Why is Greg Docherty leaving Rangers?


As we reported earlier, the story about Greg Docherty’s rumoured exit
is in fact true, and the former Hamilton man has reportedly requested to leave for game time on loan, something manager Steven Gerrard has granted.

There are a lot of ways of interpreting this news. Ibrox Noise regulars will know we rate the lad highly, high enough in fact we saw him as a future Rangers captain and Scotland international. While still having development ahead of him, his performances generally had been excellent, until he lost his sparring partner Sean Goss and got weighed down by the out-of-position Graham Dorran. So for us, on that level, Gerrard’s evident decision to exclude Docherty from team affairs is disappointing.

On the other hand, Docherty himself is showing the dignity and class of a true Ranger – rather than sitting around collecting his wages, he has shown initiative and requested a loan move out so he can continue to develop. This is the kind of attitude we expect at Ibrox, rather than less honourable individuals content to pick up a wage.

Plus if we think about loans, that’s exactly what was the making of Allan McGregor – his time away from Ibrox let him grow into the best goalkeeper the SPL has had since Andy Goram. But McGregor was never in favour before this in Govan, he simply seized his chance once Lionel Letizi (remember him) was exposed as horrific.

So it does beg the question of just what it is that managers have suddenly stopped seeing in Docherty that was clearly on display from late January till the Old Firm 2-3.

A number of fans have justified his exclusion, suggesting he needs to develop, and yet seem to have no issue with similarly aged Ross McCrorie and Alfredo Morelos remaining in the team on that basis. Indeed, the only complaint has been about form and in some cases attitude – no one appears to have a ‘needs development’ argument about these two, only Docherty. Why?

We are not wholly sure Docherty has been given a fair crack of the whip. He played great for about eight weeks, then was ditched. Did something happen at Hampden beyond that altercation in the circle to suggest why Alfredo Morelos remains a player but Docherty lost his place completely?

Whatever the cause, Docherty gets our respect. He didn’t complain, he got on with it, and put on a dignified face while working hard in training.

For whatever reason that wasn’t enough for Steven Gerrard who is happy to send him out on loan.

Maybe we see more in Docherty than others do, but the overriding response from fans about this is how can Andy Halliday come on in defensive midfield ahead of Docherty?

And that, with no disrespect meant to Halliday, rather sums up our confusion.



  1. Why do I have a feeling of disappointment?

    Murty did say he didn't play in a disciplined manner and was wandering about the park too often.

    What about Tavernier still wandering up the park and leaving us vulnerable to counter attacks, and costing us goals or panic.

    I wish him well and hope that whoever gets the 21-year-old – plays him every week.

    Hopefully his full wages will be paid by the loan club!

  2. Like you, I cannot understand how anybody can see Halliday as a better CDM than Docherty.
    Could be something else in it. Don't know. Haste ye back, Greg

  3. Halliday Windass Morelos Cardoso Hodson should all be moved out permanently I am disappointed that Docherty is being put out on loan a lot of fans point to other players who have been loaned out and say it makes them a better player tell Ryan Hardie that, the boy has had more loans than a provie cheque agent

  4. Without Tavernier "wandering up the park" we would have scored about 30 less goals last season and finished 6th

  5. Can't believe its not Halliday on the way out, I think this is a HUGE mistake and really disappointed that Greg isn't draining Gerrard in training his development is better served at Rangers.

  6. Gutted. Stood out against us as many often do and I thought with SG influence he would have become a regular. Think there must be something more in it. Good luck to the boy but I hope it’s a genuine loan with a view to playing for again in the near future

  7. I have to admit, this one does come as a surprise to me. But I think you're right, he's showing the ambition to say, "I need games, I want games." If he does head out, I hope he does well and makes Stevie G take note. I'm wondering if maybe Gerrard has another potential recruit he's got in mind? Obviously I have no clue if that's the case, but maybe given light of recent showing against Shkupi, the gaffer is planning on bringing in a couple more attackers, maybe one more mid and I think we almost definitely should be in the market for at least one more forward.

    I'm just spitballing here. I could be completely wrong lol.

  8. As in says something else has happen to knock this lad that we are not privey to i truely hope Docherty comes back a better better stronger wiser 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. Look at what we have competing for places in midfield — Arfield, Jack, McCrorie, Rossiter, Coulibaly… Docherty is way down the pecking order right now.

  10. Fact is that we have too many options in the defensive midfield area. I think Docherty's been told that as things stand he's behind McCrorie, Rossiter, Jack and Lassan Coulibaly. It makes no sense at his age to sit on the bench for a season only making cameo appearances every few weeks.
    I'm sure a lot of us are as disappointed as he is but he's got the talent and the desire to go out for the season, play football, further increase his experience and come back to properly challenge for a place.
    I'm sure we've not seen the last of Greg Docherty.
    As for Halliday I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave before the season starts but if he stays it's likely to be because of his versatility. He can fit into left back, left midfield, central defensive or attacking midfield. I doubt he'll start many games but to have a back up for so many positions in one player could be useful.

  11. Only Two Words are Necessary for the Whole GD Situation …

    Big Mistake!!

    Now I would have thought that Gerrard would be the Perfect Teacher for GD and could Scope GD to be similar to how he was as a Player 🤔

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