Rangers’ Europa League qualifying bonus

Rangers’ Europa League qualifying bonus

Fans looking forward to tomorrow night’s UEL second round qualifier are eager to see how Steven Gerrard’s new signings and the squad in general have learned from their experiences in the first round.

The victory against Shkupi was far from convincing, but it did what it took and for the time being that was enough – however while many fans are looking at playing better in the second round, and the integration of the new signings, there is another even more pertinent issue at stake.

Rangers secured around 240,000 Euros for that win in Macedonia, while another 260K is up for grabs against Osijek.

That is half a million pounds, enough for a decent player.

Get through Osijek, then (likely) Maribor, and the prize goes up again to 280K, while getting through the final round is 300K.

Over £1M earned through qualifiers alone and it far from ends there – but nevertheless that 260K makes a difference.

Rangers’ board are supporting Steven Gerrard with cash – the bid for Swansea’s Oliver McBurnie (£4.5M) and Millwall’s Jake Cooper (£3M) plus the £3M for Goldson, the £2M for Katic and the £1M for Murphy are evidence the cash is there.

But extra revenue streams are critical for Rangers, and on top of the footballing achievements of success in the UEL, the financial rewards are maybe even more so.

Show us the money!

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  1. Any laziness will be pounced on. We are not tolerating the lack-lustre displays of last season. Start, as we mean to go on.

  2. I'd be extremely interested to know if we had a big sell on for Waghorn considering we only sold for 250k. Reports are 8 million he's going for. Even 10% would be welcome, 15/20 fantastic.

    English market is so inflated when he's going for that kind of money after a season!

  3. The money from these unitial rounds will just cover operating expenses! The money lies in the group stages and beyond. Well done to the gers for the win.

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