Seven figure bid received for key Rangers man; reports


Fenerbahce have been credited this afternoon with a formal £2.6M bid for Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos.

The Champions League side have been linked to the striker since January, and following Chinese side Beijing Renhe’s alleged interest (we now have major doubts any bid ever came in now) the Turkish side have now been reported as failing to even break £3M for the forward.

Morelos’ future has been subject to feverish speculation now for half a year, not helped by his mid-season proclamations of wishing to move to England, but now the Turkish runners’ up have supposedly formally submitted a £2.6M bid for his services.

Rangers fans who want to keep Morelos will be likely appalled at this offer, especially given Celtic’s Stuart Armstrong went to Southampton for three times the amount.

And probably even more disappointed in the board if they choose to sell for it.

Either way, we will be very interested to see how this tale develops.


  1. its just laughable, the Turks can go fuck themselves, if he played for the Mhanky mob they would be demanding 30 Million Dembele dollars

  2. The offer is extremely offensive and the delegation that was supposably sent Glasgow to discuss a deal for Morelos should be told to Fek off and stop wasting everyone’s time, this does beg the question though, if they have sent someone to negotiate a deal they must have made an initial enquiry about a price, before traveling to Glasgow, so either that’s rubbish or Rangers are prepared to sell him for a much lower price than the alleged Chinese offers in January

    • Totally agree Gaz why fly in from Turkey or wherever I don't think they will sell considering bids from Jan is it true or false I say feck them on the plane bk Morelos stays at ibrox 2.6 million they are having a laugh

  3. I would be surprised if we accepted this low a offer, I would prefer we keep him unless we get money worth talking about.

  4. No way we should sell for that. 5m plus future sale clause at the very minimum. Goal scorers are difficult to replace

  5. I can assure everyone on this site the Daily Rectum are telling pure and utter lies on this story.
    While trying to deflate the prices of any of our players whilst inflating players to the value of 25m for a average LB who got taken to the fuking cleaners in the CL,
    Everton have also not made 26m or will make such a offer, more like 6m if your lucky!! He will get toasted in the EPL big time.

    Anything by the manky mob rats in our gutter press to try darken the famous. 2.6m for Morelos eeerjits!!

  6. I don't want to keep him, but I don't want to see him go for a pittance. They're taking the mick, due to our past troubles. Taking advantage. If I was Mark Allen, i'd quadruple the asking price, just for their cheek.

    • Joseph90 you're right mate.
      Quadruple is only just touching on Market value.
      Much as I detest The Dark Side, they are only demanding what would be wanted elsewhere.
      Time for us to grow a pair and say Give us or cough

  7. If that's the case the, as you say, the club lied to the fans by saying they turned down £11m for him in January. The mob from the east end will be pishing themselves if we accept 2.6m for him

  8. We simply can't accept £2.5m. How much would it cost to replace him? Set the price then tell clubs to pay up or piss off. We need to start getting serious with clubs whether we are buying or selling.

  9. If we do sell him no one will ever know the price anyhow. Other than the ever present "I have it on good sources" guy.
    The bottom line is this, until we have someone UNDER CONTRACT who can step in for Morelos this team should not even accept offers. IF this team lets this guy go with nothing in pocket they have sold their fate…and it wont ge a good one.

  10. The only reason I'd accept that amount is if its a fee for a season long loan.

    He is very raw and takes too many touches for my liking. Most of his goals come following 2-3 touches and his most appalling misses have been where he only gets time for one touch but if he can improve his one touch finishing he will get 30-40 goals for us next season and be sold for 15m-20m next summer.

  11. Fuck off 2.6 sweety money,hes not going anywhere,hes happy at the box office club🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  12. Potential is the biggest thing in selling a youngster such as Morelos. Me myself, I think that there were big fibs about thon Chinese Club offering the 9 million etc ?

    If willing to sell the wee fella we'd need to be looking for seven million for his future potential and scoring fourteen league goals last season.
    I'd not sell him as he could be a far far better player if given more chances and playing alongside better players.
    A good striking Coach could be beneficial and a proper good Forward to play alongside with as Morelos is dire up top on his tod.

  13. It's time to let him go bring back waggy from ipswich I'm glad Steve is set to let wes go I lobe glad to see the back of Alves to we don't need pensioners at the club mcaully will give us experience at the back stevie what's happening with your two loan signings that's being rumored about ? We need a first class striker let's not break the budget and let's beat celtic to wilson .

  14. I Reckon unless we get offered at least £7.5-8million …Dont Sell!

    I Think with a Season under His Belt and a Proper Manager in Charge and some time for him to recharge his batteries, He Will be more of a monster next season …at least 25gls ….so £15mill Please 😀

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