Rangers left in farce after second Euro trip cancelled

Rangers left in farce after second Euro trip cancelled

Rangers’ European travel arrangements have been thrown further into utter farce with the second ‘no trip’ in a row thanks to ‘travel partner’ Thomas Cook Sports.

Following the decision allegedly made on ‘cost grounds’ to not provide clubs with travel arrangements for the trip to Macedonia, Rangers’ official provider of travel packages for supporters on European trips have once again decided not to bother with trips, after consulting with the club.

To appoint a high-profile tour operator at the tail end of last month for the very purpose of providing supporters with manageable travel options endorsed by the club then fail to actually do so is truly amateur and more than a touch embarrassing.

We are unclear who is calling the shots on this, but Rangers are publicly endorsing this brand as part of the terms of the agreement, while said brand appears unable to fulfil its obligations.

The first time this happened an official announcement was made, the second time it was left to the club’s supporter liaison officer to confirm it on his own personal Twitter account.

This isn’t good enough on any level.

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  1. They probably want any costs paid up front by the club. I'm pretty sure Thomas Cook are on oldco creditors list for approx £150k. Don't know how these things normally work, but Croatia isn't exactly a obscure destination and the demand from our fans is definitely there. The only thing that I can think of is that company are wanting any business that they do with us in terms that Rangers find prohibitive.

  2. Shambles. £20 for a travel club membership is a riddy, then no travel plan again. The club owe an explanation at the very least.

  3. It’s nothing to do with the club or board. A travel operator has been put in place and THEY are the ones doing this… time to find a new opperator since this one isn’t good at it.

    • The club must provide certain financial assurance – at the moment RFC can not do this. Straight from Thomas Cook

    • Of course it’s got something to do with the club Stuart. Our relationship is with the club, who in this instance have contracted with Thomas Cook to deal with foreign travel. If THomas Cook fail to deliver their contract then that is Rangers’ issue and as fans, our gripe is and should be with Rangers. That’s where our membership money goes after all.
      Simple answer – Rangers either find a new travel provider who can deliver or scrap the travel club altogether.

    • We never tried it with a wee back ally shop. But brought in one of the biggest company’s for such things. Can’t have expected it to go whole wrong. But hopefully the club can use it as a breach of contract to get out of it and maybe use a more local big company like Barrhead travel which will actually be proud to be linked with our club

  4. Contracts are very specific things. If there was no requirement for Thomas Cook (TC) to accommodate Europa League games and as a result, RFC fans per contract, then it is not required. This lay solely at the feet of RFC as they agreed to the terms of the contract, as the contract signatory. This, as with the example provided with Sports Direct, are prime examples of the failures from, and of, club leadership to ensure effective contractual coverage for their fans. This is not an issue of the contractor but the contracting organization (RFC). Further, this, and the SDI contact speak volumes about the importance and precedence that RFC supporters hold to their club.
    We protect and serve our own. It is time that RFC do as such.

  5. It's 'their' breach of contract. Tui/Thomas Cook, are a German company now, anyway. A British company, should be doing our travel. Terminate contract and find a local/British company, who can do the job for us. We can get out of that, contract, v easily.

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