Has Craig Levein just dropped a big hint about Kyle Lafferty?


Hearts manager Craig Levein has dropped a significant hint that the developing Kyle Lafferty saga reminds him of the Jamie Walker, and the Gorgie boss expects it to end the same way.

Speaking after Hearts’ league cup win over Inverness to Sky Sports, the former Tynecastle sporting director made some pointed remarks about Lafferty and Rangers. He said:

“The good thing is we only have another month of this nonsense until the transfer window closes. We had the same dealings with Rangers over Jamie Walker. So I kind of expect the same thing again.”

The curious thing here is Rangers’ bid for Walker ended up being around £700,000, where Hearts demanded a million, before ending up selling him to today’s opponents Wigan for £250,000.

So for Levein to suggest he expects the same again is literally a Scottish manager suggesting Rangers’ £250K bid isn’t enough, but anyone else’s is.

For a 30 year old in the final year of his contract, Hearts probably expect at least double Rangers’ initial offer – but it is more than a touch ironic and amusing that a Scottish club is so transparent about expecting more from Rangers for a player than they do from any other club.

Levein admits also Lafferty wants the move, in so many words:

“As much as Kyle says it’s not having an effect, I think it probably has.”

Rangers want their man, and assuming they can come to agreement with Hearts (unlikely), they’ll get him. Disappointingly though it’s worth pointing out since 2012, Rangers have successfully signed zero players from rival division clubs in terms of transfer fees. The only real exception was January’s Greg Docherty from Hamilton, and we can’t really consider them a ‘rival’ – feel free to correct us in the comments?

We don’t expect this time to be any different.


  1. Hopefully we get him still a very decent player think he worth easy 1 million with 12 months left on his contract. Who is to blame for not signing him on a free last season? who to blame for ketti g waghorn go!! and he is now worth 8 million!!….

  2. I discussed this today amongst fans around me, the consensus was that we need him now, as at the January window we could get him for the original bid of £200,000. Hearts like the article states consider themselves as rivals, so would we sell to our rivals, likely not?
    Hearts would sell if the pumped up value for Lafferty was met, I personally would fork out £750,000 if he had two years left in his contract and maybe squeeze up to the million, but we should cap it and shut the door on offers if they want in excess of £400,000. Lafferty is now potentially a liability for Hearts now if he has it in his mind to leave Hearts for Rangers.
    The irony of it all is he was available for free this time last year. Why do we keep shooting ourselves in the foot?

  3. Same shite from the diddy league, keep him, next season for free😉

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Would prefer us to move forward and buy a good young striker,i dont think Laff is what we need right now,i would prefer Moult tbh,but we will wait and see !!!

  5. walker played for wigan today bet he wished it was us he played for. interesting in the press we offer £500,000 short of hearts asking price and we're slated and the player has a problem. The mickey mob come up £3,000,000 short and its alright. not really bias are they. Do you think its something to do with their schooling . Oh we're not meant to ask these questions. Integrity my arse

  6. Another disgraceful disrespectful way Rangers are treated by these people …He would been a good signing ..but let's move on if they don't want the money then fuck off ….Sick of this slash every time we try to sign or interested or in anyone in Scotland!!

  7. I don’t think we do ourselves any favours with ridiculously low bids. Hearts were never going to sell to us at 250,000 – be interesting to see what might have happened if we had went in at 500,000 from the off? Instead we are now at a stand off with Lafferty likely to go elsewhere, It’s clear that we need a centre back and a striker before the season is underway. We do Gerard no favours with these drawn out transfer saga’s.

    • I agree start bid at £750.000 but do not go over £1 million he is 30 we could get three years from him on the cheap let them see we are a big team.

  8. Celtic are their rivals too and THEY, don't get any of this shite! If that's how they want to play, Fuck them off and get Curtis Main of Motherwell, instead. Younger, creative and can score goals. Screw Lafferty and Levein!

    • agree joe, would liked him paired with moult though, and the croation lad signed to whip they balls in the box.

    • should we take a stand and spend our money outside this country, and retaliate by putting our club and fans first when it comes to tickets?

    • Absolutely 100% correct. If we offer £200k the price is £500k. If we offer £500k the price is £1m. Then when we walk away they sell for half what we offered. These sad clubs haven't realised that the Rangers gravy train has left the station. We should just tap players up and get them for nothing when his contract expires.
      In the meantime if they ever come calling for any of our players we know what to do.

    • Only way to get our own back on these 3 clubs (2 greens and a maroon) sounds like a group! Is to boycott away games involving them and then Rangers show that actual game on screen in Ibrox (so the punters and boards at these sad clubs see the attendance at Ibrox that turn up to view these games and realise what they have lost in revenue) On second thoughts maybe not at 'The Piggery' don't really want our players going there without a voice, but certainly both the Edinburgh mobs…………Just a pleasant thought….hurt them in the pocket as well as on the park. LETS GO!

    • YesScooby lets take a stand don,t sign him
      just as we took a stand in We dont do walking away
      But we sighn players who walked away
      We are a really principilled support

  9. Sick of the way when it comes to offered for players our club pisses about and makes low offers that we already know The Selling Club are never gonna accept!
    That being said I am also sick of how we are treated when it comes to buying players within Scotland.

    Just Stick £600-£700k in and Bring Laff Home! …MA, SG, DK… Stop Pissin About!

    I also think Barrie McKay would be worth a punt but he looks set to Join Swansea for 500k! 😂
    Bring McKay Bk Too 👏

  10. If Hearts want to chop off their nose to spite their face then let them. If Rangers money isn't good enough then to hell with them. Let them sell at a cut rate and see where that leads…idiots.

  11. I had a we think about this and Hearts will want big money for him, there are better younger and cheaper players out there that will be here longer.

  12. Just like to add got this from a friend, will Kyle come and sign for us if we offer him the same wages as he is on with hearts or is he after a big wage from us?.

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