Ross McCrorie’s (rather worrying) story


A comment on the site recently struck a notable chord with us here at Ibrox Noise. One of our regulars seemed a little aghast at our ‘turning on’ Ross McCrorie when we suggested he was struggling after the first Europa leg and required a rest.

This was not the intention we had, and it opens up the wider issue of the young midfielder’s development and future at Rangers.

As we all know, McCrorie is a massive Auchenhowie success story – after being a regular in the development squad, Pedro Caixinha unexpectedly threw him into the deep end in defence against none other than Celtic, and the young man excelled against zero expectation.

He struggled thereafter in that slot, once his foolish manager had suggested he would be the greatest Scottish defender in history.

But Pedro’s successor Graeme Murty got one substantial thing right in his time at the helm – he shifted McCrorie forward into defensive midfield and the graduate thrived.

We have rated him highly in that position, with good reading, harrying and breaking up of opposition play. But his injury last season sadly curtailed his development significantly and while he is first choice under Steven Gerrard at the moment, he has looked isolated, lost, and weak as the lone defensive midfielder.

Gerrard rightly slammed Caixinha for being so careless with McCrorie’s  development by leaving an inexperienced 19 year old in defence, but worryingly is doing something similar himself – leaving him alone in front of it.

McCrorie’s best displays last season were as a duo alongside Jason Holt – while the sitting two wasn’t the best overall use of the squad, it certainly helped McCrorie – he had Holt’s running and graft beside him to help with his own game, and while Holt was far from Rangers standard, his attitude was an excellent example for the younger one.

Now McCrorie finds himself in a bit of a pickle – left to do it alone, his form has not thrived nor does he look comfortable – he may be carrying remnants of that foot injury as well.

But back to the original point – the lad needs a bit of a rest. As Gerrard rightly says he’s young and we just don’t think he’s completely ready to take up the ‘Roy Keane’ role all on his own. This is not us ‘turning on’ McCrorie – quite the opposite – he has magnificent potential.

But it must be nurtured correctly – these are delicate times in his career, and short of form, confidence and maybe even fitness, not to mention isolated on his lonesome, we do fear McCrorie suffering negatively.

Please, management – make sure McCrorie is wrapped in cotton wool and only denied stabilisers when he is truly ready to dominate midfield.

We don’t think he’s quite there yet and mismanagement of his development could ruin him.


  1. exactly why Middleton isn't ready either or Rudden. The problem is because the more senior players are so bad these guys make such a difference when they come on and we think we would rather see them play week in week out.

  2. Correct, Historically players such as Fowler, Owen were over played as kids. Both ended up declining when they should have been in their prime. I'm not sure we need a DMC except in Europe and I do think McCrorie will get time on the bench throughout the season. We have a lot of midfielders. Shkupi I think was a banana skin and The lad was there to steady the ship. At I fix I commented here after the game that I felt he wasn't required on the day and we should of had a second striker on. I kinda hope this happens soon before the fans eat Morelos alive. I think its McCrorie that will drop out unless we are playing Celtic or Aberdeen.

  3. Not buying that McCrorie is in any way damaged, weakened, tired or in need of rest. The game has gone all pc, soft and mad.

    • Im an ardent Rangers man….McCrorie isn't anywhere near Rangers class and the sooner people realise that, the better.
      He's been shifted about, simlpy because he keeps being "found out".
      I've no doubt in time this will become clear.

      We need 2 good reliable strikers in the mould of Mark Hately and Mo johnstone.
      Still, we will improve as a team because our place is at the top of Scottish football.

  4. I fully agree with the article and my concerns remain that Rangers do not have the quality of squad in depth necessary to mount a concerted attempt to win the league and make progress in Europe. One look at the bench on Tuesday night with a number of youngsters and Halliday, tends to confirm this. While there might be mitigating circumstances in midfield given the injuries we remain short of playmakers and up front we have seen the departure of both Miller and Herrera without an adequate replacement for Miller.

  5. Agree with The Article! 👍
    Think we need an old Head CDM to mentor him ..
    But He will Come Good Again


  6. I stated a similar comment, as this article highlights, about Greg Docherty. Both McCrorie and Docherty have a great deal of developing to do. Does that mean we throw them out the club or start to hound them when they make mistakes on the park or lambast them with hypercritical remarks in social media?
    No way! Let us hope Gerrard uses all his experience as a player to nurture them, at times rest them, leave them on the bench and similarly give the likes of Middleton, Rudden and others game time.
    One punter pointed out, if we had other quality players in the team with vast experience to help might help, but we don’t have that luxury, so we have to persevere. Steven Davis comes to mind for me, but ………..

  7. McCrorie had Jack alongside him in Macadonia so maybe Gerrard has already sorted this situation out. His performances have been solid without standing out and with the depth of talent we have in the defensive midfield area I'm not sure McCrorie will be getting too many games anyway. Gerrard is obviously a big fan of Coulibaly and stated that Rossiter was the standout player before his injury. Ryan Jack is putting in a strong claim for the job and we also have Greg Docherty who is proven at Premiership level.
    If McCrorie can hold on to his starting role it will be a major achievement.

  8. McCrorie should have been made team captain. Maybe not club captain. He’s an outstanding talent and has all the attributes to be real top drawer in the game.

    Build the team around him should have been SG’s outlook. Tav should never be captain in a million years. A true shocker from our new man.

    • How can you say he should be team captain….he isn't even an established player lol.
      Does he strike you as a Steve Davis or a john greig ? …..what joke statement lol

  9. Dinosaur sorry mate your wide of the mark the lad maybe 20 but still looks like a school boy. 2 or 3 years then we'll see a player and or a gers captain.

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