Rangers fans aren’t happy with shock rumour over midfielder


Rangers fans on twitter are reacting in shock and horror to rumours attributed to STV’s Raman Bharwaj that midfielder Greg Docherty is to leave on loan.

Naturally we cannot verify the truth of this story as yet, but Docherty’s complete absence from first team affairs for a number of months has been telling, and the supposed claim is he’s to leave to gain valuable game time elsewhere.

The overriding reaction appears to be disbelief that Docherty would make way while slightly less rated Andy Halliday remains part of the squad, and indeed got minutes in Macedonia on Thursday when many might have assumed Docherty would come on instead.

Ever since that Hampden debacle we really cannot help wondering what is behind Docherty’s complete absence from the XI – he appears regularly on the bench, but a £650,000 signing wasting away on the sidelines seems a tad counterproductive – it has, however, been consistently the case under Murty, Nicholl, and now Steven Gerrard.

They say there’s no smoke without fire, but we’d be truly amazed if Greg Docherty was to shift.

But then, crazier things have happened.


  1. Playing every week is a must for Greg, as it is for anyone in that age group. It must be a disappointment to him but it should be used as an opportunity to come back an even better player. Morelos and Windass out on loan would be less of a surprise. But there it is. Greg will be spoiled for choice and should choose wisely.

  2. I hope not!
    Not on loan and
    …CERTAINLY not a Perm Deal
    Love Doche as a Player!
    I wnat him to spend his whole career with us
    …like our version of Scholes 😄

  3. Our midfield is chock a block right now and this is a good chance for a young player to get some game time.
    As Gerrard stated with McCrorie, Docherty was flung into a struggling team and, although he started well, got swallowed up by poor management and a nervous team.
    This is a good chance for him to get his confidence back and return a better player. Surely its better than sitting on the bench or in the stands

  4. Some are later developers than others obviously but I thought the best place for the boy would be at Rangers. Maybe he’s struggling with the me the mental demands, who knows. I do know the management team aren’t dicks and everyone with even a handful of brain cells knows Andy Halliday is many levels below what we need and is hanging on like a fucking rodeo champion. Enough’s enough with him a long time ago. Farcical.

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