Rangers’ win in Croatia gives rise to incredible stat fans will be impressed with

Rangers’ win in Croatia gives rise to incredible stat fans will be impressed with

While Rangers’ performance and result last night met with a great deal of (deserved) praise, a further stat has emerged to emphasise just how significant a victory this was.

As we know, Osijek are a very decent team indeed, and knocked out Dutch giants PSV in this competition at this stage last year; overcoming them was anything but a given and a huge upgrade over beating Macedonians Shkupi.

However, a stand out fact has appeared to further provide a clue as to the gravity of this win, and more pertinently, the nature of it.

The date 28th of September 2000 probably doesn’t leap out to anyone on its own, but if we add to it the fact that was the last time Osijek failed to score at home in the Europa League (then the Uefa Cup) on any level gives an indication of how hard it is to get a clean sheet as a visiting side.

Almost two decades have passed since any side (back then it was Danish side Brondby) went to Osijek and prevented them from scoring, giving some real idea as to the difficulty of travelling there, period, and the further treacherous nature of getting a shut out.

Rangers managed a huge win last night, no denying it, and while the job is only half done, the hardest part is already past us.

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  1. Terrific result against Osijek. To go 3 games in the Europa qualifiers before the season starts and not concede a goal is good, but to do it with a brand new management team and as many new players as we have is terrific.

    There’s a long way to go in terms of improvement but it’s a most encouraging start for sure. There will also be bumps in the road for certain so the most important thing as I see it, is for the fans to keep a lid on it and not allow ourselves to get all hysterical and knee jerky when those times come.

  2. But how may times over the last 20 years have they been in the europa league or uefa cup ?? Not many !….No Surrender…..

  3. I just hope we can keep it going, after this round we have two more rounds and we will face better teams that should tell us where we are,we look a good team but we will only be judged when we beat big name teams we are heading that way for head to head games with big name teams and i look forward to that day the sooner it comes the better.

  4. Was a Decent Performance and a Decent Result but Imrprovement is Still Needed

    Its like McLeish Said Many Moons ago…
    We Have to Keep Winning!

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