The possible return of Kyle Lafferty

The possible return of Kyle Lafferty

After last summer where Pedro Caixinha ‘knew better’ and didn’t follow up then-freed and former Norwich striker Kyle Lafferty’s ‘come and get me’ plea, it appears Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has learned the lesson and following the former Rangers striker’s outstanding season at Tynecastle/Murrayfield last campaign has made acquiring the Northern Ireland international a priority.

Lafferty was stellar in the league – showing he’s ‘still got it’ the forward racked up the goals for Hearts, the now 30-year old striker was something of a wasted opportunity at Ibrox first time around.

Frequently played as a left winger, even then-assistant Ally McCoist admitted it hadn’t been fair on the goalscorer, who by nature is not overly creative, and most certainly is a finisher.

And Hearts have enjoyed the benefits of this last season, where his goals certainly helped them to a solid fifth place finish, as joint third-top scorer in the SPL.

Reports have emerged according to STV that Rangers have tested the water with the Gorgie side, submitting a £200,000 bid for Lafferty to indicate interest.

Naturally he is clearly worth more than this, but Rangers want him and we know he’s one of us.

And that is the wisdom of Steven Gerrard making this move – by signing another player who truly knows what it’s all about, who is truly one of us through and through, he brings back more blue blood to the club, and fills it with players who not only are Rangers fans, but who have won titles and enjoyed success at Ibrox.

The signing of Allan McGregor already looks like possibly the most astute capture since 2012, and bringing in someone else who is clearly capable of playing under the pressure of the shirt because he did it before is a very wise move too.

Hearts are unlikely to let their star player go for much less than a million, truth be told – maybe even more. But he is 30 years of age and in the final year of his 24 month deal which gives Rangers some bartering power – it is evident Kyle Lafferty wants back at Ibrox, and fan response to this news has been overwhelmingly positive.

Rangers need quality up front, a guy who’s been there and done it and can provide not only ability up front, but knowledge, experience and the benefit of maturity.

He would be a great crutch for the likes of much-younger Morelos and Sadiq to fall on, and would now be a bit of a leader on the pitch.

This would be a wise signing to make, and Rangers can only be stronger for a player like Lafferty back in the XI.

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  1. Spot on IN… get him signed and none of the negative guff please. If we cood sign Lafferty and John McGinn (or type) I'd say we'd have a chance this year, especially if the unwashed lose a couple of players.

    • Agree with Laff but not McGinn
      Because :

      1. Hibs want £3-5m
      2. He has said he wants to nove to "Them"

      RTID 💙

  2. Big deal, Morelos finally scored a goal, played a good game for a change but watch him go back into the wilderness, l would choose Lafferty over Morelos any day and welcome the big man home

    • Abdolutely!
      He didnt leave in the same manner and Naismith and at least Laff has come out and said he was badly advised and would have also stayed for the fight ☺👍⚽💙

  3. Alan McGregor signing shows the merit in some groups of supporters forgiving and moving on (I include myself in that group). All that matters is will a player improve us, help us win.
    Lafferty would be a smart signing providing an upgrade to what we have upfront.

    I would offer Hearts more money and Wallace or Halliday.
    I think if we recognise he is a 19 goal striker and offer a fair amount I'm sure we will get him in.

  4. Get this done ASAP! His experience has improved him on and off the park! 7ft and plays the flute! Come home Kyle!

    • He's a Muppet you would have been cheering everytime he scored on title winning days! I'm guessing you would have enjoyed his goals against CE**IC for hearts (more than our whole team managed). You need to wake up and be realistic, look at the dross we have had since he left? You must see his performances for NI & hearts that he has improved? He will do a job for us!

  5. Stevie G must see value in signing Lafferty, because of his very limited overall budget. This would leave him some money for another defender and a midfield maestro who can make the killer forward passes, but they don’t come cheap – but he is necessary.

    The £200,000 offer for the 6’ 4” striker was obviously just to see if they would sell Lafferty to us. Now we should have a good idea of what the Hearts board and Craig Levein want for losing a player who scored scored 19 goals in 41 games in his first season at Tynecastle.

    The most important statistic for me were the three goals he scored against an excellent Celtic team, and he has also started all three of Hearts Betfred League Cup games this season, so he is fit to play right away if he signs.

    I expect big Kyle to plead with Hearts to let him go to further his career under Stevie G’s new Rangers side

    Another bonus is that he knows what Rangers are all about, and is more than capable of finding the net on a regular basis.

    He will be desperate to join the Steven Gerrard revolution for the team he was brought up in Ulster supporting. To be part of this new Ibrox project, would excite the Northern Irish internationalist, that’s for sure!

  6. So it doesn't matter what someone does, if they have value we forgive them?
    They walked – They can keep walking
    Could say so much more, but without swear words seems little point

    • Knew you'd reply with this SWH, and we really want to bark the name 'Allan McGregor' at you 😉

    • Personally I feel more excited about the fact that if we do pursue him then this season Gerrard will have built a team of titans. Katic 6ft5 Goldson 6ft3 Sadiq 6ft4 Ejaria 6f. New boys if they sign Kean Bryan 6ft1 Lafferty 6ft4 just adds to how he wants us to be. For too long we've been bullied in Old Firms and I can't wait for them to get stuck in. There's not 1 signing thus far that looks a bad one.

      But to put this to the debate… Lafferty scored more goals against Celtic last year than Rangers and done so in 3 consecutive games so I would welcome him back he's a far better player than the one who left 6 years ago. Some strikers seem to get better as they age and as much as he's not an exciting player he outscored any of our players on 19 in a very poor Hearts team. I'm all for it at a reasonable price 700-900k. If Hearts do what they done with Walker we just wait to January.

      And a big shout out to the biggest titan of them all 5ft Coulibaly that boy he tackled is still wondering what day it is!

    • I agree with you SWH…he is a RAT and so is MvGregor…end of story. Now McGregor is back we can't do anything but ignore the guy if ever we have the misfortune to meet him.

    • 1. He Didnt Leave in The Same Manner as Naismith

      2. He says he was badly advised and would have stayed!

      3. He is Rangers through n through

      4. He scored 19 for a pish Hearts Team …imagine how many hed get with Players like Arfield around him 25+ easy

      5. He knows the Scottish Game

      6. Better Finisher than Any Rangers Striker in the last couple of Years

      7. Has improved with age and is a far better option than Eddie Herrera 😂😂

    • Yes I Agree with you
      We should have held on to Waghorn or at least got more for him.

      Like him as a player and now hes doing the business in the championship

      But aside from Waghorn hes Better than most ⚽

  7. i would not touch but its not up to me if we where going sign him then why did we let him go to hearts then buy him?not going happen back ward step.

    • I agree John i think its a backward step on this,if we really need him then 300 max,i can just imagine him banging one against brendas mob though, so bringing him in might be a bad idea👍

      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. He's a fellow ulster man and a bear so i say with the most respect possible …

    "This guy is fucking shite, a disruptive influence and a poor trainner who thinks he's Pele & Messi combined."

    Wouldnt have him at berwick rangers nevermind the mighty gers.

  9. Ultimately Lafferty is not of the quality needed to catch Celtic. While we are offering £200,000 to bring back a 30 year old -Celtic have splashed £9 million on a young player with sell on value – and Inguess that’s the difference right now. We are where we are though and we badly need reinforcements up front and Lafferty will bag a few goals. It is perhaps a wee bit of a disappointment though as there must be a striker out there across one of Europe’s less fashionable leagues that we could bring in. For me we have to stop looking only in Scotland and especially England for our recruits now as there is very little value to be had for us in either market. Rivals in Scotland do not want to sell to us and the English market is grossly over inflated – £8 million for Waghorn! Do me a favour …..

    • Exactly. We are shopping in the most expensive shop in the World with a fiver in our pocket and expecting to sign players who can beat established Champions League, International Footballers across the city.

      The last person to try this was Warburton and we know how that went.

      I think Katic will be an amazing signing who could be sold on for 20m next year. We need more scouting in these leagues and stop taking England's dreggs…

  10. what is it with our support. it as if we have the memory of a goldfish.
    McGregor & lafferty both done the off as soon as they could. Both saying Rangers have died & the new club isn't Rangers. Did you forget that ibrox noise or is signing old players who might do us a turn more important that morals.
    What happened to the Stevie G big name players who would be coming in. Is this it , lafferty some loan players from Liverpool & some free transfers.
    Look at goldson- you pay some money and you get good players.

    • Laff didnt Leave in the Same Manner as Naismith/Whittaker and he has also openly said he was badly advised and would have stayed 🤔💙

      And plus hes a better option thn Eddie Herrera 😂

      And plus hes a better than any striker we have had over the last couple of years and also he knows how to score against "Them" 👍

    • An a cheat…remember the embarrassment he cause pretending he was head butt on live tv against Dundee U…what a bad bag. He's also a RAT as he ran away. He has done nothing since he left and he was below average when he was at Ibrox. We don't need bums like him…and his scoring record is not what will take us forward.

    • Seem to remember him doing particularly well for N Ireland in the 2016 Euro qualifying campaign. Proof of a better more mature player. And you can't deny what he did last season in a poor Hearts team.

  11. Hearts will want 1 million plus for him or they will keep him this season and then let him go pay the money if SG wants him it could a good move but it could back fire.

  12. Hear we go again starting another season with to many bang average players. Kylie lafferty. Really ?. Will we never learn. I like our manager but he needs serious money or whats the bloody point. WATP

  13. Would rather go after Moult tbh, think he is the perfect partner for Morelos. Lafferty is decent and I have no real objections, bit lets hope we don't go over the top in a bid.

    • Im sorry man but I have to disagree and say Absolutely Not for Louis Moult
      …He's Dirt!

      Dont know what the fascination is with Moult
      …Id Take Laff/Cummings over Moult

  14. RAT!He can stay at Hearts. You all have a short memories he walked out on us when we needed him most. Where are you morals lads?

    • 110% agree…they are all 25 year olds on here who were taken to watch Rangers when we were wining 9 in row…non of them have probably even played for their school teams!

  15. Would have him as a squad player but no more than £400,000 and Hearts won't sell him for that. Simple. Move on.

  16. My first though on hearing this was …."should we start working about Steven Gerrard because this doesn't make any sense". If you told me this is a player Gerrard would have been interested in I would never have believed you. This is not, not what I though we would be getting…not on a free or for £200K.
    Then theres the person in question…he ran away as quick as he could. I also know for a fact that before our troubles hit his agent was offering him to clubs in England. Then there is the ridiculous dropping like a man shot when playing Dundee United …on live TV. This is not someone worthy of our jersey. He was below average and is now even lower. He was subbed in ever game agains selic last year as he couldn't control himself and got booked in every one of the four games. He is a loose cannon with a below average goal return…and I hope Mr Gerrard is not really considering this guy…are we saying he's the best available across Europe…..then we have a problem Mr G.

  17. IN

    If you check my comments before today, my view on McGregor is clear. I admit, I don't know why I don't hate him and tar him with the same brush. But I don't. I honestly don't know why.

    Whittaker, I do know. He was not and is not a Rangers fan. So he can't betray us, it was just a job. But Lafferty, Naismith and all the others. No. Never. Not while I breathe, or until I can ice skate in hell. When foreigners can publicly stand by the club, while finding a face saving way out, but fans in jerseys can't. We would have died for our club. They couldn't even secure a transfer fee that may have helped us. In hindsight, it wouldn't have helped. But they didn't know that then.

    I do not know why I don't include McGregor, there is no ryhyme or reason to it, so I do not try to defend it. Others may have an idea, I do not.
    Maybe because I was proud of Shagger for his ability and sexual prowess. I honestly don't know. But I never felt I had to defend him. His ability did that.

    Lafferty was an embarrassment I had to defend, many times.

    Naismith, no, never had to defend him, a great player and I loved him. But we had to stand by him through 2 career ending injuries. And we did. But he did not stand by us. For me, that is unforgiveable. Since that interview, he has done everything he can to earn redemption. But I don't care how many season tickets he buys for the unemployed. He betrayed us. I cannot forgive.

    Again, I don't know why I forgave, forgive, McGregor. Guilty as charged

  18. Ken Soper. If we stop living in the past, why support any club? It is the past, and our memories, that tie any supporter to any club. Otherwise, why not pick a different team every week?
    Benidorm, John Gillies(Dougie's son?), Grumpy old geek, Dexter, Bigbaws, Bigjim – agreed. Look forward, not back. Buy young, develop, sell big with a sell on fee. Our future

  19. 2 years ago would not touch BUT right now would defo take in squad as were short up front and would pop up with goals and at price it's not a big risk

    • Spot on Mate
      He Scored 19 for a Poor Hearts team so inagine hòw many he would score with players like Arfield and Candei around him (25+ easy) and he knows how to find the net against celtic!

      Come Home Laff 💙

  20. People DO have short memories — RANGERS were trying to get players to take pay cuts while charlatans pocketed millions from our demise. Lafferty, McGregor et al walked because it was no longer the same club, it was a rats nest being run by villains. I have no issue with any of them.

  21. Also we could have had that boy Marriott for £3m!

    And I am probably gonna get a lot of stick for this but …

    I am of the opinion that we should have held on to Waghorn a bit longer 🤔👍 or at the very least got more money for him

    • Glad to see someone mention Waggy – one of the biggest jokes ever was selling him to Ipswich for peanuts. It's just reminded me of all the embarrassment created by that Portuguese clown last summer.

    • Absolutely!
      Boy was a proper Goalscorer

      We should have kept him or at the very least got some decent money for him 🤔⚽

  22. Not for me thank you! Would much rather have Moult back up the road than Lafferty and I even want Moult.

    • No way min! …Moult is Pish!
      Done Sweet Fk all at Preston

      Id Rather have Laff over LM
      Id Rather have JCummings over LM

      Also wish we had tried a bitty Harder for the Boy Marriott 🤔

      Also another Decent forward no one has really mentioned
      …Will Grigg? 🤔

  23. This would be a great signing for the dressing room and for Rangers He has no fear at all especially of that shower and the Sheep Shaggers …Yes Please

  24. For All Those Fans saying Lafferty is Pish, Hes a Rat etc
    …Get a Fkin Grip of Yourselves!

    1. He is not a Rat because although he left in the 2012 Meltdown, He has admitted he was badly advised and that Leaving was a Mistake and he would have Stayed!

    2. He Knows The Scottish Game inside and Out

    3. He knows the Club & The Expectations

    4. He Knows how to score against Celtic!

    5. Is He Better than any Striker we have had over the last couple of Years…Yes

    6. He Scored 19 goals last season for a poor Hearts Side so imagine how many he would Score with SG as his manager and players like Arfield and Ejaria around Him 🤔 …(25+ easy)

    7. Is Signing Laff a Risk? …No!

    What the fk are all you fans expecting its not like we can sign Messi Lol! And Stevie isnt exactly gonna pop out and spend £9mill on a striker is he? 😂

    ….I Could Go On

    Also will take suggestions of Attackers to Buy if not Lafferty (or Moult)

    • Stevo

      He is not a rat because he was badly advised? I have never judged any of them on their advisers, just their actions. They can all claim, afterwards, that they were badly advised. If he had stayed and then been transferred he would have brought in a transfer fee. It would have been stolen by the scum in charge, but that is not the point.
      Bocanegra and Goian stood by the club. A Yank and an Romanian. Because of better advisers? Or integrity?
      I do not judge Lafferty by his ability, others with more skill than me can do so. But I can recognise a Rat when I see one. Whether or not it has a bad adviser next to it.

      I guess what it comes down to is this – what is more important? Your beliefs, or some success? I was a schoolboy when the scum were doing 9iar. It never occurred to me to swap teams so I could celebrate success. I was and will be a Rangers fan, whether we win the Champions League or languish in the 2nd Division. It's what I am. Success is wanted, needed, demanded. But only with integrity and standards. Faking a headbutt is a fail. Blaming a bad adviser is a fail.

    • That is what im sayin though
      He is not a Rat in the same way as Naismith is

      Well Both
      I will always be a Rangers Fan as well 👏⚽💙

  25. Bigjim – behave. I think I speak for a lot of our fans when I say the need to stop 10 in a row overrides any feeling of injustice we may or may not have.

  26. I don't think it's a good idea, Lafferty. I'll say it again, it would be better to put a bid in for Curtis Main, of Motherwell. He's got years of use, is creative and hungry. Lafferty, is past his best. If we do buy him, we should keep him benched as a fill-in. For the simple reason that hopefully, he can still bang in a few goals. 300,000 would be far too much to pay for him. Get Morelos and Windass sold, pronto, then we can buy quality.

  27. P.S. The people who would allow a weasel, like David Murray, back into Ibrox, are the 'real' weasels!

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