias we would've had the 3 points🤔,something for Stevie to think about

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. I cannot deny that the ref was harsh, on Alfredo. However, I blame Connor Goldson, fully for losing us the game. He and Katic defended great for 86 mins or so, then he loses concentration with two or three minutes max to go, gets made a fool out of, by a youngster because of not deciding which way to go, left or right and the young boy got past him and banged a goal in. We had the game won. All we had to do, was fall back and defend deep, but oh no. Connor loses his concentration and cost us two points. Teams scoring against us at the death, is happening too much. It happened last season and is carrying on, this one. If it happens again, i'll be calling it a disturbing trend. Refs are ALWAYS biased against us, what's new. But Connor and Connor alone, cost us the game. He knew it cos he flopped to the floor, trying to justify his bad decision. As per usual, we are un-lucky, while Aberdeen gets a point, instead of a well-deserved beating. Celtic stroll on after the first games, two points clear. In a season, where every point counts.

    • Utterly ridiculous post. 86 minutes with 10 men, 39% possession and you want to blame Goldson?

      You’re everything that’s wrong with our support. We are progressing, getting better than we have been for 6 years so let’s ackbowledge that instead of finding scapegoats especially when your scapegoat has probably been our outstanding performer this season.

    • What's your problem? This is a forum and i'm entitled, to an opinion. In my opinin, YOU are what's WRONG with our support. Blind faith in a loser. I resent your comment. You're a disgrace. I never said we weren't getting better, did I. We still have faults though and Goldson DID cost us the game. So wind your neck in on my comments.

    • Agree with Wilkins. By your own words Goldson defended great for 86 minutes ( it was 93 actually) but a momentary lapse and he's a loser. That doesn't make him a loser and he has been one of our better performers so far. Even the best defenders in the world have lapses. And I don't even agree that it was his fault. True he appeared to make some kind of weird movement to get out of the way but that's not what caused the goal. You can trace that back to a poor clearance out of defence, or not having a man up front to fight for the ball, or Coulibally not being strong enough in the air, or Tavernier being easily wrong footed by a dummy run.

    • My problem Joe is you’ve gone way over the top with your criticism of Goldson and negativity.
      I’m sure you understand that.
      Robrob57 is correct- there were multiple areas where the goal could have been avoided. To be fair, that is probably the case with any goal scored in any game by any team.
      I’ll repeat – Goldson has been a top performer since he arrived.

  4. Good article except Goldson didn't try to block the ball. For some reason he cost us the game by trying to jump out the way of it! Had he stayed upright and put his legg out we would have had 3 points!

  5. I wish bears would stop raving about players and performances where they work hard. That’s a given.

    They must do that every time. What they need to do is show quality on the ball, take & keep the ball in tight situations, move the opposition around and fill spaces with runners. Take scoring opportunities.

    V the sheep we worked hard only. Not good enough. Magnificent my arse, this is Glasgow Rangers mind.

  6. Considering we played with ten men virtually the whole game…this WAS a great performance from Rangers….dont think the referee was even close to balancing things,he made more than one really bad decision and it was against Rangers..

  7. 1. The Performance as Stevie G Said was ….Magnificent!
    We were Cheated out of the 3pts

    2. If only he would perform like this consistently 👍

    3. Clancy was an Absolute Disgrace!
    He should be Demoted to Local Sunday League Football!
    But come on lets face it, they were never gonna let us win Stevies First SPL match 👊

    4. And Why Drop Candeias also? 🤔

    5. If we get an Offer of around £4m …
    Sell! Sell! Sell!
    Although I do think the Red was Harsh

    6. 👍

    7. Absolutely Buzzin with RJ's Performances of Late!
    Finally showing why it was worth it to bring him from Aberdeen!
    …Gotta be an Automatic Starter(outwith Injury)

    8. Agreed but dont see it changing anytime soon 😕

    9. Its a very small minority ruining it for the other 47,500 who Regularly attend Home Matches

    10. I Hope in the next match Jack does a Neil Simpson to one of their Players! …See how they like it!
    …Sheepshagging P****s

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