Should Rangers make a move for Osijek star?

Should Rangers make a move for Osijek star?

 Article by: Richard 

The 25-year-old captain of Rangers’ opponents Osijek is Borna Barišić, a versatile 6’ 1” left sided footballer.

He could play for Rangers in a back three, with Barišić on the left of the three, and he would be equally comfortable playing at left back. If that is not enough, he would make a wonderful left-wing-back. His crossing is fantastic, and he is dangerous by timing his runs to perfection and is definitely a very gifted international player.

It is the first time I have seen this player, and boy, was I impressed! Check out his ability at Ibrox next week, because I think he would make a very good addition for Rangers, and I don’t see him being overly expensive.

In 2017, Barišić played three times for Croatia, the beaten finalists of the World Cup, and is hoping to fight his way back into the new squad. In May ‘18 he was in Croatia’s preliminary 32-man squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make the final 23 cut, but if he had made the squad, he would have become much more expensive and out of the ‘Gers financial budget.

Gerrard pointed out Barišić’s talent before the match, and spelt out the danger he would cause us due to his ability to deliver exquisite and extremely dangerous crosses into our box. Tavernier were you listening to your boss? As time after time Barišić found himself wide left on his own to deliver those wonderful crosses that Stevie had warned everybody about.

Indeed, a deep ball on 13 minutes to Barišić wide on the left saw a sumptuous volley cross from the distinctive bandaged cranium of the captain, which completely caught Rangers’ counterpart out, and but for a better finish may have seen a goal.

Barišić playing for Osijek exposed Tavernier in the same way that Celtic do. He is never a top class right back at the highest level, and he will always cost us goals as well as making some for us. On occasions he can be a complete liability in defence.

In spite of Barišić playing brilliantly against us, in four games now the defence have performed fairly well and haven’t lost a goal. A lot of the credit is down to keeper McGregor who has pulled off some wonderful shot saving goals and has looked commanding in all the games so far.

The fact that Rangers have already signed Croatian Nikola Katic would help Barišić to settle in Scotland more quickly, if Gerrard would like to buy him – of course.

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  1. Started reading your post and agreeing with it until you started Tav bashing – stopped there and then

    • Sorry pal but if you can't see it there must be something wrong, the guy gives the ball away in dangerous areas so often it's bordering on ridiculous…He's a decent player but can't defend. fact. If I was an opposing coach I would attack rangers down the left.

    • Accept both replies here – while the purpose of the piece wasn't to attack Tavernier, highlighting Barasic's success down that side both emphasises the qualities such a player could bring to us, while equally showing how he can exploit weaker right backs, which Tavernier, defensive, sadly seems to be.

    • Tav could have cost us goals on 3 occasions last night . Great going forward but defending woeful . Mistake in making him captain imo , needs to fully concentrate on his own game first , never mind others . Big Conner should have had the armband , that's obvious early doors .

    • Tav was causing me to shout at the telly last night. I'd like to see us get Declan John back to fitness on the left, Flannigan on the right and Tav as a winger, his defending is scary.

    • Tavernier was not alert on numerous occasions. After the first time he got caught napping should have been a wake up call. But no – he was repeatedly done by this tactic to exploit a weak link they obviously played on. Not hammering Tav, but not a top class defender. Lost us the Scottish Cup final by the same dreadful loose marking.

  2. Spot on
    The boy looked as if he has a great left foot, and his crossing was fantastic.
    But you are spot on with Tav, no way he is a right back. Would be better moved further up the pitch where his pace and crossing ability can be better utilised.

  3. Non story apart from Tav, l would've had him on the subs bench, hope SG realises his mistake by appointing him captain and how Halliday even travelled with the squad is laughable

  4. Why was the team not wearing one of our strips. What's the point in the orange 3 strip for euro games if the team are going to wear red training tops.
    Plus Tav is good player, just isn't a defender.

  5. If that's the boy with the bandage on his head then a definite yes. Would be a great signing, would be good for katic playing next to him. Agreed about Tav, been saying for so long now he should be playing further forward, he puts us under pressure too many times, could easily have cost us last night.

  6. Guys are right about tav good enough player but will cost us goals loses the ball in dangerous areas which is not good enough at rangers

  7. I like Tav, however Flanagan is a better RB and more solid defensively. If play him there, have DJohn LB and move Tav to wide right…..or to the bench if he can’t hold down a place elsewhere in the side.

    • Seriously, did you watch the game last night? If you did, you need to get an appointment at Specs avers ASAP. Flanagan was shocking. Yes, by all means move Tav to right wing back but get Flanagan out of the team pronto. He simply can't attack! Declan John is better defensively and offensively:no debate. And please stop the Tav bashing. By a mile, he was our best player last year. And whether at RB or WB, he will be a stand-out this year. And be an excellent captain!

    • I mentioned when we signed Flan – Bolton fans thought he was crap. My pals were howling when they heard we'd signed him. Tav and DJ are streets ahead of this lad. I too am getting bored with the Tav bashing

  8. Not a bad call IN. Barisic certainly looked a player. As for Tav you get what you see – yes defensive frailties but a top player going forward. I suspect if we signed Marcelo from Real Madrid some would complain that he can’t defend. I think if you are going to play with that type of marauding full back then you have to set your team out to accommodate both their strengths and weaknesses, and I think that once the transfer window is over and Gerard has completed his recruitment then he will do just that. I see us going with a back three when we get a left sided centre back in with Tav pushing up to form a five going forward and dropping back to give us a five when we lose possession. Against sterner opposition I can see Flanagan switching to the right to play behind Tav with Wallace (if he can get fit and resolve his dispute) or John (although also no great shakes defensively) coming in on the left. Feeling very positive after last night!

  9. Was this the guy with the WW1 battle dressing on his head last game? He looked to be quite a player if so.

  10. Would be a great addition but not so sure about lafferty🤔

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. John Gillies Thank Christ for reality.

    One game.

    Also the comment on Halliday. What the chemo is THAT doing in a Rangers squad? Rank Rotten.

    Cost btw is £1.8m Borna Barišić

    I agree the Lad stood out. But get the hell off Tavs back.

    I guarantee he doesn't want plonked at RB. Totally agree he should be in mf.

  12. Totally agree think Tav has a place on the right wing. Get shot of Windass and go for this lad as he was superb on the left. I did think along the lines of this while watching him.

  13. I was very impressed with Barasic too. And finding out it wasn't one game and he has a good pedigree (4 Croatian caps) makes this one worth further investigation. If the £1.8m fee is accurate though then maybe too much of a risk.

  14. Push tav into middle and drop Murphy who has done nothing and put Flanagan at right and John at left back where he should be.

  15. Here is the solution

    Sell Tavernier!

    Flanagan at RB as hes Better Defensively
    Goldson/Katic at Centre Back
    John at LB

    Candeias at Wide Right

    Done 👍⚽

  16. been reading all the posts about how good their left back was and how Tav couldn't cope with him – sure it was Tav who crossed the ball for our goal – left back no cope

  17. Without a doubt I would sign him tomorrow. He would be our marquee signing and be the best signing Gerrard has made. You could move Flanagan to right back and shove tav further forward and you would have quality balls coming in from the right and the left which most defences could not cope with.

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