Frozen out trio attend Rangers Thursday training session

Frozen out trio attend Rangers Thursday training session

After both the Daily Express and Sun reported Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has informed Harry Forrester, Fabio Cardoso and Eduardo Herrera they will have limited game time this season, the frozen out trio were nevertheless present and accounted for at the Hummel Training Centre today and looking in good enough spirits.

None of the three were included for the Malaga training camp over last month, but with the club back on domestic soil, the tough business of getting in shape is underway in earnest and all three took part in training along with the rest of Gerrard’s newly-assembled squad.

Forrester as yet has not been linked with any destination club, albeit the Express suggested he has been explicitly told he can leave, but his agent will surely be working hard to find him a new club. In the meantime he remains a Ranger.

For Cardoso and Herrera’s parts, the former was linked to Portuguese side Estoril in January by the Daily Record, while Herrera was recently on the move to Mexican outfit Toluca according to the Sun but no deal has materialised yet thanks to the same paper’s claim he was ‘stalling’ on the move.

Given their low profiles, it is unlikely any of the three will get reprieves and the sooner new clubs can be found for them, the better.

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  1. Fed up people saying how Herrera is the model professional, okay he hasn't spoken out against our club but he knows he's not wanted and will never get game time yet quite happy to sponge the 15K a week wages off us doing zulch, if he was that much of a professional he would want to play football with another team and get his agent phoning every club available but no….. he loves the blue pound too much for doing fuck all, he is a parasite and hope SG makes his life hell that he begs to leave

  2. Haud the bus. What about that imposter Halliday ? Surely he’s not getting a reprieve because he kisses the badge. Better not be. Get him to fuck as well. I’d have a Cardoso, or Herrara for that matter before Halliday. Every day of the week.

    Livi's looking for players😁

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. There may be a perfectly logical reason behind keeping all three players for the present time. We have to register players to participate in Europa cup, if we suffered injury or suspension to Morelos, Windass or centre backs, although it is a last resort, I’d rather see Forrester or Herrera at centre than jiggling midfield players into that position.
    Gerrard is making sure those three outcasts are still in some semblance of fitness, if there is the requirement to use them.

  5. Just Bin Them Asap so we can get a couple more £££ in 😎

    Forrester – Probably bk to Lg1 in England
    Herrera & Cardoso – Anywhere!
    Someone please 😂😂

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