Rangers chief confirms return of ex-manager

Rangers chief confirms return of ex-manager

Rangers chairman Dave King has finally confirmed what was long speculated without actually being officially announced and revealed that Graeme Murty has indeed returned to his old role with the Development Squad.

The ex manager had been told his old job was available in the event he wished to take it back up, and it appears the former Reading defender has decided he did.

The Dev Squad had been doing quite well under Billy Kirkwood in Murty’s absence, and the return of the former senior boss to his previous gig may be a slightly controversial decision following his stint in the first team.

Speaking on the official site, King said:

“I am truly delighted that Graeme chose to stay and will continue to play such an important role in the development of our youth.”

There had been slight doubts that Murty had been restored to his old role, given the lack of proper announcement about it, but King’s statement confirms it. And it is a decision manager Steven Gerrard has given his blessing to.

Hopefully Murty’s continued tenure sees further Ross McCrories breaking through.

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  1. Massive mistake. Murty is a out and out Celtic fan and handed the beggars the cup and title on a plate, giving his good old dad and family days to remember. He is tactically inept and weak. He will corrupt our young players and they will not respect him after last season.

    While I'm on, Gerrard is struggling. To play and entertain the likes of Halliday, Windass and Candias, we will be fighting for third place this season. We are no better than last season.

    I got hounded for saying the same thing about Pedro last season, and I was right!! Its a footballing opinion.

    The east end mob are still far too strong and powerful compared to us. I am not convinced whatsoever and to keep Murty is an absolute disgrace, he is nothing but a Celtic mole who will feed everything back to Brenda, mark my words. All those who jumped onto the Gerrard euphoria train better get off, it looks as if its going to crash!!!

    • jimbo your wrong ,murty gave rangers his all you need a bit of luck murty didnt get any injuries players he did not pick e,t,c .stevie ger has us in next round uefa defence keeper look sorted ,season is not started hes got to see players in action befor he can decide on them , grow up jimbo

    • Jimbo. You are a mile out in everything you said.

      Are you a Celtic mole. Murty isn't. He gave us 100%.

    • Jimbo, your post is simply words of fiction which shows you in a very bad light.
      Murty did his best but just wasn’t up for the job.
      The world saw Ped was a huge gamble and ultimately an even bigger mistake.
      SG is a gamble, I don’t think we needed to take at this point in our history, but I’m pleased with the small signs of improvement thus far.

    • It's very disappointing to see that some of you have to resort to ill judged and unwarranted name calling. By all means, challenge me on my comments, but keep them well mannered and with your valid reasons of disagreement!
      To just call anybody names is very wrong and immature, and tells me a lot about you as people as a whole.
      My opinion about Murty will never change. I don't buy this utter nonsense that he "did his best". If his best is no where good enough, why keep him to train our kids?!
      Opinions vary, and I have agreed with Ibrox Noise recent articles who have also been accused of being negative, but they have been realistic! Judging on the displays thus far, and if things don't change very soon, then we will struggle this season!!

    • Welcome back why?Give one positive reason for bringing him back.Who will respect him?I'm including 16 year olds in this.He's lost all credibility,the development team has gotten better without him.This must be driven by finance as we've not brought a penny in for any of our dross,all loaned out or paid off.He has no place at our Club.Have we learned nothing?I guarantee he'll do an O'Halloran and sit in the crowd watching his"beloved hoops".You'll see.

    • Gotten???🤣🤣Not the sharpest Geo!!One reason Geo kid is he took the job when NOBODY wanted it. FACT.

  2. Gerrard isn't struggling mate and he has been in the door 5 minutes so give it a chance coz he ain't no Pedro and deserves a bit of time and respect .. we will come good and be ready for the tims.

    As for Murty, he was thrown under a bus by King and never asked to manage the famous but he tried his best and it wqs shite but im sure he didn't want to fail just to give his dad happy memories haha im glad he got his old job back 🙂 WATP

  3. Reckon we will need the winter shoppin time to sort us out after we find out there's not enough creativity comin from the midfield

  4. Rangers asked Murty to step into the hot seat with presumably the intention that he would move back to the youth set up when a new manager was appointed. To not allow him to do so now would show a complete lack of class and we are not that type of club.

  5. Murty should have done the decent thing and moved on of his own free will . We're not likely to see Lee Wallace returning to the fold now and is this why Greg Docherty's being shipped out also ? The high-heed yins have taken Murts side over that of a loyal captain and a young true blue with fantastic potential , who has barely just signed for the club . Of course it'll all be down to King not wanting to shell out more dosh in paying Murty off , as Murty has obviously decided not to walk without a substantial sweetener . As for Stevie G , I believe he'll come good as long as he realises there are guys in that current team who will get him the sack if he continues to trust in them . The ones who obviously have tons of skill but only show it in every one game in ten .

  6. Welcome back nothing! He's a weak snivellin gutless wretch. And a tarrier to boot.He ruined Morelos Docherty last season to name two with his greetin and cowardice. He refused to condemn that thug from Motherwell,Kipper or something,when he tried to end Jack's career.He should be nowhere near us after crying about being thrown under a bus and garnering sympathy from the rest of Scottish football.He's a grown man (greetin not withstanding)and could have said the job is too big for him but no.I don't want somebody looking after our boys that's going to burst into tears at the first sign of a battle.Terrible decision.

  7. I’ve nothing against him as a person and welcome back. He may well make a good job of it. However it has to be said his coming back shows a lack of aggression, ambition, pride, and grit, all of which contributed to the failures of last year.

  8. Don't get me wrong, I do respect the man, he always respected the RFC and was put in a bad position. But, that said…what's best, for RFC is my first concern. The devil side of my brain, thinks he wasn't up to it with the first team. So he cannot be trusted with our development squad. Harsh I know, but what's best for RFC must, come first. I'm not saying that there isn't a job he could do, at Ibrox. But THAT job, i'm not convinced. I think it's a mistake. But i'll bow to those who know better than me, on this one.

  9. Not happy Docherty has been farmed out and another youth from LFC in to replace him. And what's this he has to get played?We are Rangers not a vessel for Stevie G to continue to develop his youthteam I for one am concerned about his motives and loyalties.

  10. How many games would Docherty play if he stayed? How many games will Kent get for Rangers? If Docherty goes out and gets a full season as first pick at somewhere like Hamilton or Dundee or maybe in England it could bring his game on big time.
    The same applies to any youngster around that age. They will learn nothing sitting on the bench most weeks and getting 20 minutes here and there and an occasional game in the cup against lower league teams.

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