Rangers fans will be surprised at Jamie Murphy’s real transfer fee…

Rangers fans will be surprised at Jamie Murphy’s real transfer fee…

Sky Sports have claimed Rangers shelled considerably more for summer signing Jamie Murphy than previously thought.

The former Brighton winger was sealed permanently last month as one Steven Gerrard’s first signings as manager, and the fee at the time was reported as £600,000, with Mark Allen confirming it was under negotiation and we were talking to Brighton about it.

However, Sky Sports have reported the actual sum was £1,000,000, £400,000 more than originally believed, which, if accurate, might not be overly welcomed by a great number of fans who weren’t entirely thrilled the deal was made permanent in the first place.

Murphy had a productive time of it from late January through to early March, but ‘that’ Old Firm which seemed to change almost everything at Ibrox, including fan verdict on his merits of being a Ranger.

His start to this season has been adequate, and he remains the only player to have scored in open competitive play after 180 minutes of football.

But we’re not absolutely sure he’s an especially good use of seven figures, if Sky’s claims are correct.

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  1. Mid February you claim Murphy is worth 1.5 million. At the start of April Murphy's a "beacon of hope" for the club. Now, around 7 competitive games later during which Murphy has scored 2 goals you question if he's worth 1 million.
    Thank god Mark Allen's in charge of transfers and not you guys. If a million was payed that's still a good bit of business.

    • Jamie Murphy and Jordan Jones are in Different Leagues! 😄

      Murphy …£1m …Good Move! 👍

      Jones …£1m … 😂😂😂#RipOff

  2. I think the fee I saw was £1M, regardless £1 million is nothing. Hibs and Aberdeen players are leaving for more and hopefully he'll be better in a steonher team. If he is actually a starter.

  3. Not at all surprised if fee was £1m, that's around the figures being quoted at the time he joined us on loan. Excellent signing at £1m for a player who has been a success since joining Rangers.

  4. I think you guys need to be more accurate and less critical when it's only 2 games in to the season man. There was a 600k fee related to Cummings which may have been confused with?

    Was always reported to be 1 million plus for Murphy from several sources in the media which is a great price even now for a player who was one of Brightons top performers in the Championship which is a higher level than the SPFL. Clutching at straws over 400k here. The boy got 15 goals/assists last season and only joined in January pre season hasn't started the greatest for the full team but he won us the game last week with both goals. Give him and the team time and stop constantly berating every decision. Be critical when you need to be but it seems constant over petty matters of whether we paid 600k or a million for a player worth double we got value for money and if you can't see that like one user said thank God Allen and Gerrard are in charge.

    1 million would get you absolutely nothing in today's market for most decent players and we will never recruit a Brian Laudrup either for it. Murphy will hit 20 goals and assists this full season which will be a great return.

    google.com/amp/ eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15810353.amp

    "Splashing out £1m on Jamie Murphy is a great bit of business by Rangers – it will be money well spent" Derek Johnstone.

    – 6th Jan 2018

    • Agree, considering we've spent around £20M in 13 months, 1 mill is a bargain for a first team regular.

      Not sure about the current formation though, always thought Murphy and Arfield played the same position, seems like he's trying to squeeze them both in to Candiais loss.

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