Thursday, 12 July 2018

Gerrard slams ex-management as ‘careless’

Steven Gerrard has tonight slammed Pedro Caixinha and to an extent Graeme Murty after suggesting the decision to play Ross McCrorie as a CB was careless.

Speaking on the eve of Rangers’ UEL opener to BT, SG discussed how the loss of David Bates on a free had meant the only CBs left were Alves and McCrorie and a 19 year old playing there under that pressure was extremely careless and should never have been the case. 

Gerrard has brought in Katic and Goldson with potentially more to come but he didn’t hold back in slating those who had elected to place a defensive midfielder in a position he was not ready for or suitable for.

McCrorie will start tonight in his more familiar defensive mid slot as an established player there and with a manager like Gerrard who seems to understand players better than anyone in the past 6 years that can only be a good thing.

That said, even a blind man could tell McCrorie was no defender…
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