The enigma of Ryan Jack

The enigma of Ryan Jack

If one Rangers midfielder has divided supporters right down the middle since his arrival, it is Ryan Jack.

Brought in on a huge fanfare in 2017, this former Aberdeen captain had been high stock in the Scottish game, and Rangers being in for him in the first place was massive news in the SPL, before the protracted saga finally concluded with a Bosman that summer.

Naturally Jack became public enemy number one as opposed to all the Aberdeen players who frequently move to Celtic, but that’s another story for another day.

And there is no denying his first season at Ibrox was completely derailed by injury – a truly horrific assault by Motherwell’s Cedric Kipre completely emptied him and the 26-year-old holding midfielder found himself on the treatment table for the rest of the campaign.

However, when assessing the overall contribution the Scotland cap has made, we have to look at what we expected.

Ryan Jack, a strong, defensive midfielder and a leader, was expected to arrive at Ibrox in high stock, and take Rangers’ midfield to another level along with his own game.

Many great players arrived from Pittodrie at Ibrox and raised their game to a new height – older Bears will remember the great Davie Robertson as a prime example, and indeed, many SPL clubs have seen this happen – Steven Naismith and Kevin Thomson both excelled for Rangers from Kilmarnock and Hibs respectively in more recent times.

However, it would not be accurate to say Ryan Jack has been similar.

A great number of fans rate the midfielder, praising his simplicity, his work rate, his ability to break up play, and his backtracking, as good traits he brings to the side.

However, this is not shared by all. Many consider he lacks concentration, is loose with passing over medium and longer ranges, and that he has failed to really impress himself on the midfield as much as we expected a player of his standing in the Scottish game to do.

It is quite telling that Jordan Rossiter, many years his junior, drew more praise for his cameo at Easter Road last season than we can ever remember Jack getting in any match.

This is not to attack Jack – we promised a clean slate for all the players under Steven Gerrard and we have stayed as honest to that as possible.

But the reality about Jack is he is yet to truly step up and become the player we thought we were getting. He has been little better this fledgling season than he was last, which, we hasten to add, was by no means a weak link in the team nor a disgrace to the shirt – just a little underwhelming compared with what we feel he is supposed to be.

He has obviously come back from a bad injury, and may still not be fully ‘up to speed’ yet, but we look forward to the day we can praise him unconditionally rather than noting the slight weaknesses in his game which punctuate most of his performances.

Over to you Ryan!

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  1. Before a Jack had his injury he was starting to play very well. He has played the first 3 games of the season, after a full 7 months out, and he has been a 7 out of 10. At this stage, we really can't ask for more. He'll be a big player for us this season!

  2. Jack's been unlucky since he came to Ibrox,injuries and totally unfair red cards has obviously dented his confidence,but he's a very good player and I think we will see the best of him under S G.

  3. To be fair R.J. has not had a chance to show his worth with sending off's and injury, lets hope with a fresh season he can show his true potential.

  4. Jack was just starting to show his real abilities when he got injured last season. He will come good again as soon as he is properly match fit.

  5. Jack is neat and tidy on the ball and is always available to take it in tight spaces. Every team needs that and can’t dominate possession without continually recycling the ball. The problem is it’s a pretty thankless task and the hard work pretty much goes unnoticed to the untrained eye.

  6. Firstly,I don't remember the "huge fanfare" surrounding his signing.He has been as he was anticipated,a capable decent player.No more no less.

  7. RJ was unlucky last year. Singled out by refs, playing in a below average team, Kipre'd.
    I feel it is too soon to judge him. Comparison with Rossiter is telling, JR has been at Ibrox longer and made less impact. Not his fault and I like him, but I feel both should be judged when they have been bedded in. We shouldn't praise talent or condemn the lack until it is demonstrated over a sustained period of time. Neither RJ nor JR have had that time yet

  8. ffs this is waisting time we don't have. There is no mystery, he isn't good enough for us to beat them and take the league… he's Aberdeen standard and that's that… while I'm at it neither is McCrorie. What is a mystery is what the **** that useless ****** "flanno" is doin' anywhere near oor club, he needs tae go before the unwashed rip him (and oor league chances) apart. It's also a complete mystery and worrying that SG doesn't see this.

    • We'll always trust the guy who won the Champions League as a player and 114 England caps ahead of some bloke from the pub. It's worrying that NM doesn't see this. Or maybe we should rip up his contract and get NM in. LMFAO.

    • FJ, it's only my opinion. I'm sure we both hold the same hopes and objectives for the coming season. I watched the entire game again this mornin' and imo Jack was poor but flanno was fn shocking… no ball control,no passing ability and fk all pace. Sinclair and or Forrest will roast him if he plays at bbdome. Get D.John back in the team… he can't be any worse defensively and is a huge improvement offensively. If I'm wrong and flanno has a blinder… I'll be the first on here acknowledging that you were right and I'm an eejit…

    • BTW… the euro tie isn't finished… not by a long way, that team know how to attack. It'll end up another nail biting night for us all …

  9. He hasn't had the impact i expected he would, however, he was managed by a diddy before being injured. By the looks of it he's going to have better players around him this season, so maybe that will help

  10. Want all Rangers players to be a success but afraid Ryan Jack just not good enough as you will find out when everyone fit

  11. Jack for me, is just like Rossiter, can play fantastic WHEN he's NOT injured. But is he just one of those 'runt of the litter' guys, who just get injured, stay injured and end up costing us more than they are value?? I'm not so sure. I broke a leg and got back playing football faster than he has. I mean, it's been absolutely ridiculous the time Rossiter has been out. Gets a tiny knock and now we won't see him, till Autumn??? It's just a piss-take and we need to cut our losses.

  12. To be Fair to Ryan Jack,
    He was starting to play well then Kipre Destroyed Him so not entirely his fault

    And plus hes a lot better than what we have had over the years
    …Black, Hutton etc 😂😂

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