How one small Gerrard switch can make a BIG Rangers difference


 Article by: Richard

Steven Gerrard admits Rangers have only got themselves to blame for not finishing off their Europa League opener with Shkupi. If it wasn’t for the late penalty, we would have been under lots of pressure this Tuesday in Macedonia and may still be.

Stevie still has James Tavernier bombing up the park too often, leaving vital space behind him to be exploited by the opposition. Good teams will take advantage of this deficiency in our defence. Fans have been vocal online complaining about this problem.

The captain was, however, a great outlet down our right side, with piercing runs and dangerous crosses. Got the assist for the opener before crucially converting the penalty late on to give his side a 2-0 win. My man of the match was very close between Murphy and Tavernier. Murphy got my vote!

It is early days and Gerrard will have to sort it out, but it has to be done quickly before it leads to avoidable goals. Apart from his defensive indiscipline, Gerrard would be pleased enough with his captain’s solid attacking performance.

The answer of course is to play with three, tall, athletic and physical titans at centre back, to accommodate Tavernier as our right-wing-back and Declan John on the left – problem solved.

The question is whether Gerrard wants a three. Connor Goldson claimed they have practised a trio at the back in training; Jon Flanagan is a very good footballer who has performed extremely well in both Ibrox games, but he is a right footed defensive player being fitted into the side as a left back, and I feel this new side if playing with 3 at the back, would benefit greatly with either John or even Jamie Murphy being given the freedom to attack much more in the left-wing-back position.

And to protect it, 6’ 3” Ross McCrorie is doing an ok job at the moment, but Stevie G may want to go with more power in the middle of the park, as he signed 22-year-old, 6’ tall versatile midfielder Lassana Coulibaly to add more physicality and steel into the midfield. In the difficult away games he may want to play both of them giving a sturdy three at the back shielded by two strong anchors.

It’s all about experimentation right now – new squad new players new system.

Stevie will have to tinker to get the balance right.


  1. Not convinced with his switch of Candeias and Windass. Windass is at his best in the middle, Candeis when throwing crosses in. I can understand the need to look at options, but I think we would be stronger swapping back. Or, playing Murphy in behind Morelos and Middleton left wing. Or, playing Morelos up front with another striker instead of someone in the hole.

    Lots of options, little time to decide. A manager's lot

  2. We need goals, Morelos can't score so we need a second striker playing alongside him. I'm leaning towards 3 at the back to accommodate our 120 midfielders! Please Stevie Ger… Don't fuck about, Don't put out a team or formation to accommodate 1 player, we have had enough of that, it doesn't work! just play players in their right position…i.e left back at left back, right back at right back, right winger on the right wing, windass…at Cardiff! If they don't perform then there is someone waiting to take their place. Come on Let's Go!

  3. I thought it was very obvious we were a bit lop sided on Thursday with both Flanagan and Murphy right footed players. I suspect a 3-5-2 would give us a better balance with John restored and Flanagan as right CB

  4. I thought it was very obvious we were a bit lop sided on Thursday with both Flanagan and Murphy right footed players. I suspect a 3-5-2 or 3-4-2-1 would give us a better balance with John or Wallace restored and Flanagan as right CB.

  5. The tav situation has been evident for sometime and no one has adressed it, It's so f****n simple to rectify. SG has to either decide to play him as RB in a four or play him on the right of a midfield four if it were 442. he would be more effective in front of a solid RB as he he could attack and protect the full back. just can't play him in a 352. The idea of john and tav on either side of a milfield four appeals to me for ther defensive and attacking abilities.

  6. Another concern of mine is the tinkerng constantly only leads to uncertainty and inconsistency that contributed to the previous three being shown the door, this allows the others to exploit us with settled sides were they can tweak it slightly.I still maintain as stated in a previous post, with the additin of steven davis and a front 2 of moult & maine we would be there. stop all these loan targets and give the young gers their chance, and punt the fringe players to add quality like davis ect.If we continue as we have playing morelos and windass against celtic it will be more of the same, we need 2 powerful strikers who can get to them, these 2 fit the bill we don't need to break dave's bank to to topple them just shrewed management.

  7. What's the point of a sorted defence, if Tavernier is going to sabotage us at every opportunity. We can't even seem to sort out the "obvious," problems. Celtic and Hibs will exploit our weaknesses. Perhaps SG and his staff, should read the comments section of IN.

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