Who holds blame for Ibrox embarrassment?

Who holds blame for Ibrox embarrassment?

We must admit some chagrin here at Ibrox Noise Towers. As readers will know we recently covered the loss of circa £3M as a result of writing off Fabio Cardoso and Bruno Alves’ deals.

In Alves case he had a move lined up to Parma, and the club knew this in advance. The fact Rangers wasted around £1M on him plus likely paid off his deal to an extent is only part of the disappointment, but he was 36 and a transfer free would have been modest at best, but the developments of the past 24 hours with regards his younger compatriot frankly grinds our ears.

Cardoso knew he had no future at Ibrox. He had been a disaster of a signing, and manager Steven Gerrard told him his playing time would be ‘limited’ – aka a polite way of saying he wouldn’t be playing under the new boss.

Estoril were linked with a move in January for the 24-year old, but nothing materialised, and his three-year contract ran on at the time for another two and a half seasons.

Fast forward to yesterday – Cardoso confirmed as departed by mutual consent, Rangers having failed to find a buyer for him over the course of six months. In short, Rangers gave up on getting any kind of cash for him.

And yet… barely 12 hours after the announcement, Cardoso signs a four year deal with some Portuguese mob.

Anyone else see anything a bit dodgy with this?

Rangers lose out on the £1.3M we paid Vitoria De Setubal, and Santa Clara get him for free without having to pay us a transfer fee, following months of Rangers’ board and the player’s agent apparently failing to find a new club for the defender?

Plus the added likelihood Cardoso gets, as a Bosman, a fat signing on fee from Santa Clara, a nice pay off from Rangers, and a plum four year deal into the bargain back home.

There is no denying he and his agent played a blinder here, but we have to deeply question the competence of those who allowed this to happen.

Added onto the absolute shambles of the Sports Direct embarrassment and we’re wondering why, for all that is good with the transfer window and on-pitch business, why off it Rangers still appear to be incredibly poorly managed.


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  1. We didnt pay him off, we let that wee newly promoted portugeezer team have him for free (good for them), he got a long contract (good for him) & we didnt have to pay his wages for next 2 1/2 years (good for us).

    Its a win/win/win scenario.

    • someone talking sense? what business do you have here????

      jokes aside surely this is the case. Say his wages are £1,000,000 over 2 years and we presuming we didn't have to pay him off as "mutual consent" would suggest then this is a decent bit of business. We get shot and don't have to pay him anymore and He gets to play football and not sit in the reserves stagnating as a player

  2. I think it's easy to jump to conclusions. Without knowing if there was a pat off or not. It might just of been getting him off wage bill. Portugese football is skint in the same way Scotland is. Santa Clara probably couldn't of afforded a fee and his wage demands. Possible Cardoso just asked to be released with no compo. Sure we didn't get a fee but saved on his wages. On sports direct I have no idea who cocked up where but seems someone (Robertson?) Jumped the gun. Cashley strikes again and seems to have ensnared us on another deal. Disappointing. I for one wanted the new strips but will again be boycotting Sports Direct. Gutted as I love the new strip.

  3. I have to agree that this represents an astonishingly poor bit of business by Rangers. While I absolutely agree that Cardosa’s time was up at Rangers – he is not a bad player – just not suited to the Scottish game and the demands of a big club. It is surely inconceivable that No European team would have paid a single penny for his services. Sadly it is the latest episode in a long line of poor transfer decisions which have wasted resources that we do not have. Pedro making it known that wee Barry was for sale on the cheap at a time when his stock was high, not talking up O’Halloran for the benefit of potential suitors when he was sitting as the league’s top scorer, Waghorn for 250,000 now going for 7 million. Even paying compensation to bring Pedro to the club. No doubt we’ll get nothing for Pena and Herrera either. Let’s hope this is a thing of the past and that this is the last time we need a wholesale clear out, and in future transfer windows we can add one or two 2 – 4 million players to the nucleus of the squad to take us to the next level.

  4. Clearly the board are responsible as they hired Pedro ( can't still believe that really ) and gave him money to spend…

    This is the only way forward with players like this if you can't get a fee then get agreement to stop paying them and let him and the club move on. Its wrong to assume Cardoso got paid off by Rangers. The other option is for him to hang around for 2 years getting paid…not a good idea.

    Anyway he and Alves are off the books…and good bye.

  5. Is it possible that too many of the board are pretty clueless at deciding anything correctly – except? It is starting to look as if bringing Stevie G and his wonderful backroom team to Ibrox, is one of the things that did get right.

    If Rangers get a real quality left-sided centre half and forward that they seek, we will definitely be able to mount a proper challenge to Celtic this year and possibly win a cup. Winning the league might be a step too far this season, due to the very poor budget the management have to play with.

    It is far from an even financial playing field and this is the root of the problem facing Gerrard.

    He is doing everything in his power to overcome the problem with tactics, fitness etc, but it might just fall short of snatching the title away.

  6. To be fair to the board, they brought in a manager who in hindsight was a mistake. But they then backed him, as they had to. It didn't wirk because it was the wrong manager.
    But they tried, they rolled the dice, and they got it wrong. Blame is in not trying. Can't blame them for failing.
    Hopefully, they have got it right, or righter, this time.
    We will have a better idea come Christmas

  7. getting pena must be the worst of the lot.
    pedro really messed up there-pathetic appointment really.

    im glad therw will be more rangers fans at hone games-we will
    make more in food,programme sales etc.

    I hope we get big kyle – hes 'ready' now.

    • Last season has just been an expensive mistake and now we must get shot of all the dead wood to pay the new guys wages simple

      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Lets be totally honest here

    Everything about the club since Dave King took over has been amateurish to say the least

    We can not keep giving him the benefit of the doubt he has promised so much and delivered so little
    And all this Its not my fault its Tax People picking on me – its Mike Ashley – its the big boy down the street
    We have to start calling him to account AND SOON

  9. The big issue here is the farce over the merchandising deal.

    King boasted he had for rid of Ashley, yet Ashley is not only still here but we owe him money.

    King is not good for the club, it's a pitty he has so many people fooled. It's like Trump.

    • We don't owe Ashely anything…Agree someone should have scrutinised the agreement …so we boycott again

    • Never ever agreed with anything you’ve said.. I’m not going to start now you’ve never been a supporter of King we all know that but that’s your choice..

      Funny how you always put other supporters down by saying we’ve all been fooled – or not clever enough.. Yet you can’t back it up with who you’d have in his place either!

      Funny how Murray walked not long after but hey ho we won’t point fingers at him either. Bottom line we’ve a better deal than one we had beforehand period.. Also you’ve a short fucking memory with those bastards before the 4 Bears took over…

      Have a nice day

    • No. We have broke out of the old deal with sports direct. Mission accomplished. The new thing is about who’s selling it from now on and it won’t be sports direct only. At the end of the day they are the only big sports retailer left in the uk so we still have to work with them… there’s not much choice unless we set up our own shops which atm would be far too costly

    • BillB do we bollocks boycott again..If supporters & fans boycott the best 3 tops in a decade or so then we’re cutting the Clubs throat ffs!!

      You buy the tops from Rangers direct or from Hummel themselves if you don’t want to touch SD.. I detest MA with a vengeance and all those that supported him and still do within the ranks..

      I’m buying the tops fuck yer boycott 🔴⚪️🔵👊🏼

    • Never apologise BillB you’re just passionate about your Club… Good news you’re buying the tops 🔴⚪️🔵👌🏼

  10. Everything about the Club the last few years is amateurish and embarrassing now.

    This latest spat with Mike Ashley just defies belief Dave Kings words were its over we have got rid of the contract buy the strips we are free to make money
    Since then its cost us 500.000 we had to pay SPD AND NOW 500.00 IN Legal fees
    As a Gers fan i dont believe a word our Chairman Says so how do we expect supporters of other clubs to believe him??
    I actually feel embarrassed at time to be a gers supporter years ago our reputation was second to none
    NOW !!
    I really do think its time for the fans to start calling him to account we have given him and easy ride for far to long as has fans groups like the SOS and not to be disrespectful the IN has rarely questioned him.
    I wish for a strong leader with professional pride in the Club DK not the man

  11. disagree Richard, tehre will be no 'prpoer challenge' to Celtic this season. Celtic simply have too much power , pace and ability. And will probably add to what they already have

    • It’s not down to Celtic but what we do. If we had won those 7 games we dropped points at at ibrox last season we would have won the league. And that’s with losing all the old firm games. I’d happily lose next season old firm games 10:0 and win the league. We don’t need to catch Celtic just be better than everyone else and beat them week in week out

    • Stuart Bowman SWH & Robbie are the ones that I respect on here the most. As there is good reason and sense behind the the comments they post…Rangers can win the SPFL ugly by losing to the Dirt for all I care ( rather we don’t but ) the title is paramount not bragging after a OF

    • Good comments Billy as you and I have both said without David King and the 3 Bears we would goosed…Well said

    • BillB I’ll always back the 4 Bears against those that went before them mate! E-Chef has never backed up any of his waffling either in polite terms he’s a gobshite..

      BillB the deal Rangers has got from SD is the same as the one from JD – so not buying the tops would hurt Rangers and Hummel severely. I’m sure you don’t want that? I hate MA but we must buy the Clubs tops without failure BillB…

  12. I am totally astounded and gutted that this Court Ruling once again allows the Fat Twat Ashley to have any say over my beloved club. I respect Mr David King immensely and for what he and the three bears and his other supports have done to get us free from those charlatans and thieves who where taking us to complete destruction lets not be kidded that was the potential outcome, had they not stepped in and took control. The deal that we allegedly had settled with Ashley should have been completely scrutinised before we went public with any move forward to sell the strips. This was not done I have to blame Stuart Robertson so he will answer to myself and other fellow shareholders come the next AGM where the question of Ashely will again have to be discussed and explained. Its every turn we make there is a trap or some ill conceived hatred and ulterior motive at every corner. It hurts !!!!! and makes all of us so mad and frustrated. If the final deal is that Ashley sells the strips we will again have to boycott 100%% I implore everyone to do so please .. He deserves nothing from us !! and Hummel will want their money back too so we will have to deal with that . As far as Caxhinha Cardoso Alves Warburton et all . Its all very sickening, bad decisions by the wrong people who will once again be scrutinise by Shareholders but we have to move forward … If we win the league only the once in the next 2/3 years we will all forget it and revel in looking at the Rotten Mob Demise and putting them in their place WATP .. THEY and they know who they are will never defeat or bring us down No Surrender Forever !!!!

    • I agree 100%. King backed, reluctantly, the Breadman, we now know. He had just won promotion and screwed us. Pedro was recommended by Mendes as was Warburton by Weir. Two Ibrox legends. King has certainly put his money where his mouth is. But certain authorities in Scotland have put knife into Rangers. There was no need for tax case. Who actually made decision? We have never been told. The takeover panel is a joke. Technically they may be correct but who would sell to King at 20p when they could have received twice as much in open market. It does look as if Robertson has blame re Ashley but he will have taken legal advice. Lawyers cannot be trusted. Just look at Donald Finlay. Loves Rangers but takes shilling to defend Craig Whyte.

  13. I’d highly doubt that his new club could afford to buy him, and no one at the club has said if he was given any money to leave. No doubt they knew he was moving to another club and they agreed to let him go for free… just the same as I’d have expected with alves

  14. Waghorn and McKay going for sweets. Fat bastard still trolling us. More steel needed off the park. Administration a complete shambles. Robertson to go shortly?

    • Her name's Arlene Foster fyi, and yes she would fit in well with the current criminals on our board. She was head of the Finance department in 'Norn Iron' during the whole RHI scheme, which went over buget by about 700million. It brought down the power-sharing assembly because she accepted to accept responsibility for anything. So yes, she would fit in very well amongst the utter incompetents on our board. They cannot even read a fucking contract before signing it for fucks sake, absolute fucking embarassment!

  15. At The end of the Day the Reaponsibilty falls to Dave King and Stewart Robertson! 😬

    Also wish Ashley wud Fk Off!

  16. Who holds blame for Ibrox embarrassment?the sad fact is there is not one person to blame what happened and some things are still ongoing we are trying hard to run before we can walk,spending money on players without doing some home work first what we have in now lets go with,and we where paying big bucks in wages for older big names in there day but over the hill when we got them,we can not keep doing this year after year it must stop now just think if SG has the same season as those before him then what will we want new manager and a new team again,it is time now to keep what we have for two or three seasons no matter where we end up,i wish SG and all the players the very best of luck for the new season so let it begin and let us enjoy.

  17. Will wait to see what shirt deal we end up with before making a decision. Not for giving Fat man any cash, but you never know, there may be a fair deal this time.
    What I would love is SD paying us up front for the right to stics the shirts, Then we don't buy any. Win-win

  18. I had a bit of a rant over this article, on reflection i removed them. The one thing that most of us would agreee on is that we cannot let this derail our season, it has'nt helped us the last couple of years this negativity.The only ones who benefit is our closest rivals. win the league the rest will sort itself out.

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