Rangers target chooses French side over Ibrox; reports

Rangers have reportedly missed out on loan target Lassana Coulibaly due to French side Metz securing the player ahead of Steven Gerrard’s men.

The attacking midfielder had been waiting on a work permit before being able to take the move to Ibrox from Angers forward, only for Metz to come in and snap him up instead.

Latest information is the 22-year old Mali international creative midfielder is very near finalising a year-long loan deal to the Ligue 2 side instead of Rangers, which does beg the question of his ambition if he’ll accept a second division French outfit over the Famous Rangers with a title pop and European football to boast.

But hey ho, if he’d rather have lower ambitions than what Rangers can offer him, it’s his career and his choice.

Rangers will move onto alternative targets if need be and indeed today have been more heavily linked again with Bournemouth’s Jermain Defoe.


  1. If he is not interested in playing for the Glasgow Rangers then let’s move on , we the fans only want players who WANT to play for our club , no more of the shyesters and pension pot brigade , WE DESERVE BETTER.

  2. Hi guys, Wonder what you think of the preparation for the euro tie, ie only two games against meager
    opposition with a much changed squad. I know fitness levels have to be reached through training but surely we could have had another match to give Stevie a better chance to find his best options. I know we should beat this team easily but I thought that last season at this stage, and a much sterner test awaits in the next round, if last seasons results are anything to go by. Anybody got any thoughts on this, or do I worry too much.

  3. His Loss!

    and as for the ST Vacancies ….Sign McBurnie Permanently and Solanke on Loan! 😀

  4. Might have something to do with a work permit! Some of your so called news story's recently are as bad as the gutter press

    • Hi Lindsay, thanks for your comment. If you read the article fully you'll clearly see we mention the work permit, but that's not enough reason for him to move to Metz instead. Unless outright rejected for one, and we have no information saying that's the case?

  5. Work permit 'Not enough reason'?

    Have you ever worked in a country that requires a work permit?

    Said permits denial is the difference between getting a decent job and LOSING that job if it's not approved.

    MOST in that position of uncertainty would seek security.

    Temporary ( loan) or not

    • Hi Brian,

      You may have been unaware this gentleman has security of a contract until 2021. He also made a very healthy 19 appearances last season. If he wanted security he already has it. He also has the security of returning to Metz should his application for one fail. We can't quite understand this desire to defend players who reject us.

  6. My only worry is we're targetting players that are unwanted by any team in frances ligue 1 and you have to assume they know more about his capabilities. What does that say about his calibre?

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