“We’re only happy when we’re moaning”


If feedback on recent Ibrox Noise articles is anything to go by, we’re a grumpy old bunch at IN Towers.

The overriding consensus from those who have been unhappy with the output is we’ve just been too negative. And it is true – following such a poor display, we have felt our optimism dwindle a little bit.

Bear in mind, the past month and a half this site has been 99% positive, praising recruitment and the appointment of Steven Gerrard, but we always urged caution about his merits for the role.

And that is still a reasonable position to take – to not blindly expect brilliance but to be aware a risky appointment is exactly that.

Our problem of late is that us Rangers fans are a demanding lot – reaction to last night’s display was emotional meltdown from half of the support, with the other half just happy we were through.

We count ourselves in between – we are truly delighted to be in the second qualifying round, and there were positives from the display on Tuesday, particularly in defence and with Ovie Ejaria’s cameo, but the overall quality of the performance was lacking.

Perhaps we have emphasised that side too much, and not looked at the outstanding Allan McGregor enough, or indeed the three in front of him in Flanagan, Katic and Goldson which looks a truly immaculate defensive trio, albeit tougher tasks lie ahead.

We take this point entirely – we are in the second round, our defence is looking the best it has for years and there are surely still great signings to come.

We are also very excited for both Coulibaly and Sadiq who could be absolutely huge upgrades to what we have.

But we also have to be wary that many of the glaring shortcomings from last season remain ever present. The lack of quality in midfield and attack was significant – while we have a pile of decent engine room men, it isn’t translating into dominant central displays yet, and attack is patently poor.

We struggled against a very, very weak team, and while it’s still early in the season, a touch of research would also show that our opponents Shkupi are a team in transition themselves – following a recent takeover, they’re rebuilding their entire squad not unlike us, so that puts some context into both teams’ displays.

Of course, there is theoretically plenty of time to work on the things that don’t work – but time is not something liberally allocated at Ibrox.

So many responses we have are ‘why won’t you just support and give them time?’ – the truth is there will be outrage, rightly or wrongly, from a large portion of the support if come October we are pretty much where we were last season. If we find ourselves in third or worse.

What we do pin our hopes on is the new signings – we are truly impressed by at least five of them, and we can argue Glenn Middleton is technically a sixth. If we build around that, see Sadiq and Coulibali integrate well too, and compliment them with further quality additions, and utilise it all correctly, the future bodes well.

But both scenarios are ifs and buts.

We can’t predict the future, and despite the slow and unconvincing start there is plenty scope for things to turn round. After all, the defence wasn’t overly great for the first leg and in one week that seemed to get heartily resolved. So there’s plenty slack for improvement elsewhere.

But our manager has to learn quick on the job – the man is a legend, but this is Rangers and he will struggle if he keeps playing Windass as a right winger, Candeias as a 10 and Morelos at all.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months these little kinks will get ironed out and your chums at Ibrox Noise stop whining.


  1. Brilliant piece here. We all know that we're gonna have to roll up our sleeves and put in a shift to get this team back where they belong. Passion is a good thing, it shows that you care about the state of the club and its direction going forward. We have a rookie gaffer with a legendary playing pedigree. While that alone doesn't mean everything will just work out, I sense an absolute desire from the manager that previous regimes just didn't show. Warburton and Pedro had one system and they were going to make it work come hell or high water, and it lead to many underwhelming if not utterly frustrating performances, I'm sure none of us wants to relive any of that, but we know full well the stakes here. And I think, finally, we have a gaffer (albeit new to the job) that understands the stakes here as well.

    Criticism is something we as fans can never shy away from when we see things that don't appear to be working, and as I can't predict the future, IN could very well be proved to be right on the money when everything is done and dusted, but I don't think any of us wants that, to be fair.

    One thing is for certain, no matter anyone's opinion of the new look side in these early days, I think we're all in agreement that we hope Stevie G can right the ship and plot a course for calmer, sunnier, seas.

    Never ever lose your edge guys, as I genuinely enjoy reading what you have to say! I've been a loyal reader for quite some time now and do appreciate seeing things from a different perspective than my own. That said, it's pure class that you don't just open the comments to have them there, but rather you interact with them on a meaningful level. I think we all enjoy that aspect of IN. After all, we all want the same thing. A successful Rangers that is no longer willing to be bullied about the park.

    • Appreciate your kind words Mark. There were too many of them to address all your points but we do thank you.

  2. Mabye gerrard could get himself fit and lead by examle,why not! could imagine the lift the players would get even if it were selected games, bruno and big clint managed it. SEP 2ND gerrard leads gers out at the anti fresh arena and 50,000 bears pack into the big hoose. time to put the pipe doon.

  3. True RANGERS men call it as it is and keep pushing out the articles 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. its fairly possible we will not win a trophy this season, can the gaffer last if he dosn't? if celtic keep twa o there better players it will be a struggle.

  5. I read your articles because most of the time they are what I’m thinking myself, it enables an opportunity to have a say on matters relating to the club I love. Like anything you care deeply about you only want the best, in Rangers case we have high standards and rightly so, yes I’m a realist and I know winning the title isn’t going to happen with a new manger and squad of new players, as we’ve had for the last 3-4 years but I do expect to see improvements year on year. My point is if there are things clearly not right, Morelos, Windass, Tav’s defending, Murphy, Candeais off form etc surely we have a right to voice our concerns, and just because we do it doesn’t mean we are being negative or Celtic fans. Keep up the good work IN.

  6. You know, good article, if someone would of said Your in 2nd round of qualifying not conceded a goal and scored 8 before a ball was kicked in the SPL(Not including tns as a closed door game) I'd of bitten a hand or two off. We've been through the mill a bit, to say the least. So are desperate for results. Fair. Morelos will come good if played next to someone.Stevie Ger did his job, he got us past a dificult tie with a team haunted by Progres.Getting through that and coming away from any eastern European country with a result was good enough. Next round seems to be a bit simpler regardless of opposition. So to round three we hope and maybe if the draw is kind we miss a big European club dropping in. Roll on the the season…#Let's Go

    • You seem to be dismissing the Croatians in the second round. Did you not watch the World Cup. Did you not watch our performances against Shkupi?

  7. You highlighted it yourself in another article yesterday, apart from the back 4 of Flanagan, Katic, Goldson and MacGregor the rest of the team was the same team that were beat this time last season. so until this changes we will struggle. Not only is it the same midfield and forwards we are now playing them out of position which is clearly not helping.

    We missed Arfield.

    More additions on the way i think so we can replace 50% of the midfield and forwards and that will improve us.

  8. Its all good banter here you must tell it as you see it right or wrong 🇬🇧
    Yes theres a lot of work to do tweeking here and there but the gaffer is no mug he'll get it sorted no doubt
    He must be given full backing time and patience,remember this a 4 year deal,he is no looser hes a winner of the highest level lets no forget this
    Stay calm people it will only get better🇬🇧
    No moaning here😉

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. This is a much more balanced article, and I would agree whole-heartedly that our midfield (despite the number of options that we have there) has not quite clicked. However, I still think more slack needs to be given to the forward players. We are two games in. We struggled in front of goal at this stage last year and went on to become top scorers. Plus the manager has to take responsibility for playing guys out of position. What I will say is that the sooner Morelos has some real competition in the form of Sadiq, the better.

  10. ,are a great barometer of all things Rangers and we respect, what you do. I believe that high expectations, lead to better standards. But I also believe, we have to be realistic. After what has happened to our club, we do need to lower our expectations, at least for the forthcoming season. I also felt that last season, Hibs played better football than us and deserved, to finish above us. Aberdeen didn't play great and losing 2nd place to them, stung badly. So we were not the only, disappointed ones. Finishing second and at least one piece of silverware, would satisfy me. We WILL get back to winning ways, just not this season. But we don't help ourselves, keeping on a striker, (Morelos) who is goal-allergic and is not worthy of the jersey. I also have issues, with Windass, but hope, his ball-greedy/showboating attitude, changes. ATM, he is just NOT, a team player. Keep doing what you do, Ibrox Noise.

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